Men wearing women's shorts shorts in public

same shorts i wear, comes in all colors, i love nike.

these shorts are comfy, and i love it with a passion, who cares if they are made for women.
these shorts are comfy, and i love it with a passion, who cares if they are made for women.

Wearing in public

today while sneaking out of my house in light blue(girlish color) nike tempo short shorts for women, i then took off to Ross, i looked like a man except for one thing, and that was my shorts. I turned up the the parking lot and parked. Waited about ten minutes to get the balls to go in side/ into the public. The i said, what the hell, im not breaking a law. I opened my door, and showed my blue shorts to the world. I felt liberating to be in such a sensation. i had no snear looks when walking in, nor no one speaking weired to me. found out they did not carry the nike shorts i addore so i left and went to nordstrom rack that did. the clerk said to me, he dude, seriously, your pulling those shorts off. i said hah, thanks. Then that concluded a day in public with my shorts.

That story

This happened today, as i got the courage to walk out in public like that. This is what i though, the shorts where very comfy (and the panties underneeth), i did not reveal anything (but my sick nee's), it was perfectly fine for me to do this, why don't people think so. Just because when you look at the tag of the shorts it sais W for women, does not mean men can't wear it. I see some men get the same idea as me, even this kid on my schools track team who insist on wearing his pink tempo short shorts (same as mine, just pink) to practice and P.E., i find nothing wrong with it, so i say if you're wondering if i can wear that pink short shorts perfectly disigned for women, i say you can, no one really cares, surely no one cares when i got to the store in it. that's why i say, walk out the front door with them on, go for a jog with em, go to the store in em, to every day tasks with em, its free country, and i love it.

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norwayfan360 6 years ago Author

i find that buy the clothes is the hardest, such as when i went to a the store, even though every one can tell i was wearing girl shorts, i still thought that i was a guy in the particular sense i should not go into the girl section of the store.

Sam 6 years ago


Sam R 6 years ago

I've found that as a guy I will most often only shop in the womens section of Nike or their store online. The womens choices offer so many more colors, styles and for shorts offer a lot shorter versions that they provide for men.

I have several pair of the shorts you mention here, but I also have many Nike spandex shorts for women, and I have had plenty of women comment how nice they look on me. I have an athletic body and find that most things look pretty good on me.

It's too bad that most men's things are either dark blue, black, grey, offered in such boring styles, shorts that go to the knees etc.

I much prefer to open up my choices by picking what I like to wear and at least recently, that means shopping the women's section.

No one has ever given me any problems with it, and I really don't care what others might think about it.

GypsyLover 6 years ago

On occasion I do wear shorts that have as little as 1" inseam. Depends on the style. I don't like those longish shorts that passes today that you see 99% of the guys wearing. I'm fit and athletic. I do get a heighted feeling of self-conciousness as soon as I step out my door in very short shorts.

Thomas 6 years ago

I just ordered those shorts. They do look really comfortable.

sunlover 5 years ago

can't wait 4 summer cape cod love wearing my Mudd, LEI,Jordache,Limited Too Jean Shorts & Panties of my mood

5 years ago

Warm weather is here1 I wear Luckys with a 2 or 3 inch inseam

dring 4 years ago

Now summer is about here I pull on Danskin bike shorts when I go work out in the yard. I love the feeling of nothing there much (no underware), and the shorts keep me cool. I don't wear them in public because they are revealing but I wear the shortest shorts I can find. I hate the long kneelength or longer mens shorts, I say what is the point?

Bolton 4 years ago

I wear short shorts and im a guy

Amen 4 years ago

I only wear women's short to the gym, I am 45. I love the colors and the way they feel. I hear snickers once in a while and see some people looking at me. I have worn this style since my teens but somewhere a long the line men shorts became oh so long and as one said above, bland. Look at the basketball players of the 70's and 80's those were shorts. If I am going to wear shorts, I want shorts, not to my knees or below as Dring said, what's the point

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summer luvn 4 years ago

i buy my shorts either from or at kohls. mens shorts are too long and too baggy for me. sure i get looks but it goes away after awhile. what i find funny (and i don't mean in a haha way) is when you walk past a group of youngsters and they scream "WHAT THE FFF?!?!?"...all while they're standing their with their pants sagging down to their knees like they just crapped themselves.

EV_Guy 4 years ago

I have a mixture of shorts, both men's and women's. On the guy side I have Quicksilver (11"), Volcom, Hurley (boys size 20) and American Apparel. On the gal's side, I have Hurley (sweet and low 2.5"), Tripp (cutoffs 1.5"), Aeropostale (Plaid, both 2.5" and 7") and DickiesGirl (5 pocket 2.5"). I get lots of complements from ladies (tens on up) on the 7" Aeropostale. My wife loves the short Hurley's on me and absolutely hates the knee length anything baggy. I have one pair of those. As Summer lovin said, I only get stupid comments from the teenage boy crowd (very insecure and must conform).. never the girls.. I am 50 and fit a trim, so it works.. We must all continue to go out in public in our REAL shorts. Be brave, change the fashion world.

Mike 4 years ago

I have a few pair of the women's Nike Tempo shorts...I am just not as brave as you to wear them out anywhere HAHA...It's not just those...I also have some soffes, forever 21, and roxy shorts, and hurleys that I wear and they are all short...they are all work out style...

Thomas 4 years ago

Nothing wrong with that. Most of my shorts are womens shorts and not ashamed to wear them.

Shorts Lover 3 years ago

I just love wearing short shorts minus the underwear. It's extremely

comfortable and very airy.

I do get some stares but, who cares, it's my comfort without them

realizing what they are missing.

