Naruto cosplay Haku

Haku is a character from Zabuza arc in Naruto series.He first appeared as special unit, dedicated for hunting missing ninjas.Later it came to light,that he was in the fact ally of missing ninja Zabuza.

Haku was born in a small village in the Land of Water,where snowed a lot. Country of water experienced many civil wars and those who possess blood limit were feared and hated.After the war, families which possess it, were hiding their abilities and live on.

Haku's parents were poor farmers, and they lived a peaceful life. Haku's mother had the ability which also passed down to Haku. She hid this fact from her husband, hoping that ordinary life will continue forever.One day, Haku discovered , that he has the ability to manipulate water. He proudly showed this to his mother. Unknown to them, Haku's father had witnessed everything. He gathered a small million of villagers, killed his wife and tried to kill Haku. In death danger Haku's blood limit manifested and everyone in the room was killed.

After that Haku was left alone.He remembered this time as most painful period of his life. He felt that he is not needed by anyone in this world.He was picked from the street and raised by Zabuza. Zabuza knew that he possess the blood limit and he wanted ability ,that everyone hated.

Through hard training Haku became a very powerful ninja . According to Zabuza, he possessed prodigious talent. His knowledge about human body was great enough that he could disable or kill an opponent by hitting a precise point with a needle.Haku was also very sharp and he had great observational and analytical skills, capable of quickly determine a way around an opponent's technique or strategy.Despite his talent for battle, Haku disliked to kill others and avoided doing so whenever possible. In the end he sacrificed his life to save Zabuza.

There is rumor, that in original design ,Haku was a girl, but Haku-Zabuza relationship was too romantic that way and author was forced to change his gender.Haku sure do look more like girl.

For me Zabuza arc was so far best in whole show. Both Zabuza and Haku characters were great and it is shame that they had to die this early.

Haku cosplay

Cosplay, short for "costume roleplay", is a fan performance in which participants costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea. For me it is kind of cool to see character from anime coming to life. As you can see Haku is cosplayed mostly by women, I would say that it is no wonder to that since he really look like one. Haku had straight long black hair, that was just about to the length of his shoulder blades and on the top of his head hair is pulled into a bun held in a tied cloth. He had pale skin and brown eyes. He was also quite short for his age. Haku wore blue kimono with white edge. Under it was brown sweater with roll collar and pants of the same colour. Around waist he wore brown cloth belt. Another noticeable trait of him is that Haku always wore sandals. As Zabuza, he wore hidden village of the Mist forehead protector, not cut through. He somethimes also wore mask of special ops. I am not sure If you can buy decent copy of it, but you can try to make one. Here is video tutorial:


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