Natural Body Scrub for Cellulite

Mild Cellulite
Mild Cellulite
Volcanic Ash
Volcanic Ash

Cellulite is no friend to anyone,especially women, but even obese men have some cellulite, but not much because their skin is thicker than women and their collagen fibers are arranged in a horizontal criscross pattern that holds fat firmly in check rather than letting it press against the skin. With that said, woman do have their vanity and by using the volcanic clay scrub the visible signs will be significantly diminished.


2 tbsp. Balinese clay (or any clay with purifying properties)

2 tbsp. Sea Salt



Mix clay and salt. Add water until a paste if formed.

Rub mixture over body where cellulite is most visible.

A thin white film will ensue and as it penetrates the skin, a prickly sensation will occur.

Allow the paste to completely dry. Rub the skin so that it is sloughed away.

Now it's time to shower and self massage the targeted areas.

Follow up with essentials oils. The best ones for cellulite are nutmeg and rose.

Add a few drops to a carrier oil or your favorite body cream. Apply liberally.


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