Micro Braids Hairstyles Ideas

Learn about the different types of braids

The thickness of these types of braids will make all the difference in the overall look.

If the braids are too fat you will need to get them re done and they will not last as long. If the braids are too thin you may incur some damage to your hairline.

How to make Tree Braids

Tree Braids are also known as interlock braids, this style allows for a more natural look and avoids the old way of using no knot or feed in braids.

The braided section that leads to the loose end is what makes this type of braiding different from micro braids.

When small hair strands are pulled out as the braid is finished it will give an appearance of full hair extensions.

Loosen braids with a spray on braid remover

Massage conditioner in your hair, once you shampoo your hair to loosen the braids, spray on a braid remover then use a wide tooth comb to detangle and remove the knots, start from the center and and comb out the braid.

Order Quality Hair for Weaving and Braiding

So in order to get the best quality hair care you may want to pay for hair salon to do it or you can do it yourself.

The maintenance is low and this hair weaving technique allows for a virtually invisible professional hairstyle.

You will begin to notice how the braids begin to slip out onto the sink, keep your shoulders covered with a towl to avoid drips and then rinse out the braid remover and comb hair gently separating large sections of the hair.

Braid Styling Options

They opt for braids or other methods of hair styling in order to produce a polished professional style for work or for play, it can be exciting to come up with new hairstyles for the different seasons of winter, summer, fall and spring.

It will also have knots and tangles that you will have to separate, taking braids out or hair extensions can be something that you do not want to do.

At one section at a time until all the braids are out. Keep your hair trimmed and keep it in a healthy condition before you add more micro braids in the future. I recommend trying homemade hair treatment recipes on dry damaged hair.

Micro Braids Hairstyles for Black Women

Hair braiding service options

Hair braiding services offer to braid your hair in mini micro braids which is a smaller individual braid that can have synthetic or human hair added.

These tiny braids work well with long braided hairstyles, hair braiding styles are easy to look through when you want to find pictures of black hair braids.

Micro-braiding Tips

It can be hard to learn about micro braiding if you have not done it before, you will find speciality braiding shops that specialize in micro braid hairstyles and they offer box braids as well as african hair braiding.

These small delicate braids are elegant in style and flow with out a lot of volume sometimes referred as invisible braids due to the small size.

Save time with Sew-in micro braids

If you do not have time to sit for hours and hours to get your hair braided in micros,

then you will be happy to know that you can buy micro-braids in a weft and have your beautician sew them in,

it will save you lots of time and give you the look that you deserve,

each weft will have braids already custom made and ready to wear. The look is quick easy and simple to style.

  • How to maintain micro braids

Some tips for maintaining micro braids include some braid salons will also have books on ways to maintain your braids once you have them done to avoid hair loss.

Its best to pay a good price for your braided hairstyle so as not to go cheap at the expense of hair damage.

Buy quality hair extensions this will allow for a longer term of luster and shine without losing the look of a well kept hairstyle.

It can take 7 or more hours to achieve the micro braid look depending on the length.

  • Transitioning from relaxers

If you decide that you want to transition your hair from hair relaxers to going natural with kinky coils.

locs braids and cornrows will continue to be in demand as long as young men and woman look for easier ways to maintain their hair.

  • Educate yourself on hair care

Many African American women have not been taught how to take care of their hair in its natural state.

Avoiding Hair Loss with Micro Braids

Some woman have experienced damage to the hair around the edges due to the excessive use of micro braids as well as the hair being braided too tightly.

I remember growing up and that was basically how my grandmother would style my hair, she would put individuals or cornrows in my hair and they would be so tight I could feel my eyes being pulled back.

Needless to say I ended up with a big headache and a tender head, it usually took a few weeks to loosen up and feel better.

This tradition has caused many woman to suffer from hair loss and to avoid such breakage you will need to wear the hair loose in the front or add coconut oil and other hair growth oils to the scalp to stimulate hair to grow back.

How to take out micro braids tutorial

Once you have worn your micro braids for at least three months you will notice that due to new growth you will need to get the micro braids out of your hair.

If you do not have time to do it yourself you can go to a braidery or hair braiding hair salon to get them removed.

Some of the things that you will need to know first before you decide to take out your micro braids is that you can end up damaging your hair if they are not removed properly.

  • Prevent hair loss

Some hair fashions are not good for your hair in the long term and it can be at the expense of having long hair.

You may want to try removal cream this will prevent your hair from locing together which can only be removed by cutting out the braid, let the cream soak in your hair before you remove them.

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