5 Reasons For Men To Wear Lingerie

She's Doing It... Why Not You?

Taking a break from all that serious lingerie discussion that's been going on recently, I decided to take a fun look at some reasons men should wear lingerie. If the idea is completely new or foreign or weird to you, or if you know a man who likes to wear lingerie and would like to understand it a little more, this might be an interesting piece to read.

Feel free to add your own ideas and thoughts in the comments section!

Look Good

Believe it or not, some men look great in lingerie. Long, lean legs provide an excellent home for stockings especially, and it is no secret that many men have legs that women would die for. Of course, a lady in stockings is always sexy as well, but one shouldn't discount the lads too quickly.

Feel Good

It feels good. In a recent poll. Over 50% of respondents answered that the reason they wore lingerie was because they liked the way it feels. There is no doubt that women's lingerie is generally fabricated from more sensual materials than men's underwear.

Explore A Fantasy

Maybe you've thought about trying on some lingerie, but just never went there. Carpe Diem old chap, time is a flying, and before you know it, it may be too late to see what those pins look like encased in some slippery silky stockings. Worst case scenario you feel a little silly and it does nothing for you. Wearing lingerie is one of the few fun, experimental things you can do in life that really pushes the boundaries of most people's every day thinking without dipping into the illegal, the depraved, or the dangerous, which leads me on to the next point...

Break A Taboo

Breaking taboos is fun. Wearing lingerie is an easy and simple way to break a commonly held societal taboo. It hurts no-one if a man dresses in panties and a bra, and men often feel very freed by doing something that is seen in many cases to be so wrong.

Spice Up Your Sex Life

Wearing lingerie may spice up your sex life. In many cases women are shocked to discover that their man likes to wear lingerie, but in a great deal of cases they come to love it. There is something about the feel of a man in lingerie that is quite tantalizing, perhaps it is the feeling of smooth satin sliding over hard muscle, or in some cases it may be that the woman in question likes her man to be a little on the submissive side.

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SatinJenni profile image

SatinJenni 9 years ago from Burlington Ontario Canada

Lingerie is fun for everyone. I believe the Internet has made it quite obvious many more men are wearing lingerie than previously believed to be doing so. It will take a little longer for it to be completely accepted mainstream, but I do believe we have come along way from even a generation ago.

jaybee123 9 years ago

Agreed Hope - looks good, feels great, and very sexy, too!

satin_lover 9 years ago

i fully agree aswell, i like to wear it , it feels good , looks good and makes me feel sexy

gerry 8 years ago

im a straight male,but love wearing panties under my pants,wish i could find a lady ,who would love it as well.

dale 8 years ago

I am all man, I just like the way panties feel as apposed to a mans brief.

Justin 8 years ago

I wish I didn't feel so weird about it because I love doing it. When men want to relax, it's generally with drinks, friends and sports...what about that is really relaxing...loud, hungover and active. Women lounge around in soft clothes, get massages and pedicures and pamper themselves. Taking the extra time to get dressed, make your skin soft, put onsoft fun panties and bras and other lingerie, not only is it relaxing, it's fun and feels good too.

gboy 8 years ago

Men's clothes are so heavy, rough and bulky. Are we not supposed to feel comfortable? Try a crepe shirt, for instance, or a cashmere pullover instead of a lumberjacket shirt and you will see what I mean. Women can be comfortable with material style and color in ways that a man is not "allowed" to. I tried on a long shimmering film dress if my wife's once - and it felt like I was wearing nothing! Well it didn't take long until I was. I found the same for a skirt - and women wander around like this all the time! Men are "protected" by their clothes - why do we need protection, I thought we were strong enough. And women are revealed by theirs, enjoy the feel, and even enjoy the lack of protection, by twirling around and showing what they have got. I'm waiting for revealing men's t-shirts, for instance, that show off a shoulder or muscular back.

lotte 8 years ago

I love wearing bra too. My wife knows it. She buys for me.

nylon panties 8 years ago

I have been wearing nylon bikini panties for so long, I do not even own any men's underwear at all. I do not wear any bras or nylons out in public, just panties. During my military obligation, I would wear men's white cotton briefs (I hate boxers) when having to spend a week-end with the other troops in a tent on a deployment.I hated it and I felt just like I was wearing a bulky diaper. I will never understand how a guy can wear boxers or cotton briefs.

bsex 8 years ago

Good article Hope, I personally like the faric and styles. Tactel nylon panties, satin pj's and silky thigh high hold-up stockings. Nothing more comfortable than sensual material as opposed to rough men's fabrics. I love the look and feel, yea and feeling a bit sexy too.

charlie 8 years ago

Iam a male and i like to wear girdles. I like the way they feel.

cipi 8 years ago

the best feeling !!! i love pantiessssssss

Lily 8 years ago

Well, I think any clothes shouldn't be categorised by gender. As long as the user feel good of it. Especially the panty is not wore in public.

