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David Beckham's short mohawk hairstyle
David Beckham's short mohawk hairstyle

The Mohawk hairstyles involve shaving the head from both sides, leaving an inch wide strip of long hair in the middle. They rose in popularity in the early 1980s and got asociated with the punk rock movement. The word "punk" is associated with rebels and so the Mohawk hairstyles have got increasingly associated with the youth culture.

Ricky Martin faux-hawk hair
Ricky Martin faux-hawk hair

Various Types of Mohawks

It all started with the classic version of the Mohawk hairstyle, in which both sides of the head are shaved completely. As a result, a strip of long hair becomes clearly visible down the center of the head. You can bring in variations by allowing this inch wide strip to stay till the crown, or let it move all the way down to the level of the neck. Its easy to get the classic Mohawk hairstyle. You can use a gel to mold this long hair strip to any shape.

A relatively new version of the Mohawk hairstyle is called the faux-hawk. Both sides of the head are shaved partially, as desired. Clippers are used, along with a two guard, to bring about the desired look. Faux-hawk is simple hair-styling to allow the hair to grow and appear visibly longer in the middle of the head as compared to the sides. This styling can be adapted by teens as well as business class or working class people. Faux-hawk can either be a "caesar cut" or a spiky style.

Bihawk is another variation of the Mohawk hairstyle that allows two mohawks or hair strips to grow, with shaved portions in between and on the sides. A slightly similar variation is the Trihawk with the presence of three strips or mohawks, which are then separated by shaved portions in between.

Reverse Mohawk, as the name suggests, involves shaving the head from the centre. The long strips of hair now appear on both sides of the head, as opposed to the classic Mohawk hairstyle.

Fanned Mohawk, a highly popular variation, is similar to the classic version, except that the long hair strip in the center of the head is spiked to resemble a fan. Unlike Faux-hawk, fanned Mohawk hairstyle is difficult to maintain. You can opt for a braided fanned Mohawk or a curly fanned Mohawk.

Fanned Mohawk
Fanned Mohawk

The Mohawk Maintenance

Once you get a Mohawk hairstyle, you will need to maintain it on a regular basis. It basically involves regular shaving on the sides of the head. To achieve the desired height of the long hair strip, you should use a blow-dryer along with a gel. Make regular use of a hairspray to keep the Mohawk in the desired shape.

You may visit "" to meet the stylists, who specialize in providing various versions of the Mohawk hairstyle, be it the classic version, the faux-hawk, or the fanned mohawk. The Mohawk hairstyles have come into prominence in recent times and to wear them is a way to get noticed.

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Vanessa Show Smith 6 years ago

Rodolfo Valentin is the leader for Hair for men in NYC.

bigs 6 years ago

seriously?? fanning is an even spread of the hair resembling a geisha's fan, not liberty spikes get it right. I've been in a band, seeing too god damn much and doing my own hair way to damn long for some shit sit eto try to act like they actually know what their talking about

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