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Cheeta Fingers
Cheeta Fingers

I had a hard time obtaining information about Minx when I was trying to get started!  The company is like some sort of cult.  Minxnails.com won't give you pricing information or application instructions until you have purchased one of their starter kits which START at $75.00.  As a nail tech I found that more than frusterating... how do I decide if it's something I want to offer my clients if I don't even know how much it will cost me to apply and if I will care to apply them?  So techs out there wondering if it's worth it... here's all the info you need to make a decision and basic intructions if you want to give it a go!

Minx come in fingernail and toenail sizes but they are interchangeable.  I actually prefer the toenail sizes sometimes even for fingers because they come smaller (the pinkie size on the fingers just isn't small enough for most of my clients).  They are $9.95 a set and they do not offer any sort of bundle deal.  I find a lot of the patterns they have to be tacky (especially those ugly bridal and holliday patterns) but my clients really like the plaid and cheeta and you can't go wrong with the cool silver and gold.  You do need a crystal file to apply Minx but you do not need to purchase it from them.  I actually find them much cheaper at other nail suppliers (they are $10.00 from Minx).  You need a heat lamp but it's not necessary to purchase Minx heat for $169.00.  Instead just buy a heat bulb and install it in your own lamp.  Look for a bulb at your local hardware store with these specs:

Feit Electric 250 watt clears 130V. #250R40/1-130
•Philips Heat Light 175 watt clear 120V #175PAR/Heat 120

Now here we go with the application.  There is definately a learning curve to Minx so don't get discouraged.  I especially struggled with adhesion at the tips for a while.  It's best to start on someone with a good free edge because these are nearly impossible, even with experience, to apply to someone with very short or bitten nails. 


  1. Remove any polish from the nail with acetone.  Shape the free edges (it's easier when they are square). 
  2. Turn on your heat lamp and put their fingers and the Minx under it for at least thirty seconds.  This will activate the adhesion on the Minx and warm the nail plate.
  3. Peel a Minx off the sheet.  Place it on the fingernail (still under the heat lamp) pressing it on starting with the middle and working side to side.  If this is difficult for you it can also be done by pressing it on from one side to the other.  This can be tricky on people with a high arch to the nail.  Just keep working till you have no wrinkles. 
  4. Take a cuticle pusher or birchwood stick and rub the entire Minx firmly making sure to seal the edges and tip well.  Pull the end of the Minx down and stick it to the fingertip so that it is held tight on the tip.
  5. Remove from heat and allow to cool for one minute.
  6. Take your crystal file and in a straight DOWNWARD motion file the Minx at the tip until the end is removed.  If you notice the Minx peeling at the tip you may be slighly filing on top of the nail plate... go straight down. 
  7. Look a the nails carefully.  If there are any bubbles are if there is any lifting return to heat and fix by rubbing with the cuticle pusher. 
  8. Allow to cool.

Minx typically lasts around a week but may last some up to two.  It is normal for it to wear at the tips a little but it should not lift when it has been properly applied.  To remove them just warm them up under the heat lamp and peel off. 

Is Minx worth it to me?  I have been doing them a year and they still take me 30-45 minutes a set (depending on the arch of my clients nails).  To make enough money to make them worth my time I charge $35.00.  Do most clients think this is worth it for a week of wear?  Honestly, no.  But then again I am in hillbilly Utah.  There are still towns here where people are piercing their acrylics and wearing dangle charms...  It could definately be worth it for you depending on the time it ends up taking you and the demand in your area.  You can buy Minx on ebay now to try out a set or two but they are pretty expensive.  If you decide to offer them you will have to bite the bullet and buy a "starter" kit to get access to the products.  Unless you want the Minx heat, I would reccamend the "mini" kit that is $75.00. 

Check out more info at minxnails.com              


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Minx Canada 7 years ago

Hi, you can't put a 250W Heat light bulb into a 60W Lamp.

It's not built for that and your insurance don't approuve it, if you burn your customers or fire in your salon.

The Minx Canada Heat Lamp are made for that with CSA approbation, in USA it suppose to be certified to.

Ask to your insurance about 250W heating light bulb into a regular 60W Lamp.

Best regards


Minx Canada


Nail Technician profile image

Nail Technician 7 years ago

Huh, So are these stickers that are being applied to the nails under heat so that they give the appearance of nail art?

I really like your review here, thank you very much.

nailsthatrock 7 years ago

Pretty much :) It's like a super sticker that wears and protects like a wrap. Cool idea but a little tricky to get started!

