Money Clip Wallet Options

A money clip wallet offers a discreet and more efficient means of carrying money, a drivers license, or credit cards around without the often bulkiness of a traditional styled wallet. A front pocket wallet with money clip comes in a choice of fashionable styles and finishes, with a pocket for an ID window and card, as well as a spring-loaded single or double sided money clip for cash and cards.  

If shopping for men’s money clip wallets take a moment to inspect the clip - as the clip for holding the cash needs to appear very strong, you don't want to be concerned about anything accidentally slipping out once on the move.

Types of Money Clips

A quality leather money clip wallet complete with contrast stitching offers a stylish and elegant wallet in a choice of colors, such as tan, black, or brown. Often making a perfect gift on a special occasion if custom engraved for a brother, dad, to a best man or groom on a wedding day. And a high quality wallet in leather will age well too.

A slim money clip wallet is sleek and ultra thin, with a locking clip able to hold all bills and credit cards secure on a single or double-sided clip. These compact holders fit easily into a pocket, purse or bag, without the bulk of a traditional wallet. Made of a durable stainless steel, chrome, rubber, or leather materials. Slim clips often hold up to 30 bills on one side and six credit cards on the other or if a single card holder can safely hold 12 cards.

A magnetic money clip wallet comes in a variety of handsome designs, in genuine leather, with strong magnetic clips to safely fasten money, without demagnetizing all those credit cards. These wallets also features small inside pockets for extras such as a drivers license and credit cards.

A mens money clip wallet is a great space-saving device for keeping organized at all times and a simple and effective solution to replacing that often bulky, fat wallet. A wallet of this design is as stylish and functional as a traditional money keeper, although able to store cash and cards in a more compact fashion. Outside pockets are there to take licenses, credit or business cards, a central pocket is for cards, and a money clip is there to hold the bills.

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