Naughty Knickers For Men

What ho. I'm taking a break from more of the serious lingerie advocacy to have a little fun with men in panties. As much as men have the right to wear whatever they want to wear, sometimes its not about the sensation, or the cut, or the fabric. No, sometimes it is all about being naughty.

In that spirit, here are a selection of naughty knickers for men who know better (wink wink), but just want to have fun.

This sheer ribboned bikini cut panty is perfect for the man who wears panties. Its mesh stylings make for a stunning pair of panties that leave little to the imagination. Trimmed with bands of lace around the waist and legs, this has something for the sensualist and the visualist. (Words that I make up are awesome.)

This thong confuses me, which makes it naughty. Men who are looking for something other than floral lace design will be pleased to try out what is billed as the 'coranto thong'. The assfloss effect may be offputting for some, but I included it anyway as I am well aware that many of you are suckers for that particular type of punishment.

I include these because, as I am sure you'll agree, they're pretty great. Who doesn't want to wear a bouquet on their crotch? For those of you with partners not keen on lingerie, this may be the impetus they need to accept your procilvity, after all, it could be much worse than a sequined thong. Today it's a herbaceous border across your groin, tomorrow a collage of roadkill.

These panties are called 'Jezebel', and though you should probably steer clear, we all know you won't be able to resist the temptation. Red microfiber topped with waves of black lace and mesh. They're hot, they're saucy, and they're totally in right now.

Well that was fun, what now?

Hey, you know what you should do? You should totally leave a comment or email me and tell me what you'd like to read in upcoming articles. After all, it's all about you guys and your wants. Keep it clean though, I can't stand the excitement of saucy material, it makes my premature angina act up.

Oh, and as always, feel free to share and/ or use this on your own blogs and places. All I ask is a little link love, baby.

Rock on, panty guys.

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ILoveLingerie 8 years ago

The sheer ribboned bikini cut panty and the coranto thong are just what I like ;)

Nanciboy 8 years ago

The Jezebel panties are beautiful. But even if you are slim and fairly modest in the boy parts like me, that cut can be hard to wear. Like in if you walk any distance, they can end up at half staff. It's embarassing to have to adjust your panties in public.

pantiesbob profile image

pantiesbob 8 years ago

Once again Hope you come up with anther good article. I do like the Jezebel panties and as far as lace goes, it is best at the waistband. Lace or ribbons can be nice for that sexy look, but I prefer plain nylon or satin panties

panty lover 8 years ago

i just love wearing panties because i might get caught if they show or i have panty lines giggles. but my favs are days of the week tricot panties . happy new year

profile image

likewhatiam 8 years ago

Hi Hope my personal favorites are any panties except thongs as they are not the most comfortable for me anyway. I really love the Jezebel panties they really look good especially with the lace finish. Keep up the hubs they are really great.

Starsky 8 years ago

satin or lace? Love them both. Alternate at least twice a day. Prefer the feel of satin, but love the look of lace

profile image

mmmnylon 8 years ago

I'm partial to nylon bikini cut with a little lace trim at both the waise and legs, but I like any and all I can get!

david 8 years ago

Though I don't think I'd wear a bouquet, any of the other panties are ohh so sexy.

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