Nailgirl 7 years ago

Thank you so much for this information. Beleive it or not I just called Minx Nails in California to try to get additional information on the minx nails. I am a license nail tech and did not want to pay $75 for the starter kit without having the information I felt I needed to make a confidence purchase. I wish Minx had a less pricey kit just to try out because the trail kit does not allow you enough nail amour to apply to clients as testers. When I called Minx they were very shady and would not give a lot of information. I was told I needed to buy one of the kit and learn by trial and error. As a new nail tech I did not want to waste money on a product that will sell to only a few clients. I like the way the product looks online but I am not sure I would have loads of clients who wanted this look. One thing is for sure you will not get any information from Minx. You have to buy to try which I do not mine as I know they want to make their money. But $75 is not cheap just to try out a product.

nailsthatrock profile image

nailsthatrock 7 years ago from Provo, Utah Author

Minx Canada- that is very alarming information because Minx themselves gave me the little tidbit on the bulb.

nailsthatrock profile image

nailsthatrock 7 years ago from Provo, Utah Author

Nail Girl- I went through the same thing! Who makes such a blind business decision for any kind of business? I wasn't kidding when I said they were like a cult! lol

Nail Tech Too 7 years ago

I feel the same way about Minx! I was wondering if I should buy their kit and after reading your info I dont think I will. Too steep a price for so little wear. I emailed Minx for more info a few weeks ago and they said I absolutely had to buy a kit to get ANY kind of information. Poor tactics when selling to people working in a business that is all about time and cost. Thanks for the great hub!

michelle 7 years ago

I live in utah and would love to come in to have these done! How can I contact you? Please e-mail me at chel_bell_4@hotmail.com


Stephane 6 years ago

Hi everybody, HAPPY NEW YEAR

If you need information you just have to ask your question! I think you can find all info on USA or Canadian web site. About the Heat Lamp, if you just take a look on a normal lamp for light, it is written 60W for (TYPE A)

Our needs is a heating light TYPE BR or TYPE PAR , 175Watts to 250Watts

It's sure you can screw the heat bulb. but it's not legal, secure and professional. It's like going to your dantal and take a Black&Daker drill, he can do the job but...

Think about it, we can not let you apply Minx Nails if you don't know the reality and all risk.

Our Minx Canada Heat Lamp is built with heavy industrial material

You need 10 to 15 Minx application to find the right technic

Best regards


vegasnailtech 6 years ago

love the hub, i offer minx and i really enjoy them. there is definitely a learning curve with these and minx are not as helpful as some of the other nail companies i have worked with. but totally worth it if you can get 'em down! once you purchase that kit they will be a lot more helpful!

jenny 6 years ago

Hi Guys

I am a nail tec based in london and have just go the minx. How do i get them to fit the clients nail in the first place do I cut into shape while it is still on the plastic in order not to distrube the adehasive?

nailsthatrock profile image

nailsthatrock 6 years ago from Provo, Utah Author

I cut and shape them as I'm applying. You don't want to take them off the sheet till you have heated them up so you can't do a fitting like you would for a nail tip. Just do your best to eyeball it and trim if necessary. If a client is inbetween sizes go for the smaller whenever possible! You'll find you will develop the ability to chose the right size very easily.

I also wanted to add that I did get the info for the heat bulbs directly from minxnails.com. I checked and those are still the specs posted on the US website. I guess just be careful and make sure that it's not getting uncomfortably hot (obviously). I'm guessing Stephane assumes the bulb is being installed in a regular lamp but I do state you need a heat lamp and that is what I still reccamend. Either way a regular heat lamp is still much cheaper than Minx Heat. Thanks guys!

lovenails 6 years ago

so, you HAVE to buy the Starter Kit before you can just buy them? If so, is there anywhere else where you know them for a cheap price that you don't have to purchase anything else?

iyaniie 6 years ago

i'm just starting to do the minx,and i have a lot of growing to do.... my question is how do i stretch the minx so the sides will be covered?

nailsthatrock 6 years ago

Minx doesn't stretch. It will actually shrink as it cures. So pick a Minx that already covers from sidewall to sidewall. If you have a client with especially wide nails you can try the toenails sizes. If their nail is still too wide then it's sad to say but you're out of luck! Minx has been saying for a while that they will come out a better variety of sizes but it hasn't happened quite yet.

nailsthatrock profile image

nailsthatrock 6 years ago from Provo, Utah Author

lovenails- I'm sorry, somehow I missed your comment! You can get Minx from ebay but expect to pay about $15.00-$20.00 a set. I don't know of anywhere other than Minx.com that you can purchase them right now. To order directly from Minx you do have to buy that pesky starter kit. Do me a favor and send them an email complaining. Maybe if enough nail techs do they will change their policy! Thanks and I hope this helps.

elnin profile image

elnin 6 years ago from Ha Noi

Great Hub! thank for shared! :)

Check out this for Some great Nail Art:


Doityourself! 6 years ago


I purchased Minx from ebay and applied it myself. It lasted for about 2 weeks. I'm not a nail tech but the trick is to make sure the sticker has enough heat and make sure you use a rubber cuticle pusher to press the sticker down. You can also push back your cuticle a little to make the sticker look more natural.

nailsthatrock profile image

nailsthatrock 6 years ago from Provo, Utah Author

Doityourself- you've got it! Great job. For your first set to last two weeks for even a nail tech is a real triumph. If you continue to wear them invest in a heat lamp. Makes it much easier.

