Men In Lingerie: The Allure Of Sexy Stockings (Or Why Do Men Like To Wear Stockings?)

Quite a transformation...

There are men who like to wear all sorts of lingerie - panties, bras, camisoles, the list goes on. But for many it is the stocking that holds the dearest place in their heart. There is something about sliding that smooth silk or nylon over their legs and being encased in delicate fabric that really speaks to their psyche.

But why?

No doubt there are as many reasons for men to wear stockings as there are for any form of lingerie. Stockings look great, that is a given, and many men actually give women a run for their money in the leg department! Long, lean, muscled legs that have been carefully shaved do show off stockings to some of their best advantages, it must be admitted.

Inspect your gadgets....

The classic look with a suspender belt holding up some thigh high stockings seems to be a definite favorite amongst many manly stocking aficionados, perhaps due to the fact that even though these are men wearing lingerie, they still have an affinity for all things 'gadgety'... and a suspender belt with its clips, adjustable straps, and strappy look certainly gives a guy something to tinker with for a while. Wearing a suspender belt with thigh high stockings also means that one can still make use of a urinal in manly fashion without having to fumble with the waistband of a pair of full length stockings.

Out and about in lingerie...

Many men even wear their stockings to work. How can you tell if your boss is wearing suspenders? Look for the little telltale bumps under the fabric of his pants. It's hard to hide those straps completely, though most people are completely oblivious to what they are seeing. If you're a naughty fellow trying to get away with wearing stockings to work, then make sure you wear loose pants, and check out further tips here.

It's all about the love...

Stockings can also feel great when making love, especially if your partner is also wearing stockings. Similar to the sensation of moving in water, the smooth weaves slide over one another, creating an intensely sensual experience. Women many enjoy dressing up their man in stockings equally as much as the man might enjoy wearing them, and the dressing of a man in lingerie is quite a common sex game. One assumes there is a reason for that, hmmm?

These are just a few of the reasons why men like to wear stockings. Please feel free to comment and add your own experiences, thoughts, and feelings on the matter. (But please also keep it clean and G rated, otherwise your comment will be denied according to site policy.)

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David 9 years ago

Hope, I think the stocking thing is a very specialized fetish. I wear panties and bras but wearing a garter belt and stockings doesn't appeal to me. I do however enjoy seeing them on women along with some nice shoes. And I agree that it can be very sensual to be intimate with a women while she is wearing a pair of silky stockings, gaterbelt, g string and a sexy bra.

The stocking thing just seems so complicated.

Sharon 9 years ago

I Hope!

Ellie 9 years ago

My b/f lost a bet over a game of pool, a while back. He was obligated to wear a pair of stockings and a garterbelt for the night. It took several weeks and a huge promise that I wouldn't laugh or raise an eye-brow but, he finally did it. It was a little odd at first and took some getting use to. He didn't take them off until after coffee the next morning.

Since then, I had found a set of his/hers matching garter-belts in a lingerie store (for the life of me, I can't remember the name or the place). We have donned these on several occasions.

The average woman can have a lingerie collection that can fill half their closet while most men are reduced to a corner of their sock drawer. I have since come to the conclusion that this isn't always fair.

My questions for you, Hope:

- I am not sure if he would like to try something else and is afraid to tell me, he is very shy on the subject. What would be our next step? What should I suggest?

- Have you heard of a company that sells his/hers matching garterbelts? If so, I was wondering if they sold anything else. I tried searching the net but the only luck I had was finding this site. : )

Thank you

Anthony 8 years ago

The guy who said "its all about love" hit he nail on the head. Crossdressing is about sex, excitement, lust. Wearing womens clothing is exciting, its forbidden fruit, it gets the juices flowing. If the were to honest, all crossdressers would admit this. I am a crossdresser, and I do it because its gets me horny.

profile image

madeleine 8 years ago from Takoma Park, Maryland

Ah Hope! I wish and hope that there are more women like you out there...and that there's one special lady out there looking for me.

