Men in Heels

Men in Heels?

Yes, you read it correctly. High heels for men is a trend that seems to be picking up pace. I am not necessarily talking about cross dressing men or female impersonators. I am talking about heterosexual men wearing high heels. There are many men out there that enjoy wearing high heels and some of them especially like to wear them in public. These trend setters exist more than you may know.


Real Men Wear Heels

Don't be too quick to assign gender to a particular style of shoe. Especially to high heels. It is becoming more and more of a non gender specific shoe than you would realize. Many of you may drop your mouth open in surprise if you were to see a man dressed in a suit with a pair of high heels on. I may even do so myself. It is not something you see every day. However, it is a growing trend that we may as well get used to. I do not think it will be a rush to the store for men to purchase a pair of heels. I do believe that it will become more common as people open their minds to it. Also, designers are starting to design more genderless shoes and clothing for this exact purpose.

Why Would Men Want to Wear High Heels?

It is more common for cross dressers, female impersonators, and gay men to wear high heels than straight men. However, it is not completely restricted to these groups of men. There are men out there that enjoy wearing high heels for the same reasons that women do. It gives them a sense of power. They are taller than others. They make their legs look better. Men are bored with the regular choice of shoes out there. They want the same variety as women when it comes to shoes. Don't always consider it a form of drag. It is just a fashion statement that some men are willing to make. Style can be considered a form of visual protest. It states how you the wearer wants to be understood. Some men are brave enough to wear high heels but are often misunderstood.

Is This the Typical Response to Men in Heels?

King Louis XVI
King Louis XVI | Source

Men Who Have Worn Heels

Did you know that men in France during the 18th century wore high heels? That is until Napoleon banned it. It was a sign of nobility. King Louis XVI wore them and was photographed in them many times. They are not the highest of heels but still considered high heels. It is very clear that he is sticking his leg out so that you can see his heels. He knows he looks damn good in those heels!

Men of the 70's wore platform shoes that are considered high heels.

Derek J., an Atlanta hair stylist, was made popular on “The Housewives of Atlanta” by wearing his high heels.

Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir wears his high heels with a smile.

Andrew Mukamal, fashion industry insider and an Editor for Teen Magazine loves him some high heels. He feels that men are too restricted in their wardrobes and especially shoes. He believes women have a large variety available to them and this needs to change for men. He also believes that this has nothing to do with looking like a woman. It has everything to do with wearing what makes you feel good.

What is Your Opinion on Men Wearing High Heels?

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Men in Heels for Charity

That Man is Wearing High Heels!

A man wearing high heels is probably not something that we will see a lot of anytime soon. However, it is a trend that is growing in some parts of the world and especially on the fashion runways. More and more designers are realizing that this is something that some men, straight and gay, have wanted for some time. I have seen men in heels two or three times in my lifetime. It was not in my hometown. It was in my travels to other countries and in other states. Yes, I was in shock when I saw it. However, I have to admit that I think it is great for anyone to express themselves freely and wear what makes them feel good. I hope that others can accept this fashion statement that may become popular in their hometown at anytime. Just don't take my high heels and I am fine with it!

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How Do You Feel About Men in Heels? 28 comments

Freestyler 4 years ago

Very nice article. Just one thing. I really don't think it's more common for gays to wear heels, than it is for straght guys. No research I know supports that. Straight guys are just more private about it.

angela p profile image

angela p 4 years ago from Richmond, Virginia Author

I think you are right. They are just more private about it. Thanks for reading and commenting.

danstanton profile image

danstanton 4 years ago from Bowling Green, Ohio

Well as a larger guy, size 14e in men's, I don't think it would be for me, not enough room in the toes. I have seen the guys who do the walk a mile in her shoes for the women's shelters. As a fashion statement, it's just not a thing I think will catch on. Unless you count the really high heels on cowboy boots.

angela p profile image

angela p 4 years ago from Richmond, Virginia Author

danstanton - OMG size 14e! Yeah I think you may have problems with finding a nice pair of heels. LOL.. I am also not so sure that it will be a huge trend... where men wear them in public. I think there are many that wear them in private. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

bluejay 4 years ago

I am a straight guy, happily married that likes to wear heels. I have several pairs of shoes and boots with heels. My wife is ok with my heel wearing, if fact we have matching heels that we sometimes wear out together.

