Sexy Camisoles For Men

Nothing screams sexy like a well made camisole. Lightweight, innocuous under clothing, but oh so feminine, many men love to wear camisoles as part of their daily attire, giving them a little extra lift throughout the otherwise dreary work day. The feel of satin, chiffon, or silk caressing against your torso as you make a presentation, take the train to work, or simply walk down to the pub for lunch makes for a sexy secret that is sure to lift your spirits, and perhaps various other anatomical regions as well. Camisoles are an excellent choice for a man who is looking to perhaps expand his lingerie collection, or move away from just wearing panties. They feel great against the skin, do not require a lot of technical know how to fit properly, and are incredibly comfortable, whilst also having quite a dramatic effect.

This hot red silk camisole top from Diki Sasha is a perfect example. With delicate floral motifs set on the luxurious silk fabric, you'll be feeling the caress of this garment all day long. This sensual little number also comes with matching French Knickers which are highly recommended if you want an all over feeling of silk, (and let's face it boys, who doesn't.)

Perhaps you're more of a Diva? Then this absolutely adorable Chiffon Camisole top from Diki Sasha is sure top be perfect for you. Black mesh trimmed with red lace and bows makes for a very 'Moulin Rouge-esqe' effect. This is one camisole you will be just raring to show off! Of course, there are matching panties, thong, brief, and jacket to go with it if you want to create an overall effect of pure lustiness.

Want something a little more understated? Perhaps a little more girly? This sweet and romantic number is made from chiffon, giving it a light, sexy feel. The gathered waist, little straps, and the cute bows are perfect for fantasy play.

There are a wide range of camisoles available on the market, so shop around and chose the style and fabric that suits you the best. If your love for lingerie has a tactile basis, then silk and satin are excellent choices. If you like a the look of it, then chiffon and lace can have stunning effects. Mix them up, or wear a camisole with a matching panty (this is an excellent way to create a coherent look). Whatever you do, don't forget the one steady rule when it comes to wearing lingerie: Have fun!

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SatinJenni profile image

SatinJenni 9 years ago from Burlington Ontario Canada

I find camisoles against my skin to be absolutely devine. I am able to wear them during the cooler months under my male outter wear and do so without discovery. I would encourage men to atleast try wearing one for a day. You won't go back.

Ken 8 years ago

I also wear a camisole every day. I sleep in one as well. I find camisoles to be very relaxing and sexy. I have no problem wearing a plain cami under my shirt peeping out from above the buttons of my male attier. I often unbotton my shirt to expose even more. I love them and hope one day we wont be looked upon for enjoying them. Try one for yourself!

Cammi 8 years ago

Sweet!! I hope you get to wear them also. Enjoy!

likewhatiam 8 years ago

I love my camisoles just wish I could find some in my size I hate being built like a Russian wrestler.I live for the day that someone starts designing lingerie for men with all the frillies and lace.

Mikki 8 years ago

For likewhatiam - try either or

Hope - the one thing that goes wrong with camisoles is the tattle-tale adjusters. It seems that many (not all) of the prettiest camisoles have the big darn buckles for adjusting the straps... there is just no way to hide them except for a heavy shirt or sweater... and even then, if the slide is in the back... forget it!

mikki 8 years ago

Oh - one question - any idea of the manufacturer of the little chiffon set above? I think that is just too cute and would love to purchase one!


likewhatiam 8 years ago

Thanks mikki

Starsky 7 years ago

I adore camisoles and chemises. The wife has loads but never wears them...prefers comfortable warm PJs...I started wearing her chemises but then i wanted something a little sexier so bought a few. Love the feeling of the satin against my skin and the lace edging really sets me off. I've a few long nighties but prefer the short ones...some are so short I'm flashing my panties. Great for keeping you warm under your clothes, much more appealing than a vest.

hot4Lingerie 7 years ago

I wear a camilsole to bed with a pair pretty panties, delightful sleeping indeed!

Peggy Logan 7 years ago

Hello everyone i have trying to find camisoles to fit me i have a size 40 chest with a almost a b-cup any ideas have gone all the way to 2x and they are too tight help please

Richard 6 years ago

Females are perceived as being softer more caring therefore wearing satin/nylon lingerie makes a male feel more relaxed, softer as it takes that oftern brazen edge off the male persona. A female Doctor suggested some years ago that I wear a satin/nylon chamis as it would aid the stressors of male life. She was quite correct so since that time I have progressed to wearing satin panties and tights under my male clothing. I certainly have not lost any interest in females in fact it has inhanced that interest. So males do not be bashful as the lingerie is refreshing,comfortable and provides a far better choice of underwear that what is manufactured for males. After all plenty of women dress in male clothing ie suits, hair cut short and so on. All the best to you males who wear what they want com out of the closet should be more of us, become more public then the maunfactures may produce better underwear for males.

Andi 6 years ago

I love satin chemises, nighties and camis, and feel at my most complete and natural self wearing them. Fortunately my wife has come to understand that silk and satin feels the same to me as to her! Wearing a long silky nightie around the house is the most wonderful feeling. We've shared and enjoyed pretty panties all our married life, the rest just took a lot longer to arrive at. And I love to show the lacy top of a cami over my shirt buttons, but realise it's not for the workplace or with friends who don't understand. And wives: you really shouldn't be afraid to let your man's gentle, sensuous and pretty side have free rein: this is how he wants to be loving with you, and you will release him to be all of that with you.

cdc 6 years ago

I love camis, Iwear one to work,bed,and everywhere there is between,on a un-realted subject can you write an article on ADULT Women's holween costumes, thank you Hope A lot

Rae one 5 years ago

I've enjoyed wearing Camis under my shirt both winter and summer for a very long time. During summer I wear one around the house and have ventured outside around the yard without attracting much attention nor comment. Love the bright more feminine materials for close to home and stick with collies complimentary to my shirts when going out. I feel so excited to be out wearing a pretty cami.

pink12 4 years ago

I enjoy wearing camisole but have a very hard time finding ones that have a wider shoulder strap. I do not like the feel of the spaghetti string most camisoles have. I would love to manufacture my own brand that would look like a mans tank top tee shirt but with lace trim all Tricot nylon and come in all the pastel colors or darker colors that wonderful Panties come in. Anyone know how to sew? I think it way past time for men to be able to were nylon underwear and be very comfortable all day long just like women are. My wife and I have been buying Camisoles, panties and nightgowns together for over 20 years.

don 4 years ago

when will they make bras with aaa and aa cups size 38 for men

ecs 2 years ago

i wear camis and panties 24/7 they make me feel special. they look nice on me

eds 2 years ago

i like to shop for panties and camis. the sales help like to help me find the right size and color. i have been seen wearing panties and camis by the p.a. when i have a checkup. it is a nice feeling to be seen wearing them

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