Ken 8 years ago

I forgot to mention that i also shave my legs. That's also the turn on that my wife loves. The silky panythose on my legs "feels so good".

Ken 8 years ago

You guys try shaving your legs it gives a great feeling. Its also looks a hold lot better on us.

Ken 8 years ago

I enjoy wearing pantyhose so much i could wear them everyday if i could. It makes me feel sooooo sexy. Love the way they feel and look.. my wife loves it also. At times i wear them at work, also some times i go to sleep them on. I really love my pantyhose and stockings..

Angie 8 years ago

I've been wearing stockings and garters under business c,lothes for decades. Strictly closet. I usualle wear nude or very light tan stockings with a deep six strap belt, and socks over the stockings. I just love the gentle massage of the stockings on my legs, and the subtle motion of the suspender straps with each step. Cooler weather is on the way, and it's time to get out my stockings again

Klaus 8 years ago

Why shouldn´t men wear stockings and garter belt if they like? But I have to give a warning: the feel of the stockings on your legs is addictive. As a boy I tried my mothers stockings, at that time worn with a girdle. Although there were times I tried to give up, it never worked. So I am a happy stockingwearer for more than 20 years.

And I wear stockings and girlde under my suit to work and never had any problems. And the garter bumps are hardly spotted, if at all. I simply love the feeling of the stockings on my shaved legs and the garters with every step.

lenny 8 years ago

i think all men should try wearing womens panties at least once i have for years it is the best feeling in the world try them you will love them come on girls get your men in panties

man-in-lingerie  8 years ago

I also have been wearing pantyhose and stockings for many tears and started wearing short skirts and 4 or 5 inch heels. I only go out only at night for walks dressed in heels stockings and a skirt. I wish there was a way to wear them out during day without being thought of as being gay or a sicko. I am writing this in a pair of tan pantyhose. maybe one day we will be able to go out. Also why cant we wear hose women wear pants!

janey 8 years ago

wearing stockings and garter, can't top that

nylonlove 8 years ago

I so much enjoy wearing pantyhose and stockings it is so sexually exciting. I am 48 and have worn nylons as long as i remember. But for me putting on a garterbelt and slipping into stockings and fastening then on is such a rush. To see myself in stocking tops, panties and garterbelt with highheels on is such a powerful erotic image. More men should wear nylons and get in touch with their softer side, maybe there would be less war's in the world.

Ken 8 years ago

I still enjoy wearing my stockings and pantyhose.. My wife loves them on me also.. I wish that us men could wear them out in public, but people would thing that we are weird. Anyway i wear them around the house and we go to bed. You guys try wearing stockings while you are having sex with your wife or partner. Its a great feeling.

Starsky 8 years ago

Totally agree about the shaved legs, stockings feel so much better and stay up better. Quite partial to a bit of polish on my toenails too.....looks good through my stockings. Problem is getting it off fully or explaining it to the wife..

david c 8 years ago

Love wearing black stockings with a black garter belt (mine)and just recently added a black thong( the wifes). Would never go out in them though. Like to do it alone at home and don't even involve the wife. Anyone goy any advice on getting over the guilt I feel after I take them off?

profile image

davidjc 8 years ago

nylonlove, cannot agree more the sensualness of the act of putting on the stockings and attaching the garter belt is unbelievable. I can't believe I have found out that I am not completely alone in this and not actually a transvestite, as I have always been led to believe, but a transvestic fetishist. Now just need to find some way of losing the guilt I feel in indulging in my fetish which always semms to sour the end of my sessions. Any advice?

thighhighlover 8 years ago

I often put on thigh high stockings at home and play with myself. I reckon I look fantastic in them. Recently I bought some boy short panties with hooks that attach to stockings with straps and loved wearing them at home. However, I put them on and went into town one day only to find they don't stay up - I ended up walking around with my panties down around my crotch! Can anyone recommend a particular pair of suspenders that are suitable for a mans body?