Starsky 7 years ago

Im male and quite slim so finding lingerie to fit is quite easy. Expensive though...but when i've got it on its worth it. I'd love that basque at the top of the page mind...dead classy.

lingerielover 7 years ago

As you put it: it hurts noone if a man wears lingerie. Nice lingerie and foundations can easily be worn by men. I love the feeling of the smooth fabric. For some time I´m wearing panties, stockings, girdle and a bra. I have never felt better. Of course you have to be careful not to show to much projection with the bra. Maybe you will get some curious looks especially from women. But it´s worth it. I like how my girdles supports me and the feeling of my silky stockings on my legs is simply fantastic. I don´t know how many men can understand me or do the same.

Dennis  7 years ago

There is nothing like the feeling of lingerie on my body. It is just cloth but it is so sexy. I wear panties 24/7 and lingerie when time permits. I wish is wasn't such a social taboo. For crying out loud this is 2009. Can't men get a little bit of liberation too? If it weren't so socially unacceptable, I would wear dresses and skirts only. There is nothing like the feeling of wind blowing up your skirt.

scantilyclad 7 years ago

The reason i wear lingerie is because of the comfort, i find panties fit better and feel better than mens briefs, i also like the feel of pantyhose and to keep the legs warm in winter, i prefer a nightie with panties for sleeping or womens pyjamas in winter and a cami set in summer again for comfort, i am glad i tried panties i won't go back to mens undies!!

stacey 7 years ago


PETE 7 years ago

TO me the best feeling there is and my wife loves it is when i put on her babydoll nighties the old kind the double layer nighties and when i step out of the bathroom she says hey my sexy stud and she loves the way i look in a babydoll nighty. To me this is awesome and we habe enjoyed this for 1 year now and we love it. Guys all i have to say is if she will let you wear a nightie go for it it brings out your feminine side and women like that the man is more sensitive to her needs. It just doesn't get any better than this.

Ashley 7 years ago

This article has been helpful. My husband likes to wear women's panties and am trying to understand the whole concept behind this. I was doing the laundry one day and found panties in his drawer and thought he was cheating on me but he told me that he likes the feeling of the panties which is understandable of course. For a woman who hates even waking up and putting on a bra and sometimes even wearing panties doesn't understand why a man would want to do this. I am not opposed to him wearing womens panties just thought I would get more information on this and everyone is different I guess.

scantilyclad 7 years ago

Ashley if your husband is wearing the panties why are you calling them WOMENS panties as they are his, it is society that makes us put these labels on everything, it is after all just fabric, i wear panties everyday because i just find they fit me better and are MUCH more comfortable

Jared 7 years ago

I doubt I look good, but it sure feels very very good. I've come to appreciate wearing wifes nylons sometimes. She likes to pet my rear when I wear the silky panties. Compared my underwear witth womans one day, only the labeling was different.

johnhenryoh01 7 years ago

Ashley try to understand him as it sounds as you are. I recently have started to wear panties and have not told my wife yet. I have always have had a "thing" for panties and have in the past tried my wifes on, but it didn't really do it for me, until I started going out and buying my own. Most men my self included are strait but just enjoy the feel and look of panties instead of our choices in "guy" undies

PETE 7 years ago

AS i have stated in an earlier post wife loves me wearing babydoll nighties the double layer kind from a time when nylon nighties were very sexy now nighties tear and rip easy and lack any kind of style. But guys if you have never tried a nightie then try it they feel so silky smooth and if the wife or girlfriend does not mind it can be a very romantic time in the bedroom. i have 2 nighties wife has 3 so we have a different variety of gowns to wear. i love putting on a gown after a shower i feel clean and sexy and wear them when she has her gown on also. what have you got to lose some women like this some don't take your time and see if she would go for it.

