Mens Leather Jacket

For any man who is hoping to transmit a cool, effortless style, a mens leather jacket is a staple piece.  This wardrobe staple has shown up on runways and in the hippest stores for years.  While the material has remained the same, trends in terms of cuts and fits tend to change from season to season.  Whether you are searching for a timeless jacket that will be worn for years to come, or a jacket that embodies the most recent trends, a mens leather jacket will fit the bill.

Motorcycle jackets for both men and women have been at the height of style for the past few seasons.  These jackets are generally cut to the waist or the hip and are relatively form fitting without being movement restricting.  They can be heavily embellished with zippers, rivets or intricate seams, or they can be on the plain side.  No matter which style you favor, there are a few things that should always be looked for or avoided.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid jackets that feature a heavy fringe.  While they do occasionally show up on the most avant garde runways, fringe is better left to the extremely fashion forward, as it can quickly go from stylish to campy.  If you are leaning toward a distressed, vintage looking leather, keep the embellishments to a minimum.  This will ensure that your high quality leather remains the focal point of the look without anything to detract from it.  While these mens leather jackets should fit well, it is important that they not be too tight.  It should be easy to move your arms in a jacket without straining the shoulder seams.  Jackets that are too tight actually make even the fittest person seem bigger than they are. 

If motorcycle jackets are not your style, a chic blazer inspired leather jacket is another great option.  For classic styles with little detailing, it is important that the leather used to make the jacket is high quality and supple.  This way it will move well and last for years to come.  Remember that expensive leather only improves with age, so it makes a great investment piece.

Mens leather jackets remain among the most sought after mens wear items.  No man's wardrobe is complete without this versatile piece, that can be dressed up or down as the occasion requires.  Though some are on the expensive side, they can be worn everyday for years.


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