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A Surprisingly Sensational Gift Choice

I dreaded my 40th birthday. I really did. I was and still am having a VERY hard time with this whole getting-older thing. That worry was intensified when I opened my birthday gift from my mother.

Rewind a few weeks. My mom, who lives 5 hours away, told me repeatedly through phone calls and texts how much I would love my birthday gift. I really think she was telling me so much beforehand to help me ease into the reality of becoming forty. So, in the back of my mind, I was thinking about something on the lines of a new handbag (a total obsession of mine), or some sort of jewelry item, like a bracelet or pair of earrings. Or even a scarf or a toasty pair of gloves.

So on my birthday I went to the post office and picked up my package. I sat in the car and immediately opened it in the post office parking lot. I was actually excited. Oooooh, I thought. The package is a good medium size but very light, so what could it be? As I gingerly opened the package, with high expectations of what awaited for me, my heart then skipped a beat.

It skipped a beat because the first little package in the box was wrinkle cream. What the hell? Wrinkle cream???? The reality and dread of being 40 swelled inside of me. I had a lump in my throat, along with the anxiety and rapid breathing that came with it. Oh, I can't believe this. Wrinkle cream. This is just GREAT. Good grief.

I moved the newspaper around, and there was another box. I rolled my eyes and took a look at it. It was a smooth product box that said "Clarisonic" on it. What the heck is THIS?

I had never heard of Clarisonic, and my mom was calling me before I made it home. In her anticipatory voice, she wanted to know what I thought of the gifts. I told her I loved the gifts and was so excited to go home and look at them closer. "Do you know what the Clarisonic is?" she asked. "OH, absolutely, I love it!" I lied.** She then went on and on about it. "Well, I have one and it has made my skin look so much younger. People ask me all the time what I am using on my face and I tell them I use the Clarisonic with the cleanser." So I joyfully thanked her over and over again and when we got off the phone, I decided to charge up my new Clarisonic Mia and use it on my face that night.

Well, I didn't use it that night. I guess I forgot to. However, the next day, I went around town to some yard sales. Now this is the freaky part. Do you believe in signs? Well, I kind of do. Anyway, this yard sale had a large basket FILLED with a variety of Clarisonic facial washes. It had all different kinds, like the polishing scrubber (my now favorite), creamy, sensitive, foaming cleaner, and others. Now, I had never even heard of Clarisonic before. Then within a day and a half I get a Clarisonic Mia and stumble upon a TON of cleansers? Not to mention the fact that I got the whole basket of cleaners for 3 bucks!!!

That night, I took the device off the charger and read the directions. Once I used it, I thought, WOW, what a unique facial experience this is. Seriously. It actually made my face feel different, in a circulation, tightness, soft kind of way.

Now that I have been using this miracle skin massager/cleanser/self-esteem booster for 5 months, I cannot begin to describe how my skin has changed. WOW. My skin always feels and looks refreshed and vibrant, and my pores are much smaller. I also have a deep wrinkle in my brow, above my nose, and it has somewhat diminished.

So, once again, my mom was right. At first I was disappointed in this gift. I was, because it was like rubbing salt in an open wound (turning forty, getting older, getting wrinkle cream, getting a Clarisonic). But, actually, I love washing my face at night. And I love the way it makes me feel and look.

So KUDOS to my MOM, whom I love dearly, and to Clarisonic for making me look better. =) She really could not have chosen a better gift for me.

**I don't normally LIE to my mom, but I wanted her to feel good for her choice of gift. So I did it to protect her feelings. =) 


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