Kenyatta 6 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing this information. It's like a "quest" to find information about minx nails! Thanks again.

Julie 6 years ago

I bought some minx stickers from Israel off ebay. As I have bought the kit as well, I can vouch that the ones off ebay are genuine. Maybe try these first. You only need to have a heater to have a try and see if you like them. Don't recommend that on paying customers though!

Nalo 6 years ago

I really appreciate this information!!!! i recently just began to used the Minx and it is a very profitable service to render but i was unclear on the light thanks for the many options. Thanks!!!!

kerry 6 years ago

you dont need a heater at all i apply minx just using a small hairdryer and this works just the same

mimii s 6 years ago

I second the comment about the hair dryer. Also.. I have found that applying a thin layer of gel over the nailn pro longs the wear, I usually charge my clients 45.00 - 65.00 for a wet mani and minx service. I add another 8.00 - 10.00 for a quick clear coat of uv gels. My regulars have been coming back every 2 weeks or so for a new set. I buy all my sheets from ebay, minx is shady with info and the start up is too high.- Mimi from San Francisco

rebecca 6 years ago

you can buy minx from website called ellisons :-) Im no nail tech but im gona give it a go myself..Rebecca UK

Vieri 6 years ago

Hi, I just applied MINX to my toes - BLUE LIGHTNING!!! They are awesome. Have you seen AVATAR? I call these AVATAR BLUE!

Also I apply MINX only on toes, they last easily 4-6 weeks. This way my clients feel they have enough wear out of them. If you like to order a bulk or just few, check out my web site. These are £12.95 with postage to UK. For USA clients order bulk and add £3.00 for additional postage. Have a great MINX-ing!

Vieri 6 years ago

Sorry guys, here is my www.hairbyvieri.co.uk. Also, did you try to cut MINX in half? This way you get easily 2 sets of toes done from one foil, even left over for mistakes! This applies to toes only! Happy MINXing!

Ruth 6 years ago

i watched u-tube on the minx application it helped a little .

DaisyTech 6 years ago

I've applied them to toes, but I have a client with particularly teeny weeny pinky toes. Any tips on making them stay on. they came off.. I'm tempted to just glue them on.. I'm talking 4mm wide, 2mm long.

Dagon 6 years ago

My URL is an example of a lamp that is rated for 250W and is cheap. Go to a reptile supply store and get a heat lamp from them. Maybe $50 with the bulb.

$170 is insane.

Miss Psychosis 6 years ago

Fab post thanks - going to try and do my own full set of acrylics and minx in time for christmas! Rebecca uk thanks so much for the mention of that website - so much cheaper than ebay and so many more designs! Just made my day!

Happy nailing... x x

HelenT 6 years ago

Hi there. I'm not a nail tech but am

pretty good at "girlie" things like manicures etc. I want to get a heat lamp/ minx designs for Xmas as I would love to be able to do it on myself. Any hints? I had my toe nails done professionally and they lasted 8 weeks - amazing!!

Helen, UK

Caleb 6 years ago

Hello,I really love your articule and especually this one on minx.I have been gettng minxed for awhile now and i just love it. I learned to do it myself after purchasing some sheets and the file from ebay and ive figured out how to make them last longer on the nails. I was wondering if there is anyway you can contact me directly, I have a question and would like to ask it privately, my email is angelscry85@gmail.com, please please and thank you, I hope to hear from you soon.

Caleb, Atlanta, GA

minx alternative 5 years ago

Try either incoco or salon effects by Sally Hansen. Incoco is only $2.00 a set for licensed manicurist's. You can buy it from their website after you set up a wholesale account. Sally Hansens is still new so it's $10.00 a set, however, like all sally hansen products, I'm sure salon effects will end up at the 99 cent store in a few months.

SWEDEN! 5 years ago


I just took the minx in sweden, and they are the same "cult" here

I had to be very convinsing that i didn't have to buy the set for 600 dollars to get a minx lamp, cu si already had one

so i got to pay 300 instead, and then got like 10 minx sheets to.

So the lamp? No its nit a minx lamp

but we al know its Infraread light (heatinglamp)

so i went to the local petzoo and bought a lamp för snakes ;) infraread the same amout om watts that minx has

oh yes it only cost 10 dollars =)

A question, i glue the "end" of the minx to the tip of the nail and use opi uv sealer over.

I think it makes some differents in the lasting of minx

What do you think!?

and sory for my poor english!!

Happy minxing everybody!!

