Navratna: Tantra of India


Nine of the precious gemstones arranged to create a Navaratna pendant.
Nine of the precious gemstones arranged to create a Navaratna pendant. | Source


Navagraha (Nine planets) arrangement. Picture from baroda art gallery
Navagraha (Nine planets) arrangement. Picture from baroda art gallery

Specific arrangement of Navratna as Tantra

Navratna is a specific arrangement of nine gemstones used in Indian astrology. This is also a Tantra of India. Gemstones Ruby, Pearl, Coral, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Hessonite and Cat’s eye are arranged in a specific order to form the Tantra of Navratna. Indian astrology uses this to get rid of bad effects of nine planets in human life and to enhance good effects of those nine planets.

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and a country with rich traditions. Indians had discovered relations between planets and gemstones. Research established strong connections between planets, zodiacs and nine gemstones (Nava Ratna).

Ruby gemstone represents the planet sun, pearl refers to the moon and so on. I will discuss relations between all nine gemstones and nine planets in coming paragraph.

Navratna necklace and ring

Navratna necklace presented to HM the queen
Navratna necklace presented to HM the queen | Source
Navratna ring
Navratna ring | Source

Indian researches: Navratna, planets and zodiacs

Indian scholars researched and developed knowledge and used those to enhance the quality of life even in ancient times. Indian scientists had been working on atoms and astronomy when America was not even discovered by the modern world and most of the Europe was in the forest.

Indian astronomers calculated movement and path of planets long before Europeans. They knew Zodiacs and relationship between Zodiacs and planets and earth. Mathematics in India was in very developed stage since ancient times. Bhadravahu (Fourth century B.C.), Barahamihir, Aryabhata, Brahmagupta are some to name.

(Bhadravahu was contemporary to Chanakya and Emperor Chandragupta became his disciple.)

They have depicted movements of planets exactly using subtle calculations. Indian astrology is based on scientific and mathematical calculations. They used geometry, logarithm, trigonometry, co-ordinate geometry and even differential and integral calculus to find out movements and paths of planets and their astronomical relationships with Zodiacs. They knew the exact parabolic paths of the planets.

They were able to find out exact method of defining time in terms of the year, month, week and days. They could easily calculate exact time of sunrise and sunset. They could also define movements of the moon and were able to forecast high and tide. Solar and lunar eclipses were calculated at that time. Indian astrologers use this for Muhurta.

Emerald: Gemstone for Mercury

Fine quality Emerald octagon
Fine quality Emerald octagon

Assorting Rough Emerald

Navaratna and Nine planets

Indian astrology has two main streams 1. Ganita and 2. Falita. Ganita means mathematical calculations whereas Falita means the effect of planets and zodiacs in one’s life. Ganita also deals with subtle divisions and subdivisions of time and Falita uses these calculations to specify good or bad times for particular actions.

Indians also knew about gemstones and their magical power. Astrologers of India have chosen nine gemstones for nine planets as per their color.

The sun is in the center of our solar system and its red color resembles with that of the ruby gemstone. The sun also affects human life the most. Ruby keeps its place in the center of the Navaratna.

The moon, though not a planet according to modern science, is the nearest celestial body from the earth. Hence, it affects human life the most but the sun. Where the sun is hot and resembled with red colored ruby, the moon is cool and the pearl gemstone with white color represents the moon in Navaratna. The sun is followed by the moon in Indian Navagraha system.

Red colored marsh is represented by red colored coral and it occupies third place in Indian planet system.

The mercury (fourth in the system) has typically given the color green and is represented by emerald gemstone and yellow sapphire represents the Jupiter (fifth in the system). Dazzling white Venus comes in the sixth position and diamond, the most dazzling gemstone is the representative of the Venus.

The Saturn occupies the seventh place and blue sapphire represents its blue color, typically given by the Indian astrologers.

These seven planets have their correspondent zodiacs, shown in a chart below. The Sun and the Moon (planets in Indian astrological system) have one zodiac each. Rest of the above mentioned five planets have two zodiacs each. Two of the planets in Indian astrology Rahu and Ketu have no correspondent zodiacs.

