Three Empowering Men's Brassieres

When women wanted to be empowered, they burned their bras. When men wanted to be empowered, some of them put bras on. Thus the bra has transcended status as mere clothing and become something of a magical totem garment. No wonder men are so attracted to bras. Even if they don't want to wear them, men are often fascinated by brassieres.

These are some bras, which when worn, may very well empower the wearer with femininity. Alternatively, they may just feel really good and look most excellent.

The Incredibly Pink Valmont Molded Bra

I'm not going to lie, the main thing that drew my attention to this bra was how incredibly pink it was. There are few bras in the world this pink, in fact, this level of pink may very well break some known laws of space and time. Pretty small scallops along the upper edge of the brassiere add a point of interest once your eyes get over the incredible pink glare and begin to notice that there are actually two shades of pink on this bra, the bold base color and a creeping lighter shade that sneaks here and there, too afraid to come out too much.

Elila Long Line

It's not very often that long line bras get mentioned these days, and that's mostly because your average woman doesn't want to waddle about the place feeling lingerie about her ribs. Men on the other hand, like as much lingerie in their lingerie as possible. If there were one piece lingerie that started from the toes and finished in a dashing hat, men would wear it. And that, is awesome. Also awesome, is this bra, which although undeniably beige (we all know my feelings on beige) is actually pretty. I think it is the satiny darts under the bust that help it transcend the plain beige curse and go one step further towards lingerie splendor. It is made for plus sizes, so larger men who wear lingerie may find something wearable here.

Affinitas Samantha

They named this bra, but don't let that stop you from enjoying it anyway. It's not the bra's fault that silly marketers got their hands on it. Look at that lace! Look at it! This is less of a bra and more of an excuse to plaster lace across your chest, and if you're a fellow who only wears a bra because he likes them and not because he needs a bra, then this is pretty much perfect for your needs. It even closes in the front, for your convenience.

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rocn4funn 6 years ago

well i like the bras what about a bra and panty set ?

Just me 6 years ago

They all suit my fancy, not so much for daily wear...I stick to the basics pretty much. Although, the bottom one AND the top one caught my eye. I am not so much of a long line kinda guy, but you are right, if we could get lingerie that started at the toes and worked it's way up, well well well

side note* you would need shades to wear the top one though

it's so bright!!

Zeta 6 years ago

Thank you Hope!

I've pretty well stopped crossdressing in an effort to make my wife's old age more content, but I've saved one bra she gave me. I removed the cotton liner to make it sheer lace and it fits me beautifully.

I don't like molded bras, but I do love pink!

Thank you for your usual witty and intelligent take on our hobbt.

ILoveLingerie 6 years ago

I like the last one best. Looks fabulous!

eric 6 years ago

As of late, I have upgraded my lingerie to include beautiful (and expensive!) bras...usually part of a set....I don't mind spending money on quality lingerie but fit HAS to be there...I am not willing to settle for buying a bra just because it looks size is an issue and for men without female-sized breasts finding a good fit is paramount, IF you really want to wear a bra and feel comfortable....For me, I am looking at the 38/40 A/B range but lacy gorgeous ones are hard to come by...Felina has a nice set, Aubade does as well...the best place is to shop online for specialty outlets that cater to big...the issue is as chest size increases, so does usually cup size...and as we have established, men don't naturally have the flesh to fill them as much as I LOVE the Samantha bra above, we'l have to see if it comes in a size that will work for men.....

eric 6 years ago

Just checked.....38 B available!

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 6 years ago Author

Most of these bras come with matching panties. Check the website (which you can find through ,) for details.

luvsgirlyclothes 6 years ago

I want to wear a bra,simply love them, even more so camisoles. But I cant get away form the damm strap lines!any suggestions???

profile image

vhwang7 6 years ago

These are really nice pictures. I've never been a fan of lace bras, but after your descriptions of them, I might want to check them out!

bbrown 6 years ago

hope does the long line bra come in 44ddd or 46dd if so i would love to have one and also the pink one i wear a bra all the time and usually panties also under my man clothes

bunchofun 6 years ago

I love to wear bras and panties, even if they aren't set. And I agree, these three each have something special to offer and hopefully come in 38B so I can try them/

Tom 6 years ago

I really like the Valmont bra in pink but I just checked and it's not available in my size.

That seems to be the norm for pretty and different color bras from all manufacturers.

If you are a larger band size you have three choices black , white and beige !

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