I am totally confident in wearing heels out! I do like to dress up when I am wearing heels. (wearing man clothing) I do like to wear women's jeans as they fit me better than those baggy man jeans out there.

angela p profile image

angela p 4 years ago from Richmond, Virginia Author

bluejay - I am so glad that you feel confident enough to do this. There are so many men that I feel want to do this but are scared to because of society and the criticism they would get from it. You are awesome! Thanks so much for stopping in and commenting. I would love to hear more from other guys who enjoy wearing heels!

JeffB 4 years ago

Ask, and you shall receive! I'm also a man who loves to wear women's shoes, which I regularly do in public, and it's a longtime passion that I just love. Oh, I've gotten more than my fair share of insults, of being pointed at and laughed at while out in heels, but I don't let that rattle me, after all, it's just shoes, why should anyone care that I choose to wear heels? The important thing is that I derive great enjoyment out of wearing heels, and I intend to continue doing so.

angela p profile image

angela p 4 years ago from Richmond, Virginia Author

JeffB - Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I am so happy that you do this and don't let what people say bother you. That takes a lot of courage. I fear that many men are not able to wear what they want because of the comments from other people when they do. So glad that you are able to do what makes you happy! Thanks again for commenting.

JeffB 4 years ago

Well, one component that keeps men from wearing women's shoes in public is the humiliation factor, not every man can handle being laughed at and the like, and it took quite some time for me to build up my emotional armor. Then there's also the so-called "macho factor" in which men who wear high heels are seen by an uninformed public as being less than men, or gay, which is patently ridiculous as sexual orientation has nothing to do with footwear, but again, the public is ignorant of such a fact. I've worn everything from low heeled pumps to thigh high boots out in the open, and to me, it's been most invigorating and, more imporantly, most enjoyable. And, at the end of the day, it's all about the fun of wearing heels.

angela p profile image

angela p 4 years ago from Richmond, Virginia Author

JeffB - I know how I feel when I wear my high heels. I just bought a pair of Iron Fist heels and I feel so good when I wear them. I assume you get the same feeling when you wear heels. I have talked to so many men that say only gay men wear heels. I you said... the shoes don't determine if someone is gay or not. You have been so open with this and I appreciate your comments tremendously. It helps me to understand the subject much more. Again, I applaud your courage and think it is great that you can do what makes you happy!

Shafted 4 years ago

As a guy who wears stiletto boots and pumps in public for many years, most men will say that only gay men wear high heels because they hate the idea that these men in heels might possibly be their competition. The reality of a man in high heels can be very different from peoples preconceived ideas of it. At least in my travels most men who wear heels are definitely not gay. And that is what society really has a problem with. That's society's problem, not mine. Society has become way to evil and perverted to dictate to me what I should wear. As for those that don't like it, they can go stick their heads in the sand. There, I feel better. Thanks angela p!

angela p profile image

angela p 4 years ago from Richmond, Virginia Author

Shafted - I feel the same way you do. I do not think society is ready for men in heels either. Men especially. Every man I talked to about this insists that only gay, bisexual, or cross dressers would wear heels. I disagree and have tried to explain why I think they are wrong. Comments from you and others have helped me tremendously in my argument. I am so glad you are comfortable with wearing what you want to wear and don't let society dictate to you what to wear. I don't think society will be ready for this for quite some time. I hope I am wrong but don't think so. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I really appreciate it!!

Shafted 4 years ago

To be fair though Angela, I have received genuine positive compliments from other men as well as women and teens. In my corner of the world my stiletto wearing has earned me a good amount of respect and acceptance. People who were really wary of me in the beginning have actually become good friends. Some of them are guys that you would think would not be very accepting. Once they understand that I simply love high heels it becomes a non-issue. It really is up to us to determine the future of men in high heels. My experience is that the public is ready to accept it, but presentation and heaps of self confidence is the key. For me the risk has been worth it, well worth it.

angela p profile image

angela p 4 years ago from Richmond, Virginia Author

Shafted - I am so proud of you for your courage to be an individual and make a fashion statement. I feel like most men are just scared of it..when they see it they don't know how to act or what to think. But when they see that you or anyone else wearing heels is just a normal guy then they probably let down their defenses. Like you said, you have made some good friends after they got to know you. I read that more and more fashion designers are designing heels for men. With this and more of your courage, this may be accepted by more people in the future.

Dave 4 years ago

I have been wearing heels sense 1982 and at present don't have any "mens" shoes except for trainers. I wear boots or ankel boots with heels from about 3" up to 4.5".

