Naruto cosplay dogs

In Naruto series a ninja dog is any dog, that has decent chakra reserve and therefor is able to assist ninja. Dogs can by used for fighting or tracking purposes. Some of them can even talk.

Pakkun is a little dog, which breed is definitely Pug. He is one of Kakashi Hatake's ninja dogs.He is summoned the most often, and he is capable of talking. According to the anime, Pakkun was able to say Kakashi's name at four months of age. Despite his cute appearance, his voice is deep and rough.He is not a battle-type ninja dog and he is used for tracking in which he is probably best among Kakashi's dogs. He can define what type of scent he is picking up and how far away it is.

Akamaru is Kiba Inuzuka's ninja dog and also his best friend and companion.He is a little cute white dog, which breed probably is Great Pyrenees. His name came from word 'Aka' , which means the color 'red', and 'maru' meaning 'perfection'. The reason for this name is ,that his fur will turn to red after eating military food pill.

Kiba used to carry Akamaru around on top of his head or inside his jacket. Later Akamaru has grown that large, that Kiba is able ride on his back. Akamaru's increased senses, such as smell and hearing, make him a handy ally for gathering informations. He can also sense chakra with his nose and judge an enemy's strength and warn Kiba if they are dangerous.

Pakkun cosplay

For cute pakkun cosplay you will need a Pug, but I don't recommend to get one just for that. Then you will need costume, unfortunately I don't think someone selling something like that. You will need to make one by yourself or you can ask someone to help you out. You will need blue and white cloth and black textile felt pen. From blue cloth you cut vest and kerchief for forehead protector. From white cloth cut circle and oval for forehead protector. Than take felt pen and draw sings on then, such as you can see them in pictures below.If you are satisfied with result then stitch them to vest and forehead protector.Last step is to put costume on dog and take some pictures.

Akamaru cosplay

Here are pictures of Great Pyrenees's puppies. First picture was retouch with some computer program. Dogs ears was coloured to brown, but i don't think it is something that should disturb us. It is still awesome pic and dog strogly resemble Akamaru. It is best real world Akamaru I was able to find. Next pic is raw photo of Great Pyrenees's puppies.

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sado 5 years ago

really cute, i also mention this naruto dog in my post :) thanx share it.

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