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Sakura Haruno is a main female character in the Naruto series. She is along with Naruto and Sasuke member of team Kakashi. The name "Haruno" is in english equivalent to "spring field", and "Sakura" means "cherry blossom". Cherry blossom is an omen of good fortune and is also an emblem of love, affection and represents spring. Cherry blossoms are an enduring metaphor for the fleeting nature of life, and as such are frequently depicted in art. In Japanese, "Haruno Sakura" literally means "spring field of cherry blossoms", which may be an origin of the name.

From the beginning, Sakura had a deep crush on Sasuke Uchiha, mainly because of his his good looks, intelligence, cool attitude and his exceptional talent. Vice versa she resented Naruto, since as she said, he kept interfering with her love. Sakura's early effort is dedicated only to win Sasuke's affection. As result she needed to rely on others in battles and wasn't developing much. Sakura is the only one of the four members of Team 7, who don't know the pain of loss of someone close and important to her. She came from pretty much normal background, therefor she took for granted family and friends, things that others members of team already lost. Sakura is also quite outspoken, and when she doesn't understand or if something bothers her, she tends to yell out in questioning or complaining to someone. At the start, Sakura was selfish and ungrateful girl, which slowly changed as the story progressed. She even ended her friendships with Ino, who helped her a lot before, just because Ino was liking Sasuke too.

From the Orochimaru first appearance she begins to worry about Sasuke's well-being and also that he may eventually leave her seeking power at Orochimaru's place. When her misgivings come true, Sakura does all that she can to prevent Sasuke from leaving, such as confesing her love for him. But at that point Sasuke wasn't able to change his mind.Since then, Sakura has made her personal goal to bring Sasuke back.

Sakura's relationship with Naruto Uzumaki,changes as the story progressed. At the beginning, Sakura viewed Naruto as a talentless dummy who is nothing compared to Sasuke. However, Naruto continuously shows his worth as a ninja and despite his bad grades at the academy, in the battles he many times came with very clever plans. He is also devoted to his teammates. Sakura realized that her initial perceptions of him were wrong and began to respect him. After Sasuke left Konoha, Sakura begged Naruto to bring Sasuke back. Although Naruto fails and is left in the hospital afterwards, he swore to keep his promise and someday to complete the task she has given him. Sakura spends the next three years training with Tsunade so that in the future she can join Naruto in his quest to bring Sasuke back.

After time skip, Sakura learns of the various hardships that Naruto has to face. The fact that he is the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox host and Akatsuki are after him because of that. Saddened by the impact both forces have had on his life, Sakura becomes protective of Naruto and tries to do whatever she can to help him overcome these obstacles. Sakura grows to be very close to Naruto, due to a lot of time spent together.

Sakura's personality changed, as she becomes more knowledgeable towards Naruto and Sasuke's sufferings, and tries to ease them. As she matures, she also shouts less, but still questions unknown situations plenty.

Inner Sakura.

Within Sakura resides "Inner Sakura" ( Uchi Naru Sakura), a manifestation of her inner emotions. In addition to comic relief, Inner Sakura represents Sakura's actual opinion on things when she outwardly displays something opposite. Inner Sakura is unique as it is in a way a second will within Sakura's mind.

Sakura cosplay

Sakura has bright pink hair, green eyes, and fair skin. Before time skip, Sakura wore a red qipao dress with white circular designs, tight dark green shorts, and a forehead protector which she used to highlight her face. White circle is symbol of Haruno family and it is often present at Sakura's clothes. Another notable characteristic of Sakura's appearance is her hair. At the beginning, Sakura's hair was very long ,because of the rumor, that Sasuke liking girls with long hair. After Sakura was forced to protect the unconscious Sasuke and Naruto after their battle with Orochimaru, Kin Tsuchi grasped Sakura's hair and kept her immobilized. In this desperate situation, Sakura found a strenght within herself to sacriface her looks and cut her hair. Sakura was released from Kin's hold on her, and determinedly protected her teammates. Sakura has kept her new, shoulder-length hairstyle for the rest of the series. Later, during the time skip, she grows her hair again, as shown in a flashback, but later cuts it.

After time skip, Sakura, now a Chunin, has gained a new outfit consisting of the same basic red top as before with white circle in the back , black gloves, black high-heeled boots, black shorts, short pink apron-like skirt, and pink elbow protectors. Sakura is now also armed with a Chunin's Tantō ,which is located above her Medical Pouch, but she has never been seen using it in combat. The cloth of her forehead protector has also changed to red in color.

Here are some great Sakura cosplays that I collected from net.

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