Moonstone - Rise As High As Moon

Moonstone is considered to be a mystical gemstone encompassed with enormous amount of mystical powers. It is popular and prominent not only amongst gemstones experts, but also amongst highly reputed healers and astrologers.

Benefits of Moon Association

As already stated, Moonstone is associated with planet Moon which is known for its serene qualities. Reflecting the same on its wearers, this stone confers one with calmness and mental peace. It is in specifically considered to be beneficial for those who find it difficult to control switches of their anger and aggression in even mildly exasperated moments. Other than that, it confers one with immense opportunities of success and growth. One’s fly to that growth can get as high as Moon. There is another aspect to this association. This association enables Moonstone to make a positive influence on the way Moon is acting on its wearers. That goes for both the situations, when it is positioned in a strong state as well as when it is in weak or malefic position.

Blossoms Love, Strengthens Relationship

It is one treasured stone for those who are in love or those are in search of true love. It strengthens relationships by injecting in immense passion, love, and romance in between two people. Besides that, it also sows the seed of profound feelings of love and lure amongst the person of the other gender whom one desires to have in life. If one chooses to gift this stone to his existing love partner or the desired love partner, then their relationships rejuvenates and strengthens. Also, it becomes eternal and permanent, which cannot get dissolved in any possible circumstance of life.

Promotes Good Luck

Moonstone is known for deriving good luck to one’s life and therefore, many bring it in use an amulet. Besides deriving good luck, it also promotes positive thinking and emotions. It creates a perceptible and thick line of difference between being sensibly emotional and over-sensitive. Many a times, over-sensitive nature of a person tends to derive one with failures and losses, and people usually tend to get undue benefits out of them. Wearing this stone protects one from all such vulnerabilities.

Reflects True Individuality

All those who practice meditation, grow on with their goal of gaining proximity with the eternal truth and Lord, by primarily gaining an understanding about themselves. This stone supports the same. It reflects on what one actually is, make one gain a profound understanding of it. All the grounds of perplexity, which one holds about himself and his life, get resolved. Out of these attributes, it is believed as an enormously effective personal stone.

Other Benefits

In its other benefits, it confers professional growth and success. It works as a tremendously effective source of inspiration for its wearers, motivates them to follow their dreams, and enables them to fulfill them in the desired way. It offers an invincible protection from all sorts of dangers, irrespective of if one is on land or in sea. It improves intuition abilities and enables one with the divine powers to foresee future. Most of those, who are involved in the art and science of prediction making at any level, love to keep this stone in their possession. Also, those who aspire to make a name for themselves as reputed astrologers or foretellers should also wear this stone abiding by the prescribed process to fulfill the same. Out of the nature of benefits that this stone derives to its wearers, this stone is considered to be of utmost beneficial for young women and teenagers.

Health Benefits

It strengthens pineal gland, stabilizes hormone cycles, and improves their functioning. Also, it builds core strength and resilience.

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