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Fall 2010 has never been so rough, so androgynous, so L word. It's also never existed before and never will again, all the more reason to embrace the 'Moto Denim' trend sweeping the world of denim jeans. Though primarily created in skinny cuts, Moto jeans can come in all kinds of cuts and styles, which makes them immensely wearable for all figures.

What makes an item 'moto' is the way its put together. You'll see exposed zippers, seams cutting across the fabric at all angles, devil-may-care distressed fabrics and stitching that would make the Amish jealous if they paid any attention to fashion trends at all.

The moto denim style takes its inspiration from bikers, biker pants and biker chicks. Moto is about being tough as nails whilst also being as feminine as you want to be. Unlike other fashion trends for women, Moto doesn't reduce the wearer to a Barbie doll tottering about the place looking for her Ken doll, it empowers the wearer to live their life in the fast lane, being as active as they want to be. Worry no more that the bottom of your jeans are scuffed, or that you spent half the day sitting on asphalt, these jeans will be none the worse for wear because of it, indeed, they'll be all the more authentic.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this piece, Moto style Jeans really do come in all kinds of cuts. So whether you're an indie chick who can't get enough of the skinny jeans that cling to her legs as if they were trying to become an organic part of her body, or a more relaxed lady looking for something stylish in a bootleg, you're covered.

Moto Denim can be dressed up or dressed down with the greatest of ease. If you want to amplify the power of the look, match it with a leather jacket and boots, if you're worried that you might over-butch yourself by doing that, put on a pair of heels and rock a shiny handbag. It's a well known fact that combining entirely impractical accessories with masculine clothing brings the tomboy level down to acceptable levels even for the girliest of girls.

I can only hope this trend sticks around a while, it's totally kick ass, totally girl power, and it's high fashion you can actually live in. If you['re doing it right, Moto Denim will probably outlast you. That's right. I said it. Outlast you.

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