My Secret To A Soft & Smooth Face

You want a soft and smooth face? Try my secret.

Do you want to have a smooth and soft face like a baby? If yes is your answer then continue reading.

This is my secret to a soft and silky face. The secret ingredient that I use is just plain yogurt. Are you surprise?

Have you wonder why Indian people doesn't have acne problem? Yogurt is the answer! Yogurt is part of the Indians lifestyle.They'll eat them and also apply them on the face.

Here's how you can have a soft and smooth face like a baby:

Use the purest yogurt you can find and apply it on your face. Don't use yogurt that has been added with preservatives & additives. Read labels when you're looking for store-bought yogurt. Best is to get from goat and cow milk seller. They usually produce yogurt too. Homemade yogurt is okay to use too.

With fresh yogurt applied to your face (remember to avoid contact with eye), you can then apply it to your neck, arms and legs too. Basically anywhere with skin. :)

Leave it to dry. You might feel a bit of twinkling and that's ok. Rinse your face clean with water and tab dry. You can choose to clean with face wash after that if you feel like it. But just washing it off with water will do.

Apply the yogurt daily and get ready to see a smoother, softer and silkier complexion. :)

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China Lee 7 years ago

I tried to do it. But I ate the yogurt before I could put it on my face : )

Mubarak Ibrahim 7 years ago

Use yogurt, I might need up licking my owl body.

Ruth Chiingo 6 years ago

China Lee.. lol! That's funny!

Ochulor Esther 6 years ago

Use yogurt, i am surprise. don't you think that the twinkling might have a side effect.

lolo  6 years ago


eslie 6 years ago

And where do you get pure yoghurt?

Rukayat 6 years ago

Can i use home made yoghurt?

bob  6 years ago

yogurt's good stuff

evelyn 5 years ago

Is very good leave u face very soft.

jcool 5 years ago

OMG!! i did this it works soooo well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh thanks girlie

milly 5 years ago

what about if i buy it directly from the shop or supermarket,does it have chemicals

Amy 5 years ago

Read the ingredients used. Natural yogurt is the best.

angel 5 years ago

for ao long am i goin 2 use the yorghut?wat if i stop r they 2 come back?i nid 2 knu coz my face luks terrible.

Lucky 5 years ago

i wash my face but after 8 or 10 min, back it oil. how can i fix it. plz help me

xter 5 years ago

OMG hw did u get ur yogut? Plz rply

yay me 5 years ago

well i hv used yoghurt ...yea it do give soft using it daily maks my!!thx

yay me 5 years ago

srry i mean yoghurt makes my skin darker...=(

chommy 5 years ago

where do i get pure yoghurt?

ms.marie 5 years ago

hoping that it is effective



mary 4 years ago

thanx for your adivice,but am stay a town i don't know where i can get milk seller.

is it possible to put a fresh milk for 1 week to became yought and use it?

plz help me

Honeypie 4 years ago

Dat's alert rubbish plz don't try dat

sara 4 years ago

Wow it works that very true

Mene 4 years ago

Wel i really have to try it first to see if those who testifiled the positivity are true or false.

aixin 4 years ago

i tried ,,,but my skin become oily ,,,,,,,,

beth 4 years ago

it works better for old people above 25 years

hgderwy 3 years ago

can i use home yogurt

Aidan 3 years ago

Amazing, I put this yogurt stuff on my face and my face looks amazing, try it, I think it helps if you put a spoon full of sugar also, by the way the trick is to leave it on your face for a week and the bees they come down from the trees and while eating the yogurt and honey also clean out your pores !!!i

jacinta 3 years ago

I tried it but no change

Esibon 3 years ago

And for how long should it stay on the face

esy 2 years ago

Thank i will use stating today

lydia 2 years ago

I got it today & i wll try light now

my face has rashes & spot pliz help

moraz 24 months ago

not really

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