lovely maik profile image

lovely maik 7 years ago

i think i don't need reasons to wear panties I DO IT ALL TIME AND I LIKE IT.....

lovely maik profile image

lovely maik 7 years ago

i love panties is perfect feeling..

lace lover 7 years ago

i wear panties stockings and suspender belts all the time , you just can,t beat the feeling of pulling stockings on over freshly waxed legs fantstic

Mcspurrock 7 years ago

Let's face it, virtually all clothes are man made materials. So who said that I had to wear sackcloth or satin. Some countries men wear skirts and dresses. A Scotsman wears a kilt just another type of skirt and he doesn't even wear pant(ies) We are free to wear what we like and when we like. And no you will not be damned in hell, because there is no such place ! Enjoy life.

Mary 7 years ago

I am old fashioned I love dresing in my bra, panties and stockings and I love to complement them with a full slip or camisole and half slip under my dress. I just love to wear the underwear that my mother once wore. I found that out when I was a little boy my mum used to make my underwear out of her old silk leftovers and the feel of silk and nylon has always been with me!!

Lisa 7 years ago

I started wearing bras and panties for fun and liked it very much. So much so that I saw a doctor (with the help of my wife...her OBGYN) for hormones as a trial to see if this was really the next step for me. I am happy to say that I am now on my way to becoming a real women. It started as a 3 mo. trial that has now gone on for 1-year. The estrogen has finally helped me see my true self and I like that I think and feel more as a girl each day. All I can say is wow! does it feel so good to be fem. I love everything about being a girl such as getting my nails done and wearing pretty shoes.

My wife has supported me on this journey and helps give me my estrogen shots so I don't have to go to the doctor to have it done. She even likes to see my boobs and butt jiggle when I walk and is happy for me. She says it just blow her mind that I am really transforming to a female. I can now fill out a B-cup and bras are even more fun to wear and I have been living fulltime as a female for over 2-months now. I plan on getting my operation within the next year - and my wife and I will stay together.

pink lover 7 years ago

I have been wearing lingeriefor as long as I can remember and I am presently pushing 80. I was a swimmerfor almost 30 years and I wore panties and either slips or camisoles to every swim meet Iwas in. I learned how to remove my slips and camisoles with my shirt and to remove my panties with my pants and for the most part never got caught. The one time I did get caught in the locker room, I explained the panties away by saying my wife had not done any laundry and so I was wearing her panties. Nothing more was ever said. Two other times I was wearing my lacy slip and the lace rode up ans showed at the shirt collar. When asked what was with the lace, I said Haven't you ever seen a knitted undershirt? again nothing more was said. Ilove sleeping in filmy nightiesand have much more lingerie than my wife. I have a vast array of colorsand love nylon whereas my my likes cotton and only wears white.I discovered Panties for men on the net and have justbought some wonderful breifs in pink,blue yellow and purple. I have been trying to find some place to get boxer length panties with lace trim in colors other thsn black and white which I already have and Donna at PFM said she might be able to make me some. Hopefully I will get a positive answer from her shortly. In any case if any of you want to see some really nice panties made for men check them out. As for nighties, I love Miss Elaine and I have long ones for winter and short ones for summer.

pauls_boat 7 years ago

pink lover why do you make up stories to explane away why you are wearing panties or lace? just tell anyone who askes that you like the way they feel and fit don't go out of your way to lie if the person asking you likes you then they will accept the reason and then you don't have to try to hide it.

i have to admit i use to hide it as well but when i began to tell people the real reason they all understood and accepted me, no one is bothered that i like to wear a skirt instead of pants or shorts or that i like satin or silk.

as long as you are happy doing what you do then other people will be just as happy it is only when you think you should not be doing it that other people pick up the feeling and behave the same.

lingerie lover 6 years ago

omg yes! I'm a guy and I love wearing women's lingerie, it feels so good to slip into after a hot bath or shower. I have a great lingerie wardrobe - baby dolls, teddies, negligees, lacy nighties, all kinds of romantic lingerie. Every night I look like a woman coming to bed on her wedding night and it's great!

thehands profile image

thehands 6 years ago

Wow, there are a lot of articles on this. Do a lot of guys do this?

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