Mens Sterling Silver Rings

Men's sterling silver rings have become quite popular ever since the price of gold reached over $800 an ounce on the spot market.

Designers like John Hardy and David Yurman have dug deep into their design treasure chest and come up with some amazing men's sterling silver ring designs.

Although both designers are conservative and you're not likely to find them venturing into an item like a silver toe ring for men, they are suffieciently avant guarde to be considered cutting edge when it comes to their mens jewelry collections.

Exotic Stones IN David Yurman Silver Ring Designs

Although David Yurman's designs are quite basic with even a few sterling silver wedding ring designs for men, the exotic gemstones that he uses are certainly not. He uses such innovative stones like snowflake obsidian and Ruby zoisite.

Using these types of stones he achieves a kind of texture and mood in his men's rings that are one-of-a-kind. Now all he needs to do to attract the hip hop jewelry seekers is to come up with a collection of sterling silver earrings for men.

His new sterling silver band ring collection for men called Streamline is quite the rage. It is a rather handsome collection of assorted width mens bands that can be worn just as a ring or as a wedding band. Two examples are shown above right with his familiar cable motif going around the edge of the rings which are available in sterling silver and titanium.

Classic Mens Rings From David Yurman

His use of African agate is particularly nice because African agate is hard to match. African agate has a billowy look to it that seems almost 3-D.

As you look into the stone you see layers of white like Fila dough pastry suspended in an earthy yellow translucent medium. It is his use of whimsical stones like these that give his sterling silver ring collection so much character.

He also does carry the classic Tigers eye and malachite stones that have always been used in men's signet rings but he stays away from an item like a sterling silver cz ring.

Although his rings are hefty they can still be sized up or down depending on the type of stone that is there. Fragile stones will only allow for a quarter to a half size up or down. Some stones cannot tolerate any sizing whatsoever.

Dinosaur Bone in a Mens Ring?

Other stones like Burmese jade are fairly tough and can take some pressure from the sizing. Also innovative in David Yurman's silver ring collection is his use of dinosaur bone.

Unbelievably the dinosaur bone looks quite good and it's hard to believe that the stone is a fossil rather than a gem.

Other nice touches in stones in his collection are picture Jasper and condor agate. Other more common stones used are bloodstone, black onyx, hematite, lapiz, black mother of Pearl and many others.

If you're shopping for a mens sterling silver ring, you're sure to find what you're looking for in his collection of rings.

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