Natural Face Whitening Tips

Face Whitening Tips

Each one of us has the eternal desire to acquire fair skin and look beautiful. Well, the skin color is given by the Almighty so a complete skin color change is not possible but there are few tips that can actually improve the complexion to some extent. These face whitening tips are natural and do not cause any side effects.

Natural Face Whitening Tips
Natural Face Whitening Tips

Use Tomato and Lemon, the Natural Face Whitening Agents

Lemon and tomato are the natural bleach due to which these are effective for lightening the skin color. Both together must be used every alternate day for 2 months to observe the improved fairness on the face. It is best to prepare the pack only taking tomato and lemon for face whitening. To begin with, first grate one large tomato. To this grated tomato mix ½ teaspoon lemon juice. Then apply it on the face and neck. Let the pack be absorbed within the skin layers for 20 minutes. Later wash the skin with water. The citric nature of tomato and lemon helps in whitening the face.

Sunscreen, A Must Have Cosmetic for Face Whitening

In order to maintain and attain face whitening never expose it to harsh sun between 10 am to 3 pm. Ensure to apply a good quality sun block that protects the skin from UVA as well as UVB. It is ideal to apply sunscreen 20 minutes before stepping in the open environment. Use waterproof sunscreen when going for swimming.

Sip Green Grape Juice to Get Fair Skin Face

Drink freshly prepared green grape juice everyday in the morning. Have the juice regularly for 3 months and see the facial complexion improved. Prefer to add minimum sugar in it. Grapes are rich source of antioxidants that keeps the skin well nourished and gives a hand for enhancing the skin tone.

Stay Away from Spicy and Fried Food

Spicy and fried eatables are a strict no when seeking face whitening. Eating this food dries up the water from the skin and leads to excessive dryness and patchy spots on face. Due to this the face appears dark. Therefore, eat only normal balanced diet cooked in less spices and oil. It is worth to comprise tangy taste for face whitening.

Get Hold of Face Whitening with Turmeric Milk

Turmeric is the best means for face whitening. One hour prior to hitting the bed for a goodnight sleep, have a glass of lukewarm milk having ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder mixed in it. Add sugar in accordance to the taste however less the sugar better it is. Make it a routine to consume the turmeric milk for face whitening. Surely after couple of months desired results would be seen. Avoid this milk for face whitening only during summers as the turmeric can boost up the body heat, rest have it for the entire year without any worries.

These natural face whitening tips are easy to practice and can be accommodated in the daily routine. All these measures need time of minimum 2-3 months to show the results that too consistency in execution is a must. Take efforts to implement these natural tips for face whitening and get what you want!

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Doc komee 6 years ago

Awsome :) :)

amn 3 years ago

nice tips

pugal 3 years ago

i love theze tips

vicky 3 years ago

i like tis tips...n i tink tis wil b workout 4 me... :P

Shi Ne 3 years ago



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isha 2 years ago

lemonil acid und athengane facente niram kuttum i cant belive this tips

Ishrat 2 years ago

Awesome tips!

kanisenthil 23 months ago

Nice&betteri do it

surya 20 months ago

Nice tips it is easy to do. ...

silfa joy 13 months ago

It is great. No side effects. Just try it

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