So guys, don't be shy. Just be brave and wear the short shorts that you

so desire.

texas_guy 3 years ago

I am a guy and I love wearing girls shorts. I have a couple of guys shorts. Sometimes I like them, but normally, I wear short shorts (like 2 inch inseam). I don't feel self conscious. I am early 40s and a young women (early 20s) commented the other day "I love your shorts! They are so cute and so 90's" when she saw me in my white 2" in seam shorts (girls shorts). So for me, that was so cool. It made me realize some people like them and some people don't. Those who don't should not wear them and those who do should. But overall, I don't really want to wear shorts that go to my knees. I want shorts that are cute, short, and sexy!

Smooth N Short 3 years ago

Texas guy. I'm in Texas too, and wear shorts in public that barely cover my cheeks or show just a little. Where in Tx do you wear yours?

Darrell 3 years ago

I am 43.All of my shorts are girl shorts.I am not big enough in the waist for ladies shorts. As a teen in the 1980s, I wore shorts but got frustrated in the 1990s when mens shorts got longer, so I stopped wearing them completely. In 2010, I finally got brave enough for girl shorts. unlike when I was a teen, I shave my body hair. based on what I read, some females get grossed out by our upper leg hair. As for the looks, I don't notice.

Armand 3 years ago

I wear womens Nike tempo shorts to run. I have several in different colors.

beta guy 3 years ago

an Alpha man who mentors me requires me to shave legs and wear short shorts; can't say i like it always but does remind me to be good! My wife things it's "cute"

gmv profile image

gmv 3 years ago from Somewhere, Arkansas

Grammar Mistakes Everywhere. Please Edit. Voted Down.

Jim 3 years ago

I wear short, shorts and work in auto. Business all the time, have to buy women shorts. (Hate those long thing they call men shorts.) I also wear Skirts at work and when driving , very comfortable ( better. Than shorts) and yes I go out in public over 70 times and no one has said any thing neg. to me about my short shorts( 2" inseam) or my skirts.

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DKhal 3 years ago

I am a masculine man and I wear women's Nike Tempo running shorts. They are very comfortable. Sometimes I get sneers and jeers, but I see a lot of young ladies looking and admiring. One asked em my height as she was looking at my long legs. I could have had a date, but I am married. These are just about the same type of short shorts that me and my high school classmates wore in P.E., the basketball teams, track, cross-country, and so on in the 1970s. You can look at old pictures of the NBA and college track and see these shorts being worn by male athletes. I think the stores should have signs stating, "these are for men, too." Nike will surely increase their sales by at least 20 percent. I have at least 30 pairs of these shorts in various colors. They are great. I wear them about everyday when I go out jogging or walking. I have even been to a grocery store a time or to wearing them.

anonymous 3 years ago

around here i'd be in fear of getting killed wearing short shorts as a guy, too many conformist thinkers. When I was in better shape i'd go out often in short jean shorts or girls shorts.

Moi and Only Moi 3 years ago

Who care what people think?? I wear 2-3 inch inseam shorts while running and cycling and I don't care what people think... it's about comfort. To hell with convention... Should men/boys wear only blue and woman/girls pink?? WTF??? Be comfortable...

Anonymous 3 years ago

I do too wish I could wear girls short sh

David 3 years ago

I do too wish I could wear girls short shorts in public without being referred to as gay or homosexual. I am currently a 29 year old man that is starting to get sick and tired of the male shorts these days. They shouldn't even be calling them shorts if they're longer than at least more than a feet long. I tried on a size 8 pair women's denim short shorts and they felt so much more comfortable they hugged around my hips and had that stretchy feeling but they weren't too tight either and don't cause wedgies like the other male baggy types do. Don't know how it's like in other countries but in America it's considered gay, however, I wish it weren't otherwise I would be more than comfortable wearing them in public.

3 years ago

I also like wearing denim and leather short shorts, they feel so good! I ordered some mens denim short shorts from a German website the john f gee shorts, I have to get them imported but I'm psyched about them coming

jose 3 years ago

I also like to wear girls running shorts they feel a lot better then guy shorts

sergio reveles 2 years ago

go to and n2n

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xemtumes 2 years ago

I think so too , womens shorts are comfortable . I like adiddas , nike , asics . I wear them publically , usually get mumbles when I forget my shorter shorts on . Then I'm pulling them low trying to get every millimeter outta them . I love short shorts .

Jason 2 years ago

I feel the same way! Let's face it, if a woman has a nice body, she's encouraged to show it off. I hate to say this, but my legs are probably my best feature especially since I've been hitting the gym this March, but most of the shorts made for guys are very baggy and like those stupid Bermuda shorts from the 80's, which sadly didn't die with the 80's, and don't do my legs any justice. Let's face it guys, ladies like a good body and good features on a guy too. Plus this whole mentality of longer shorts for guys defeats the whole purpose of wearing shorts, especially on hotter days. For now I will stick with the shortest shorts (usually 5-6" inseam) made for guys. Sized right, since I'm 6'7" and my legs are about 42 inches long, they'll be short enough for my liking, and yes the ladies do seem to check them out.

billybus 2 years ago

i wear the new ladies nike tempo shorts xl for running at parkruns and events they are really better than mens shorts

John 2 years ago

I wear the black nike tempo shorts and believe they are great

maion 20 months ago

Iam gay and I wear women short shorts too.they feelgreat on my body;I have stopped wearing mens shorts all together.

John 14 months ago

Wore black pair with pink side panels to ymca spin class

Think they are great

Sometimes awkward when encounter girls wearing same short

No big deal

Claudio 13 months ago

i´m a man from argentina!!! i wear nike tempo short black and blue!!! are very confortable for running and for wear everyday!!! my wife like when i´m look whith this short!!!

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