Solar and lunar eclipses have significant effects on the earth, hence, these astronomical phenomena are included in the system as shadow planets. A solar eclipse is named Rahu and lunar is Ketu. Rahu and Ketu are considered as the eighth and ninth planet and had been assigned the grey color. Hessonite and Cat’s eye are the respective gemstones for them.

Zodiac, Planet and Gemstone chart

The Moon
The Sun
Yellow Sapphire
Blue Sapphire
Yellow Sapphire
Cay's Eye
Relations among Zodiac, planet and gemstones. There are 12 Zodiac signs, nine planets and nine gemstones. Seven of the planets are related to 12 Zodiacs. Rahu and Ketu have no correspondent zodiacs.

Zodiac signs

Zodiac- Rashi Chakra
Zodiac- Rashi Chakra | Source
Ptolemy zodiac--Zodiac and months from Tetrabiblos of Ptolemaios (Ptolemy); from 9th century Byzantine manuscript: Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Vat. gr. 1292 - fol.9 (Zodiakon)
Ptolemy zodiac--Zodiac and months from Tetrabiblos of Ptolemaios (Ptolemy); from 9th century Byzantine manuscript: Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Vat. gr. 1292 - fol.9 (Zodiakon)

Navaratna: Palmistry and Zodiac

Astrologers of India believe that particular gemstone of these nine gemstones can reduce bad effects of a particular planet on human life. Thus, they prescribe specific gemstone to a particular person according to the position of a particular planet in one’s horoscope.

Besides specific gemstones prescribed to a particular person, Navaratna has been used as common healing Tantra of nine planets altogether. Hence, Navaratna occupies an important place in Indian astrology.

Jewelers of India manufacture and sell plenty of Navaratna rings, pendants, necklaces, tops, earrings, bracelets, bangles and other ornaments. Navaratna beads and long beads are also used in Indian beaded Jewelry.

Indian astrologers also depicted the relationship between zodiacs and planets. Astrologers of India also allocate a particular area for a specific planet in human palms. Palmistry of India also uses Navaratna as a healing method.

(This hub is published on 31 March 2009).

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Raquel 19 months ago

Make sense but it is not always like this.I know two cases, if they have staeyd in joint family,they might be still to gather. when they started livingaway from parent, they got lots of time and their true nature come out and so much fight. Also he lost touch with his father, who has big business. He did not get chance to learn from father and that successfulbusiness bankrupt. One reason was nature of his wife, she always fight and with that polluted mind, hecan't do well with his father. Also he feel for this wife I have to do all, who do not give any peace. Reader

Vinod 3 years ago

To : Jyoti Kothari

From my Navratna ring, the pearl is missing. Can I fix it back with a jeweler or sell that and buy another Navratna ring. Please advise soon.

Rani 3 years ago

where can i buy a genuine navratna mala, i live in

Canada. I'd love to wear navratna mala-style i love plus

benefits i'll receive.

krbalram profile image

krbalram 4 years ago from Bangalore

jyoti ,you have very beautifully given description about navaratna.Some information you gave,is rather new for me.Marking as useful.

theastrology profile image

theastrology 4 years ago from New Delhi

Thanks for great information!

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Jaspals profile image

Jaspals 5 years ago from India / Australia

Very fantastic and detailed Information. Although i am not able to understand its astrology part, i read it with full interest. Thanks for sharing.

Seethal 5 years ago

Hi jyoti, In my navarAtna ring pearl is it something bad? Can I re fix the pearl?

indian astrology 6 years ago

Astrology is one of the oldest cultures of human civilization. Vedic astrology is an ancient culture of India, south-east Asia or Asian sub-continent as a whole. Vedas means knowledge in Sanskrit and was initiated by the Aryans. Astrology is called 'Jyotisha Shastra' in Sanskrit. 'Jyotisha' means divine light or luster of heaven and 'Shastra' means subject of diversity i.e. subject of study which deals with celestial entities

JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

JYOTI KOTHARI 7 years ago from Jaipur Author

Hi Richieb,

Thanks for sharing your view and commenting on this hub. You can view my other hubs on Gems and Jewelry as well.

