Mens Wallets

As long as cash has been around, there has been the need for men to carry a wallet. All sorts of materials have been made into wallets. Canvas bifold wallets that used Velcro to secure the wallet shut were popular briefly in the nineteen eighties. They held the promise of durability, and indeed were, although they fell a bit short stylistically. The typical modern wallet is made from leather, usually black, and is of trifold design that secures paper bills in each of its two folds. The trifold design tends to be thick and grows with each additional item, card, picture and so forth that you carry in it. Trifolds can be a bit uncomfortable when carried in the back pocket of a pair of jeans and have actually been shown to cause some back problems, as they force your weight to shift off the wallet to one side. As a result, more slim bifold layouts are available that use a thinner skin. They feel better to carry, but hold less than their thicker counterparts.

There are other wallets available in exotic materials, particularly animal skins. Softer and higher-class leathers increase the cost of mens wallets, as can a designer label. A high fashion wallet from a big name designer can cost hundreds of dollars, even if it is made from nothing more exotic than plain brown leather. Skins that are more exotic can have interesting textures; many of these more costly skins come from certain species of lizard and are typically bifold design, owing to the folding limitation of the thicker reptilian skin.

Eel skin is also commonly found in mens wallets, and interestingly was the subject of a legend that suggested eel skin retains the electrical charge of the eel it was taken from, and would erase the magnetic strip found on credit and debit cards if left in the wallet for an extended period of time. This myth was long standing, but was recently debunked by unbiased testing, which showed no magnet field around eel skin wallets, nor any effect on credit card magnetic strips. Whatever wallet material or skin you choose, chances are, it will be based on the appearance rather than its long-term durability. After all, a wallet, like a watch, is an accessory that speaks about the personality of a man. A well-made, elegant wallet is a show of taste and style that reflects positively on the wearer and will make you feel confident every time you pay.

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