Men Skin Care - face

Men skin care - face

If you ever thought that skin care is a word important in a female's dictionary, and that shaving creams, soaps and aftershave lotions are all the needs that are enough for maintaining and grooming men's beauty pack, you are wrong, since men have a more oily skin with large open pores that are generally rough with facial hair growth. Thus making men to decide for an appropriate skin care routine which is essential to keep the skin healthy and glowing, and its high time you get an update.

Like women, men also follow a regular skincare regimen that includes exfoliating and moisturising the skin.

Scrubbing is the most essential part of skincare as it exfoliates dead skin and helps the skin breath well. Regular usage of a scrub helps prevent ingrown hair by opening congested pores, But it should be done right, what most men do is scrub too often and hard which should not be done. Those who suffering with acne, with pimples and blackheads over do it which in turn harms the nature of your skin on the long run.
Scrub at your acceptable intervals of two or three, or if one is suffering and an immediate attention required as an emergency one can do it on weekly basis. This action of scrubbing removes the dead skin cells promotes healthy and vital looking skin, and also helps in keeping the skin clear of impurities.

The next step is moisturising the skin. For this you can use a good moisturiser, either water based or oil based, according to your skin type you choose one. If you are not sure what type of skin you belong to or if you don't want to take risk by choosing oil based moisturiser, when in doubt it is always advisable and safe you stick with water based moisturiser as they are non-greasy and suit every skin type.

Next step is apply face packs once every fortnight again here also you should not over due it. This not only cleanse the skin and pores but also help maintain the tautness of skin with a good balance.
Face packs normally have a different structures. In fact, each pack serves a different purpose, as each one differs in size and the components of granules. Face packs are the sure shot way for fast and effective removal of dead skin cells, toxins and slag that are present. For choosing a face pack alone it is advisable to consult your skin specialist and apply to your skin, massage it with your fingertips and wash it with plenty of water.

These simple and home care tips for your skin will certainly help to improve your skin texture and you can feel the difference in your skin.

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