Natural Skin Care Tips and Tricks

Your skin is the single biggest organ that you have. It only makes sense to take care of it. Today, we are constantly being bombarded with advertisements that promise us younger, healthier looking skin. These products are very expensive and usually provide only superficial results, which are sometimes only temporary. Since your skin is an organ, I wanted to find more natural ways to keep it healthy.

The first, and probably most commonly used natural skin care product is aloe. Aloe has the ability to help heal burns and scrapes. It sooths the skin and reduces the pain associated with these injuries. The liquid from the aloe leaves can also help reduce wrinkles if used regularly. It can also help relieve the pain of hemorrhoids. Aloe can reduce swelling and eases the pain and itch or poison ivy and bug bites. It is also really easy to keep as a houseplant. It requires very little water and almost no attention.

I found a lot of sources that also recommended carrots for healthier skin. Carrots are very nutritious for all of your body, your skin is no different. Carrots can help keep your skin firm and reduce the appearance of wrinkles from the inside out. They also have been shown to reduce the signs of aging. Diets that include a healthy amount of carrots have also been shown to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol. So why not add a few more carrots to your diet!

White vinegar is a great skin cleanser. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to test it first. It can sting a little, but does a great job and costs almost nothing as compared to the skin care products.

One of the many known causes of acne is having too much waste in your system. If you suffer from constipation or have any colon issues, your skin will show it. Cleanse your colon by drinking more water and adding tons of fresh fruits and vegetable to your diet. Going on a water/fruit/veggie fast for a couple of days is never a bad idea and you will feel much better afterwards.

Making a cucumber and avocado mask is also great for your skin. Simply puree half a cucumber with a cup or so of avocado in your blender. If it does not get the consistency of a paste, add a little water or olive oil if you have drier skin. Apply the paste to your face and let it sit for at least 20 minutes a few times a week. The results will easily compare to the expensive spa treatments, but this way you are saving money and time.

I personally found that changing my diet did more for my skin than anything else. I reduced oily, fatty foods and added more fruits and veggies. This cleared up my lingering acne. With a little research and the help of a few home remedies websites, you can find countless other great tips for naturally keeping your skin healthy and beautiful!

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OldenbuzzDotCom profile image

OldenbuzzDotCom 6 years ago

I enjoyed reading about how you can feed your skin from the inside and on the outside. Great hub.

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