Mens Jewelry - class and style

Mens Jewelry fashion is really exciting these days because there is such an abundance of choice. You can use jewelry to express strength and prosperity but also you can use it in a feminine way to enhance your beauty and decorate your gorgeous body. Jewelry (especially for men) can often symbolize a connection to some group, family or fraternity. Often, couples wear necklaces or bracelets that match or complement each other in order to symbolize their love. In fact, surprisingly, there seems to be a much bigger selection of mens jewelry than womens in terms of style. And, because mens jewelry often uses less expensive material such as stainless steel, you can get very affordable prices too.


Masculine vs Feminine Jewelry

Just as women have a huge choice of both masculine and feminine clothes, men have that choice in jewelry. Nothing stops you from wearing a beautiful diamond ring. If it doesn’t fit your strong, hard working fingers, you can have it altered in most jewelry stores. Some necklaces may be to short for men, but they’re even easier to change. I personally love it when a man dares to wear something feminine (as my readers will know from my articles on crossdressing men) but that’s just me.

Likewise, you can get some really masculine men’s jewelry specially designed for guys. Often it is made of stainless steel not gold and often the pieces are larger and more angular or cylindrical. Some of them look positively bulky though so be ready for some mixed reactions.

There is an eternal drive for society to display men as functional rather than beautiful (don't ask my why because men's bodies are 10 times more beautiful than women's bodies but maybe I'm biased...just a little). You can see this in the fact that men often express themselves by wearing practical clothes, cutting their hair short and carrying tools rather than jewels. In mens jewelry fashion there is a similar approach which is why many pieces look more like something from a designer toolbox than from a jewelry shop. You can even get USB sticks to hang around your neck as a necklace! Nerds rock!

Mens Bracelets

I particularly like some of the mens bracelets that are available at the online stores. They’re often quite masculine and yet very beautiful. I know that most men would go for the plain, leather bracelet or just something that looks like a wristwatch but without the watch. But seriously guys, try some of those more decorative and glittery bracelets too. Perhaps you’ll get hooked like us girls are. Diamonds are not just a girl’s best friend you know.

Mens Necklaces

With mens necklaces, you can really blur the boundaries. The most feminine type of necklace is surely a pearl necklace and not many men will dare wearing one though I wish they did. I personally don’t like the cheap looking gold chains at all but I concede that it’s just my taste. But you don’t have to decide between extremely feminine or (desperately) masculine. There are loads of plain and subtle mens necklaces available. Just have fun shopping around with or without your girlfriend.

I really think men ought to look into the world of jewels and precious stones for themselves. Wearing jewelry means that you have a sense of self pride and feel that you’re worth decorating. There are so many possibilities for men to wear jewelry that you’ll have a great time choosing and trying different styles and metals.

Do you think you’re worth decorating?

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Irene 6 years ago

I enjoyed reading your hub. The pictures look very nice and macho.

Irene of

Jean@ girls jewellery 5 years ago

I like the men's ring at the top. Men's jewelries are usually white gold or silver right? I rarely see men wear yellow gold jewelry.

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