Natural Hair Restoration Techniques that Work

Reduced hair growth and hair loss is a common problem in both women and men.  There are tons of different causes of hair loss including internal and external factors.  If someone gets really sick, has a poor diet, or suffers from severe stress can experience hair loss.  The most common reason why people have hair loss problems is due to male pattern (also female pattern) baldness.  If you're one of those people suffering from that genetic condition, there is hope for you and your hair.

One of the oldest forms of treatment for the loss of hair are herbs and other natural remedies.  Because everyone is unique, herbal hair treatments can different results for each person.  What may have worked for one man, doesn't necessarily mean it will work for another.  Unfortunately, because of this, there is no real way to know if a natural treatment will work on you unless you try it.  There many ways that you can end up taking herbal remedies for your hair including both internal and external application.  In most cases, the herbs can be ingested in a capsule or as tea.  If you're uncomfortable with that, there are also pastes and creams that you can apply to your bald spot to help promote hair growth.

Natural Hair Regrowth with Herbs

One of the best ways to get your hair growing fast is through saw palmetto.  Taken orally, the plant has natural components in it that enhance your body's ability to fight hair loss.  The fatty acids that saw palmetto contains also is great for treating male and female pattern baldness.  If you're not sure where to start with herbal hair restoration, look no further than saw palmetto.

Another alternative hair loss treatment are essential oils that are usually used in aromatherapy.  When these oils are applied to the scalp, they stimulate the hair into growing much faster.  The most popular essential oil used for this method is lavender.  Lavender has many natural characteristics great for promoting fast hair regrowth.

The above herbal treatments and other natural hair restoration products can be great for people suffering from certain diseases and illnesses.  Some people suffering from cancer, for example, can end up experiencing thinning hair and hair loss.  While many times, when the condition goes away or is cured, the hair can start growing back.  Natural remedies can help speed up the hair growth.  If you're someone that can't afford other forms of hair loss treatment like surgery, you'll like these herbal remedies.

If you're determined to get your hair growing and also restore your youthful countenance, you should try natural hair restoration.  Unlike other forms of hair treatment, like prescription topical solutions and pills, you won't have to worry about dangerous side-effects with herbs.  With the almost endless range of herbs designed for your hair, you're almost guaranteed to find the solution that works to get your head full of hair.

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Women'sHairLoss 5 years ago from Massachusetts

Good information about natural hair restoration treatments, such as lavender and palmetto.

I am a woman, and recently had a hair transplant and wrote a series of hubs on this topic. You or your readers may be interested.. here is an example:

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