Natural Hair Styles: The Bun


There are many ways to style natural hair with a bun. The possibilities are especially endless when you have long hair. But even if you don't there are ways to achieve the same looks.

My favorite bun to do when I was transitioning was a simple bun to the back. I would pull my hair into a ponytail, and then twist the ends into two large individual twists. After that, I wrapped each twist around each other and secured them with bobby pins to create a bun.

I would sometimes dressed this style up with head bands, scarves and fun scrunchies. I do this style a lot more now that my natural hair is longer.

If your hair is not yet long nought, you can still achieve this style if you are able to pull you hair into a pony tail. After your hair is in a pony tail, all you need to do is get a pack of straight or kinky kanekalon hair, twist it into one or two large twists, and wrap it around your pony tail just like I described above.

Tuck and Pin Bun
Tuck and Pin Bun | Source

I can change the same style around just a little bit, by positioning the bun at the top of my head, or even off to the sides.

Another bun I like to do is the tuck and pin bun. All I do is put my hair up into a pony tail wrapping the band around twice and then the third time I wrap, I only pull the hair halfway through. Any hair that is left out, I just pin it into place.


This gives me a nice fluffy bun. The longer the hair is the easier it is to do this style. If your hair isn't long enough, this is also a style where you could use synthetic hair. Using the kinky hair is best for a more realistic look.

Another bun that I like to do is the classic donut bun or sock bun. If you don't already have a store bought bun former, you can make one with socks.

To make this style unique, it can be off centered on your head or place on the sides towards the back. This makes it a little more fun.

A bun that I have been recently doing, in an effort to protect my edges, is a simple twist bun with my hairline flat twisted. In my hub: reconstructing my hair regimen, I explain my new regimen that is dedicated to nursing the front portion of my hair back to health with protective styles.

A bun is what I now were most of the time, and I try to keep my edges tucked away with flat twists so that I am not manipulating them as much or tugging them tightly into the bun.

A great tip I have with any bun style is to smooth the hair with gel or shea butter and set it with a scarf. Let the scarf stay on your head for about 15 minutes and you should have nice smooth frizz free hair. Also the longer you leave the scarf on, the better the results.

I hope you have found this helpful and thanks for reading!

KySmith :)

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starbright profile image

starbright 4 years ago from Scandinavia

Very useful info. Voted up.

SavvySyi profile image

SavvySyi 4 years ago from Florida

My bun would be so short and shrinkage is incredible! But I've seen friends with the bun and it looks very well on them. Hoping that once I hair get a little more length, I can have a very sexy looking bun as well.

KySmith profile image

KySmith 4 years ago from Milwaukee Author

@savvysyi, Yeah, my shrinkage is crazy as well lol. If I don't stretch my hair out, my buns are small and puny, Thanks for commenting! =)

SavvySyi profile image

SavvySyi 4 years ago from Florida

@KySmith do you know of any other ways to stretch out your hair other than blow dryer?

KySmith profile image

KySmith 4 years ago from Milwaukee Author

@savvysyi, This question was cool because I am actually writing a hub about this right now LOL!

I actually like to stretch my hair out by braiding it over the course of a few days. Usually by day three my hair is completely stretched out after being freshly washed.

Some people also like to stretch their hair out by banding. Check out this site to see banding,

Banding works on short hair and long hair.

Usually if you are not going to blow dry, it takes a bit longer to stretch the hair out completely.

I hope this helps. =)

SavvySyi profile image

SavvySyi 4 years ago from Florida

@KySmith Thank you very much I'll look into that!

Tasha 3 years ago

Hi, I'm almost 5 months into the transitioning stage and I'm having a bit of a problem. Everyday I put my hair in a ponytail and bun it and it's real boring. This isn't the problem however. My problem is that I ave an unusual hairline. It's an inch above my eyebrow in some places and on top of that I have really thick hair. I'm strugglin to find styles that work for me or 'fit me' so to speak and I'm almost at the point of givin up and goin back to relaxin it. And also I am not used to braids or cornrows or any extensions so this is rather difficult. Help?! Please :(

KySmith profile image

KySmith 3 years ago from Milwaukee Author

@Tasha thank you for commenting and I will try to answer your question the best way I can. What I can suggest is that you try Bantu knots, twist outs with perm rods and braid outs with perm rods. This will help you achieve a protective style that will camouflage your new growth and relaxed ends. I really hope you don't get discouraged and go back to a relaxer but I do understand your frustration as I have been there.

I think that thick hair is a blessing. I wish my hair was thicker because over the years I have found that people with thicker hair have an easier time achieving length.

For your hair line, maybe try finding a part that fits the shape of your face or you can do twist out and braid out styles that can be draped back off of your face. There are many styles you can experiment with. Maybe you can give individual braid extensions and cornrows a try if you find some one your comfortable with to do them for you. Even two strand twists are a good option.

I really hope this helps you. If not feel free to ask more questions! I would love to help! :)

Tasha 3 years ago

I decided to try twist outs lastnight.. I have yet to see the result. I'm hoping it doesn't turn out like it usually does. Thanks so much for your suggestions, I'll definitely give them all a try!

KySmith profile image

KySmith 3 years ago from Milwaukee Author

@tasha you are very welcome! I hope it works out for you as well.

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