Men Who Wear Women's Clothes vs Men Who Wear Women's Clothes

I haven't finally lost it and gone off the deep end. I meant to write that title. There's a battle afoot in the midst of the fashion revolution and it is an internal one which is slowing the process of the whole movement down.

See, there are two broad groups of men who wear women's clothing. One group of men wants to wear women's clothing because, well, why shouldn't they be able to? High heels, hosiery and skirts were once perfectly acceptable items of male attire and men in this group do not see why they should have stopped being acceptable attire.

The second group wears women's clothing for precisely the opposite reason, because they're not supposed to. Doing something they're not supposed to do is fun. This group would make an excellent team of international funsters, and should definitely band together to engage in other light hearted though harmless subversive activities.

It's perfectly okay for men who wear women's clothing to wear it for different reasons or for multiple reasons, however in some respects, the two groups I mention here are at odds with one another. You see, the group who wears women's clothing because they think they shouldn't is often the more vocal of the two groups. If anyone's going to leave an inappropriate comment about running around in lingerie or some such thing it will be a fellow from this group. Men who want to wear women's clothing and think it should be fine for them to do so are often a bit less vocal, which means that in many cases (though thankfully not so much here on Hub Pages where multiple men who just like to wear women's clothing have begun to gather,) men who wear women's clothing are represented by the ones who are doing it because they think it's a little bit wrong and they love that.

That means that the world at large will often run into these chaps first and tar all men who wear women's clothing with the brush of deviancy. I've seen a few men become quite frustrated with these guys and become judgmental towards them, which is like a black cat being judgmental towards a grey cat for being furry.

What's the solution to the problem? I'm not entirely sure that there is one. You see, if the first group “wins” and female attire worn by men becomes a mainstream occurrence, then the second group have lost their source of fun entirely. It's a bit of a Catch -22, though on balance I believe that the first group's aims are more altruistic and therefore of greater value than the second group who, I am sure, will be able to transfer their need for counter culture expression to another medium.

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David H profile image

David H 7 years ago from England

I see nothing wrong with men who wear women's clothes.

So this puts me into the first group.

I would like someone to explain WHY it is wrong?

Melanie 7 years ago

I agree. . . if it feels good do it. If I like the style, the fit and the feel, it's my business and nobody else's.

Lester Q. Lee 7 years ago


You never cease to amaze me. This Hub, like your others is very thought provoking! Excellent observation!

Your many incites has certain caused me to ask myself questions that I never would have thought about. This is another wonder point of view.

Thanks, once again.


Michael 7 years ago

I guess I would fit in group 1 because i think if you like the look and the feel then wear it. Mens clothing is plain while wemons is not. I am not gay, I don't want to be a girl but their are some thing I would and do wear. My wife doesn't mind.

joanjo 6 years ago from Herts. U.K.

I'm most surely in the first group, I just love wearing womens clothes but this doesn't mean I'm intolerant of the other group. We all enjoy wearing ladies clothes for various reasons.

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