They are very good for some kinds of flat feet, in fact they are the only thing that will work. If I go with out them for say 3 weeks I hurt. To do the job the heels should have lots of under sling and not be over about 3/4" wide at the tip, smaller is better. Wearing them is no big deal, after all they were mens to start with.

angela p profile image

angela p 4 years ago from Richmond, Virginia Author

Dave - I am so glad that you feel comfortable enough to wear heels. My fear is that there are so many men out there who want to and like to but don't because of the way society would treat them. You are awesome! Keep on being original and you will be fine. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Dave 4 years ago

Angela: I think what clinched it for me was van DYCK's 1638 painting of the Stuart boys wearing boots that looked like they came off the womens rack at Macys. If they could wear them then, I can now. You know Paul Bond will make a mens cowboy boot with heels up to 4" high. That's measured stright down from the pipeing on the side of the boot,not the back,now that's a high heel.

angela p profile image

angela p 4 years ago from Richmond, Virginia Author

Dave - how in the world do you walk in those? I love me some high heels but not that high. Guess I am getting too old to wear anything like that... or I need to drink more. The more I drink the better I walk in the heels...LOL!

Dave 4 years ago

I don't know, maybe a really big foot. 3" at the front of the heel is about all I can take with a size 39 Aldo boot!!

Marty 4 years ago

I have been wearing women's shoes for more than 30 years but only in the last five or so in public. I also paint my toenails. I have been married for over 40 years and my wife and I do our nails together. Shoes are clothing, not something that determines my gender or sexual orientation. I think men have had so little choice in the past 30 years. Our clothes are boring and particularly our shoes. I was commenting to my wife that in one of her fashion catalogs there was 40 pages of beautiful women's clothing and 2 for men, and always the same stuff. I get many positive comments from people when I wear my heels and sandals.

Ian 4 years ago

There is a lot of comments about society not accepting these choice of clothing. I feel the blame is just as much on us because we don't get out and express ourselves in public enough. If more people stepped out in alternative attire it would naturally become the norm. My son likes to wear earnings and he has just learnt to say "whatever" to field off comments...he is 10 and excited how well it works totally kills the negtivity..he demonstrates confidence. I shop with my wife a lot and dress as a man but am not to shy about wearing heeled ankle boots etc and girls jeans or some casual tops that have the edge of fashion I want to partake in. I feel women's fashion is just so much fun and parts can be introdudes into the male look. Most importantly I do it because I care more about how it make me feel than how it make the public feel. On the flip side, people really do care more about how they look than I. Although people may be supprised I feel that everyone has a natural instinct to want to like things. Don't be shy wear with confidence and style, style will probably follow you. Most of all, be happy and don't suppress yourself, no one deserves to live like that. Wish everyone all the very best! 4 years ago

im amale who loves wearing high heels out in public and showing them of i even love showing them off to my next store neighbor barbara

Tom 4 years ago

Agree with other posters - men's fashion comes in baggy brown, navy, gray and black. It's a race to see who can wear the dullest clothes... and the winner gets the "NOT GAY-REAL MAN" award. Ugh.

SarahBodo 3 years ago

Crazy, but I think heels were first worn by men.

JohnN 3 years ago

some years ago I ordered a pair of heeled boots. They had to go through customs, were womens size 15 and marked down due to size as men's shoes on the import duty papers

highonheels 23 months ago

Hey angela p im a 45 year old man who is separated from my wife and soon to be divorced , iv been wearing heels for about the last 6 or 7 months now but not much out in pubic , mostly in the privacy of my house. but i also like wearing dresses and tights but i guess that's another subject i would love to meet someone who shares the same desires either another guy as a friend or a women who would understand and be supportive , personaly i think it that men should be able to wear anything that makes them feel comfortable imcluding womens clothes and shoes without being demoralized or critisized for it , heels make me feel sexy and comfortable but i just can't find the courage to wear them in publc just yet but maybe someday

highonheels 23 months ago

Ive been wearing highheels for about 8-9 months now pretty much since me and my wife have been separated I have not worn them openly in public although i did wear a pair of 4" highheeled boots out once and heard no comments posative or negative but did get some strange looks which didn't really bother me. I would love to try it again sometime. Ilove wearing heels mainly the platform style with the open toe with anywhere from 4-6" heel they make feel so sexy. Plus I also like to dress I womens dresses and tights and definitely will not attempt to go out In public in a dress at least not now, but those of you that do have the courage to do such things you are an inspiration to us all, more power to you and maybe someday ill join the ranks but for now all you men out there stay high on heels.

Zaylin 23 months ago

Wowza, problem solved like it never hanppeed.

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