Clarisonic Mia

The Clarisonic Mia's many different colors.
The Clarisonic Mia's many different colors.

The Story of My Clarisonic Mia

I was given my Clarisonic Mia as a gift from my dad last Christmas, 2009. My mom also received one as a Christmas present. I got a pink one, and mom got a yellow one. When we first got them we were eager to try them out, but I don’t think we gave them a good initial try as we didn’t really get to know our Mia’s. I originally used my little device on my face at least once a day and sometimes twice. And then I seemed to have forgotten about it and went and fixated my eyes on another pretty new cosmetic item.

Welcome Back, Mia

Well, my eyes reopened the other day and it was like new life had come into my Mia. I decided I should use it as it had been sitting on my shelf for several months unused and a little neglected. I picked it up and used it to take off my makeup that evening. The Clarisonic Mia that I received as a gift came with three cleansers; the Gentle Hydro Cleanser – for all or sensitive skin, the Refreshing Gel Cleanser – normal or oily skin and Nourishing Care Cleanser – normal or dry skin.

Although I do have dry skin, all of the cleansers seem to work just fine. Each cleanser has a different but nice, subtle scent. The cleansers are also very concentrated and though the three cleansers I received with the Mia are small 1 ounce size containers, I still have not needed to buy more. I also noticed that the cleansers are available to purchase in six ounce sizes and thus the one ounce size I received simple complements the Mia along with your purchase and larger size cleansers typically are available for purchase.

The Purpose of My Mia

The purpose of the Clarisonic devices are to provide a means of deep cleaning for your face by ridding the impurities that regular methods of facial cleaning can’t do. I normally use my Mia in the shower but it also can be used when washing your face in the sink. It is a great way of exfoliating because it makes my face very smooth and really gets out the stuff that a washcloth or cleaning cloth can’t get at. Another perk is that the Mia makes it so that after showering when lotion is applied to my face, that there is much better absorption and my skin then becomes a perfect canvas to apply makeup to.

The Mia is Time Efficient

In under one minute your face can be fully exfoliated! Using a circular motion; simply 20 sec. on forehead, 20 sec. on nose/chin and 10 sec. on each cheek is all it takes. Sometimes I like to do a few seconds more than the indicated time but that isn’t necessary. In fact, the Mia shuts off automatically after one minute and a simple press of the button will turn it back on. You also can use any cleanser you prefer to use with the Mia but the ones that come with it work very nicely and I recommend you giving them a try first.

Cleaning Is a Cinch

Simply twist off the head of the Mia to clean it. It comes off very easy. Once it is off wash out the inside with hot water and a bit of mild soap. Do the same with the head. Leave the head off and let it air dry for a bit. Once it is dry, twist it back onto the Mia. The outside can be easily cleaned too but if you use it in the shower mainly then you’ll find that it’s not necessary to do so as it gets cleaned regularly.

A Lot of Bang for Your Buck

The Clarisonic Mia goes for around $120. Depending on where you purchase the Mia, this price will vary slightly and there may be different offers available and the number of cleansers and replacement heads may differ. There are also different Clarisonic devices available for purchase. There’s the Clarisonic Classic, Clarisonic PLUS and Limited Edition Clarisonic Mia. These ones look a bit larger and some have different ways of charging. My Mia’s charger is magnetic which is awesome and I don’t have to worry about electrocuting myself in the tub.

Some of the other devices have chargers that the Clarisonic sits in when it is being charged, also magnetically. The Mia comes with two heads, one for use right away with the Mia and one replacement. These two should last a year if each one is used for a six month period. When it is time to get replacement heads though you will find that there are different types of heads; normal, sensitive and delicate. I’ve been using the normal head on my sensitive skin and have had no problems but I may try out the sensitive one next time around for comparison.

The Clarisonic Mia is AWESOME

I hope my hub on my Clarisonic Mia was helpful and informative. The Mia is so convenient that you can take it with you when you go away for a night and the sleek contoured shape makes it easy to hold. The Mia has honestly made cleaning my face very fast and simple and it has become my favorite personal item in the bathroom.

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emilybee profile image

emilybee 4 years ago Author

Hi Jason- The Mia is a very cool product. They sell cheaper versions by Neutrogena but I really do not believe the results would be similar. The Mia is awesome for removing makeup, and creating smooth skin. It kind of buffs out dead skin cells. It would be a great gift for your misses, or possibly you too. I do know men who use the Mia. This was actually a gift from my dad. He got one for my mom and one for me. Thank you for reading and commenting!

Jason R. Manning profile image

Jason R. Manning 4 years ago from Sacramento, California

Never heard of of it until now, looks like a terrific present for my misses. Thank you for sharing these details.

emilybee profile image

emilybee 6 years ago Author

Thank you vocalcoach! Love my Mia.

vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 6 years ago from Nashville Tn.

I have this and just love it! I am glad to find your very good hub on this product as I learned new information. Thanks so much. Rated up!

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