Men's Wristwatches

Analysis of Men's Watches

Like many of you guys out there, I am picky about and like to have a good watch. Watches are a useful accessory to have and can be highly fashionable, if you choose the right kind. There are a variety of different kinds of wrist watches, depending on your preference and price range that could satisfy what you are looking for. Men’s watches happen to be a personal hobby of mine since I have many different kinds of them.

Watch Bands

This often appears to be one of the main areas where a gentleman can be picky about what type of watch he would like. A watch band can either be made of a type of metal, leather, or some type of cloth. Pocket watches obviously do not have bands and have fallen out of style, although having a pocket watch has been a slight trend in recent years. In terms of elegance and style, a wrist band made out of metal is the best way to go. Among the various types of watches that would fall under these categories include dive watches, swiss watches, military watches, chronograph watches. Leather or cloth bands can include some of the aforementioned watches, although most tend to have a metal band.


There are literally hundreds of different brands out there that vary in price from dirt cheap to extremely expensive. Among the various watch brands that I have owned and can personally vouch for as being top notch brands include: Bulova watches, Citizen watches, and Timex watches. Of these brands, Bulova is the most expensive, followed by Citizen, and finally Timex. All of these separate watches that I have owned are durable, often come with warranty, and are stylish.

Now, I am in the process for saving up for a Swiss Army Watch. This particular brand, by all accounts, is one of the best in the world. It is expensive, although not out of the mainstream league. According to various reports, Swiss Army Watches are among the finest men’s watches is the world. They can be purchased in almost any store at a nearby shopping mall or online.

The crème de la crème watches include Rolex, Cartier, and Breitling brands. These watches often cost thousands of dollars, which happens to be out of the price range for most people. The cost to repair these brands is high and often time consuming. For the average buyer, I would recommend looking at one of the aforementioned brands that may be more affordable.

The Bottom Line

Men’s watches should be both in style and durable. A wrist watch must be able to take a beating if necessary, but yet look classy during a formal occasion. I would recommend a watch in the price range of $200-$500 for a solid, durable product that has a name you probably heard of. If that is out of your budget, then the best watches that are around the $100 range or possibly lower is either Timex or Citizen. Timex is notoriously cheap and durable. Citizen watches can range from $100-$500, but it remains a solid brand. In the end, it is up to you what kind of men’s wristwatch is the best for you.

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