Supertina 5 years ago

Hi Ladies, I also tried purchasing Minx from their website but they are very secretive. I went to ISSE long beach this past January and Minx was there. That is how I was able to buy Minx. I am also going to purchase an animal heat lamp as I know that is what minx uses and is way cheaper. Also I met someone who works for minx and said that if you purchase the Minx for Sephora, you can get them to adhere by using a blow dryer. By now i'm sure many of you know but if not Sally Hansen now has a minx like product called Salon effects. I apologize if any of this info is repeat, but I didn't read all of the comments. Good Luck and Have fun!

Minxer 5 years ago

Hello, I wanted to know do Minx have a wholesale pricing? You mention that for the starter kit it was 10$ a sheet. Do the price go down with the more sheets you buy?

Marina:) 5 years ago

i was wondering can you buy these for yourself or is this like i'll sale you a bulk for a salon im not quite sure how to get these

Elaine 5 years ago

Hi There

I like all the input about Minx nail art. So is there a supplier in Canada for the minx nail decals or do you buy them directly from Minx or off of e-bay? I would like to know the cost for sheet for us Canadians? If you can help me out that would be appreciated. Thanks

joanne 5 years ago

i find a hairdryer works well but finding it hard to cut round the cuticle and nail edge and once you have applied them it hard to take of and cut them to size, any advisen on what to do. thanks

Andrea 5 years ago

I love minx nails it's been already a year since I started using them and I would really like to purchase minx for my personal use and friends, I live in Mexico and in my city there's only one salon where you can find them, obviously at a very high price. Where can I purchase the starters kit?

fleming 504 5 years ago

nailsthatrock I sure wish Minx had the 75.00 kit. That is long gone now!! You have to purchase they $299.00 Minx kits, which by all means it crazy for the simple fact you have no Options To Choose. I have worked hard to get my license as a professional and for a business to tell me I have to spend $300 to purchase from their website is horrible!! How can they demand that we as professional pay this amount for a kit, "whose to say" you will make double of that in return. It all depends on where you live and demographic. Many middle class families will not spend $70 buck on up for Minx which they feel that they can do themselves!! Not everyone are Celebrities lets be Real!! No offense to anyone but this is the God's Honest Truth.

Jamberry Michelle 4 years ago

I sell an alternative to Minx. Just stopped by my salon and showed my gal my product and she said its very similar. We offer 160 different styles. $15 per sheet. No additional costs. No minimum to buy. Michelle.jamberrynails.comkmm

Or email at michelle.levitt@me.com

zoe 4 years ago

Thank you for all your information it has been very helpful I am going to start doing Minx for a couple of my clients who want them due to not wanting to use lots of chemicals in normal manicure/gel etc.

I have managed to get all my minx items from internet ebay as same problem with minx having to buy kit and do their course cost a lot when only for a couple clients and want to see how it works out first.... unlike a lot of companies who actually send you free samples to try before you buy. So thanks again for your fantastic informative post

GorgeousAli profile image

GorgeousAli 4 years ago from Uk

Hi all,

Just had a read and a cup of tea! I'd like to share what I know.....

If you are interested in Minx and are in the Uk, Ellisons.co.uk have a fab Academy that runs courses in Minx. They run 2-4 certified courses a month and do both a morning and afternoon session that last for 3 hours and cost just £78.25 incl VAT. You do not need to buy the kit as all materials are provided for training. You do have to have a certificate in either Mani or Pedi as a minimum requirement though.

They sell all the gear and a set of Minx will set you back £6.95 a lamp will cost £79.99 but as you may have read, you can but a 'heat therapy lamp' and get reptile bulbs cheaper!!

Happy Minxing!

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steph 4 years ago

Thanks everyone for your helpfulvinformation.

Patricia 4 years ago

Minx is a quality product and is not a cult operation. I assure you that if you call Minx Co. in Ca. and ask for Jennifer you will know Minx better than people who do not know the facts about the company.Any help that you need is available,and there is an old saying that you get what you pay for. Minx nails and how they are applied is most important.Sloppy or perfect, you decide.

Laura Tarrant profile image

Laura Tarrant 3 years ago

Hi all, I know this hub is a bit dated... Just wanted to let you all know, the alternative to Minx, Jamberry Nails, is affordable, versatile, and completely open for all nail technicians to offer to your clientele. Wholesale prices are available when you work with a consultant -like me-. They do not require a diamond file, nor a heat lamp. Long lasting, water tight and can be extremely profitable for you. We carry over 300 designs and our Custom Art Studio is under $20 a set.

If you would like to know more, email me.. you will be very impressed at our wholesale pricing!

wrapsfourpaws@gmail.com Laura Tarrant - Jamberry Independent Consultant

Krazichik 15 months ago

I get my minx supplied through sweetsquared.com, reasonably priced and next day delivery, you have to sign up to have an account with them, and service is excellent!

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