Starsky 8 years ago

Hold ups work best for staying up...but I love wearing suspender belts so they don't really work for me. Lace top stockings work a little better than ordinary in my experience...but still can ride down. Even with my belt on its tightest around my waist and the suspender straps tightened at their shortest....some of my stockings roll down my legs...bigger sizes well as shaved legs and like I mentioned lace tops can my case anyway. Pity lace tops are more much sexier..

Starsky 8 years ago

Hold ups work best for staying up...but I love wearing suspender belts so they don't really work for me. Lace top stockings work a little better than ordinary in my experience...but still can ride down. Even with my belt on its tightest around my waist and the suspender straps tightened at their shortest....some of my stockings roll down my legs...bigger sizes well as shaved legs and like I mentioned lace tops can my case anyway. Pity lace tops are more much sexier..

Ken 8 years ago

I just bought a garter belt from (comflion) i love it... guys you can order stockings and pantyhose for me.. go to ( i love it...

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mrhenry 7 years ago

no guilt, no shame, wearing stockings and a garter belt with a man's name

Get a grip on yourself guys, (literally if need be). Wearing lingerie isn't just for girls anymore. Be brave, get your wife involved. Women love the sexy feel on their body and you better believe they get a sexual rush out of putting on a super smooth satiny/lacey little something, heck yeah. Go for it. NO GUILT - NO SHAME it shouldn't be a women's only game.

supersteve profile image

supersteve 7 years ago from london

wearing stockings and knickers makes you feel great

jack 7 years ago


highheelsrme 7 years ago

love stockings and garterbelt

Les 7 years ago

Belated questions to Ellie:

Ellie if you are still reading this Hub, would you mind my asking you some questions, such as:

1. What was your boyfriends reaction to his "obligation?"

2. Was it his idea to keep the stockings on until the next morning?

3. Have you share with him your feelings about his wearing?

If he does enjoy wearing AND you create an enviroment where he feels "safe," you are both "in" for a great time.

I would love to know what has happeneded in the last 2 years.

Best wishes,


Don 7 years ago

I am at the age where my doc told me to wear compression thigh highs. I have an allergy to anything rubbery so I can't wear stay ups. I wear a Rago 72522 garter belt and I have sewn a wide ribbon under the clip where it touches the leg. Even the rubber backed clip was bringing up a welt on my leg. They come in different sizes so a matching pair for you and your wife would be very easy to do. I love the cold weather to start wearing my stockings again, it's a lovely feel. I felt strange at first wearing the belt and stockings but I simply enjoy it.

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thihigh 7 years ago

I would love to wear my stockings outside while wearing shorts, but I'm afraid to

mikk 7 years ago

On the "that's wrong" side of this topic, I would like to know why it is acceptable for men to wear shirt stays or knee garters for their socks but when the garter migrates north to the hip region and/or is made of shiny/silky/lacy fabric it becomes an issue that threatens to bring about nuclear fallout and prompts outbursts of magnanimous douche-baggery from those of the more ignorant.

micky 7 years ago

i adore the feeling of wearing stockings and pantyhose

silky 7 years ago

pure closet for me-- love stockings and lace trimmed socks-

Gr8legs profile image

Gr8legs 6 years ago

Whilst I do love the garter belt & stockings for "special occasions", I prefer the all-over coverage of pantyhose on a day-to-day basis. I have found that cutting out the crotch, with a little extra snip up the front overcomes the need to "fumble with the waistband" at the urinal.

Also, doing the Superman thing and wearing the panties over the hose also reduces sagging, which even the best fitting hose will do to some extent given the combined forces of gravity & the tapered shape of legs.

Rick 6 years ago

I am searching for Platino brand tights and stay up stockings here in the U.S.! Cannot find anywhere! They are so nice!! They glide over each leg as if you were wearing Flat knit nylons! I like that they are shiny as well! My wife wants me to start wearing my outfits out! She feels I shouldn't fear what others say if it makes me feel good about myself and that she feels I look really great when dressed up and made up! Yesterday she set up an appointment for me to get a manicure and pedicure and polish! It is very, very exciting!

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