Mens Sandals: Best Styles

I'm going to start this out with some straightforward honesty: I don't like sandals on men. I just don't. I've got a thing about it, and that's just how it is. In fact, the only man I've ever thought looked good in them was Russell Crowe in the movie Gladiator -- and only cos it was set during Roman times. I would not dig seeing him wear them otherwise.

Now that we've got that out of the way, lemme just say that I realize most men will not be dressing to impress yours truly. And I'm ok with that. Really. But I would like to offer some advice for those who'll be wearing these things -- if you must wear them, at least wear the best pair you can find.

Mephisto's Udalric

These are similar to the last style, but these are a little more dressy. They probably also lend a bit more support, being that they seem to have a thicker sole. But I've not worn either, so I can't say for sure. If the price is any indication, however, these are probably the best of the bunch.

Price: $205

Merrell's Migration

I'm not a fan of the Teva look, but Merrell has come out with a decent-looking version. Notice the sole isn't all chunky, and the straps aren't bulky and over-sized. This color is my fave as far as this sandal goes. And the material looks very soft and supple, as well.

Price: $65

Ecco's Modern Fisherman

This is another style I'm not crazy about, but it works relatively well with this particular shoe. I'm not 100% certain why these don't bother me so much, but I'd guess it's something to do with the distinctly absent chunky sole that we just discussed. The leather is also quite well-made and the craftsmanship is impressive.

Price: $130

Ecco's Lauca

Right. I hate this style. With a passion. Unfortunately, many of you men enjoy wearing them for some mysterious reason. This particular shoe is the best version I could find, and they are actually pretty tolerable as far as this gawkish chunky style goes. I'm kind of amazed they're so expensive though.

Price: $125

Hush Puppies' Landing

All things considered, I come pretty close to liking these Hush Puppies. They're simple with classic lines and nothing too gaudy or bizarre. You'll notice the sole isn't huge and garish, either. That's one of the worst things about man sandals -- the giant whopping rubber bit that makes your feet look wider than they really are. I'm not sure what the point of all that is, but you should avoid shoes like that whenever possible.

Price: $75

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Richard 8 years ago

I live in No. VA and work in DC and wear a dress sandal with a tropical weight business suit. The key to presentation is wearing a sock similar in color or slightly darker than the shoe leather. To be acceptable, the sandal must be closed toe and heel with stitching the same color as the leather. I prefer a non-leather sole for cushion and moisture protection during summer rains. Professional women in my office come dressed in all types of comfortable style clothing and shoes. I see no reason why my feet should be uncomfortable during the horrid, humid, hot DC summer.

Liberated Male

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 8 years ago Author

Daniel - LOL! :)

Whitney - Yep, a bit 3 year oldish. ;)

Mystic - If only men knew!!

Callin - LOL, yes, I wrote a hub on socks and sandals awhile back. ;)

Fretbuzz - Thank God! ;)

Fretbuzz 8 years ago

"I'm going to start this out with some straightforward honesty: I don't like sandals on men."


Cailin Gallagher profile image

Cailin Gallagher 8 years ago from New England

I know they look geeky! My husband is European and won't wear them. But, I think they help the old "airing out the man-feet" problem..if you know what I mean. Have you seen the guys with the sandals and the socks together. Oh boy. Hold me back.

Mystic Biscuit profile image

Mystic Biscuit 8 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

I'm with you - a man in sandals is defintely not a good thing for me either!!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia

Men in some sandals are ok, but men need to avoid flip flops to all cost!

I actually like the Ecco's Lauca style you have, but they do look like a 3 year old's sandal.

Daniel Pyle 8 years ago


Great Hub...I call them Mandals....they are ugly as hell...guys wearing flip flops is even worse...what are you 5? ha ha...I do own some sandals but please don't tell anyone.

Keep Hubbin'

Daniel Pyle

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 8 years ago Author

Not really a fan of those either. ;)

jolpid 8 years ago

you need to check out Rainbow sandles and some by Reef. You might like them better.

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