Natural Facelifting ( Guaranteed to work!)

ice water is all you need. ( and of course a clean face) :)

 1- First off you need a clean face. Give your face a good washing. Remember, when washing your face, it's best to use your fingers!  :)

2- towel pat your face dry.

3- Fill your sink up with ice water. ( turn on the cold water and fill 2/3 the way up, then place four ice cubes in the sink.)

4- Every 5 seconds place your face in the water, and out. ( Repeat this 10x, or however many times your face can stand it.)

5- When done, towel pat dry and be pleased with the results!  If you dont like the results, then you arent happy with your face. Everyone's arches and bones  do what they're supposed to do!

*You dont have to just do this at night, for best results, do it in the morning, when you wake  up!



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