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Natural oils have been known for thousands of years and have been used for beauty, health and meals. Ancient Egyptians and Romans used oils for glossy and healthy hair, prevention from aging, to protect skin from the sun, and as a natural perfume. So you must admit herbal oils have quite a long track of record to prove they really work. Moreover, natural oils are frequently found among  ingredients of beauty products. Usually the higher quality product, the higher percentage of herbal oils it includes. So why not to try a completely natural 100% oils for a customized hair care?


What you should know before giving it a shot

Like with all natural treatments you should not expect immediate results. Some may see a faster effect of more shine and moisture, but usually you need more patience to see the real results. Anyway, it repays on the long run. Most of the products that provide instant gloss either cover hair with micro film, or suck moisture out of deeper layers of hair and skin, instead of adding it. It can be a solution if you need to outshine all the women in the party tomorrow. However putting a little effort and patience with oils will give long lasting result of healthy and beautiful hair.

Bear in mind, that natural herbal oils, although safe to use in many cases, have active agents, which can be dangerous if you are allergic to them. It’s better to be cautious and rub a small amount on the inside of your elbow to test how skin reacts. For example, if you’re allergic to citrus, be careful when using orange oils.

Essential oils are much more concentrated and should be used very carefully. It’s better not to apply pure essential oils directly to the skin. You can dilute few drops in base oil or add to your shampoo. Then using essential oils for a bath dissolve few drops in milk and then add to the water. Otherwise you risk irritating your skin, because essential oils do not dissolve in water.

Finally messing with oils in your bathroom can require a lot of cleaning afterwards. It’s not as convenient as regular mask, which can be applied for only few minutes. Natural oils need more time to soak in, so you will have to spend few hours if not a whole night with oily head.

If you are still determined to experience benefits of natural treatments read on.

How to choose right oil?

First of all be sure to use natural high quality virgin, cold pressed oil. This way you will have a product with all the natural qualities preserved. Low quality or refined oil not only looses vitamins and biologically active agents, but also will clog skin pores and hair endings.

Secondly choose a right type of oil in regard to your hair type or specific problem you want to treat. Below is a list of oils most widely used for hair care and their main features. You can use only one oil or mix a few to make your customized hair product.

Base oils:

Coconut oil: moisturizes, nourishes dry hair, and prevents from hair breakage. Adds shine, protects from UV rays. And it also smells good!

Jojoba oil: restores moisture in very dry hair, treats dandruff.

Argan oil: has three times more vitamin E than olive oil, contains oleic and linoleic acids. Nourishes and protects hair from environmental stress.

Burdock oil: stops hair loss, fights dandruff, ads strength and shine to dry and weak hair.

Ballnut (Tamanu) oil: nourishes, regenerates, prevents hair loss.

Olive oil: nourishes, softens and adds shine.

Sesames oil: nourishes, softens, adds shine, protects from UV rays.

Essential oils (used together with base oils):

Ylang Ylang: stimulates hair growth, calms and moisturizes scalp. For best effect use together with coconut or lemon oil.

Rosemary: stimulates hair growth, strengthens hair roots, nourishes scalp. Can be used together with coconut oil.

Chamomiles (Camellia): ads strength, can be also used to subtly lighten hair.

Tea tree: fights dandruff, stimulates hair growth.

How to use?

For a deep moisturizing mask massage oil or mixtures of few oils in to dry hair and scalp. You can warm oil by putting bottle with the oil into a dish with hot water. Do not heat oil on the stove. The amount you apply to your hair depends on length and thickness, but try to saturate them thoroughly. Wrap a towel around your head and try to keep it warm. Keep a mask as long as you can, ideally over night. Just do not plan very early meetings next day, because you will need some time to get the oil out of your hair. Shampooing should do the job. Anyway, if it still feels oily, rinse your hair with lemon juice diluted with water. This will also add shine to your hair and make them easier to control.

You can also use oil as a leave in treatment but be very careful not to apply too much. Use it only on hair ends. Try as less as you can at first. You can always add more, but trying to reduce will make you late for work. Coconut oil is probably the best for leave-in treatment, because it is originally solid and melts in your palms. This way it’s easier to control the amount you apply. It adds shine to the hair and do not leave them to oily as well.

Homemade hair conditioner can be made mixing rose water, aloe juice (or simple boiled water) with few drops of base oil and essential oil in a bottle with spray cap. Use it to finish your hair-do and to provide additional moisture during the day.

You can also enrich your shampoo by adding a little bit of base oil and few drops of essential oil for additional benefit and scent. Shampoo your hair as usual. If it feels weightened down or greasy, try adding less oil or rinse with lemon water.

Have you tried natural oils for hair care? What is your experience? Which one is the best for you?

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oiled hair lover 5 years ago

All women should follow the routine of oiling their hair because apart from its utilities, it adds tremendously to their beauty.

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