Jyoti Kothari

Richieb799 profile image

Richieb799 7 years ago from Cardiff, Wales UK

Nice hub, I was always fascinated by gemstones as a young lad, I had an encyclopedia with glossy centre page spread illustrating the different kinds :)

Travis 7 years ago

Hi Jyoti,

I am looking to buy a Navaratna bangle or bracelet (I am in MD, USA). I have seen several on the internet from sites located in India but I am worried about the quality (as most of them look mass produced). I would like to purchase one that is handmade with real, quality gems. Do you have any recommendations of where to purchase one? Will it be beneficial to me regardless of my specific astrology (I was born Nov. 27th, 1978)?


- Travis

JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

JYOTI KOTHARI 7 years ago from Jaipur Author

Hi Rajkumar,

Thanks for your comment. You can always mail me with your queries.

There is an option to mail me from hubpages. Normally I don't seat for chat, hence no use of giving chat ID.


Jyoti Kothari

Rajkumar 7 years ago

Hi Jyoti ji,

Can I get ur chat ID. I few queries about Navaratna stones. If possible pls. add me up in ur chat IDs:,

Thanks and regards


JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

JYOTI KOTHARI 7 years ago from Jaipur Author


Navratna rings and pendants are very popular among Indian women. These are beautiful.

Thanks for your comments.

Jyoti Kothari

Indian lady 7 years ago from India

I love navratna rings and Kundan sets with Navaratna.


Indian lady

Surendra Bothara 7 years ago from Jaipur

Fantastic. Navaratna is really tantra of India. Only India has nine stones for nine planets.

Thumbs up!


Sunil Jain 7 years ago

dear Jyoti Bhai,

This is again a fantastic hub about Navaratna. We did not know that it is a Tantra. Thanks for sharing information. Many things in this article about Navaratna are not known to even us, the gemstone dealers.

Thumbs up!


Suraj 7 years ago

Dear Jyoti,

Thanks for this beautiful article. I want to meet you or at least talk in phone. Pls provide me your contact number.


Suraj 7 years ago

Dear Jyoti,

Thanks for this beautiful article. I want to meet you or at least talk in phone. Pls provide me your contact number.


Roshan Singh 7 years ago

Jyoti ji,

I love Navaratna. Al;l of my family members have some kinds of Navaratna either it is ring or pendant. My mother have a Navaratna necklace.


sandeep Jogdankar 7 years ago

I Have A Navratna ring With Me But in last month i lost my One Stone From the Ring I don't No Which stone has been miss From Me I Don't No the name Of that Stone i am Staying in Mumbai I want to Know ur Branch in Mumbia Please send me the Add Of ur branch were in Mumbai In My Moblie Num ; 9323822261

Anamika S profile image

Anamika S 7 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

Thanks for the detailed information on Navaratna Jewelry. There are many things that i was not aware of. I have 2 navaratna ornaments, a ring which i don't like wearing and a bracelet which i love to wear. However, I am not wearing it on the astrological point of view but just as a fancy jewelry which goes with all dresses.

Nice Hub! Hope to see more informative articles from your end.

JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

JYOTI KOTHARI 7 years ago from Jaipur Author

Hi Mehul,

Thanks for comments. Of course, Jaipur is the pioneer in manufacturing Navaratna gemstones and it is also coming forward in making Navaratna Jewelry.

Jyoti Kothari

Mehul Durlabhji 7 years ago

India is place for Navaratna and Jaipur is the pioneer for the same. Thanks for a good and informative article.


JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

JYOTI KOTHARI 7 years ago from Jaipur Author

Thanks Deano for your comment. I have written some more hubs after this one and will keep writing.

I hope you will also write something to read anjoy.

Jyoti Kothari

deanstar888 7 years ago

That's really interesting and well written. Thanks for the info and keep on writing these great articles. All the best ! Deano.

JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

JYOTI KOTHARI 7 years ago from Jaipur Author

Hi Nikita,

Glass filled rubies are treated rubies filled with glass. These are much cheaper. This is not as good as natural non treated rubies.

Thanks for commenting on the hub Navaratna: Tantra of India

Jyoti Kothari

Nikita Kaur 7 years ago


I have seen a ruby which was said to be glass filled. What does it mean? Is it glass or ruby?

The piece was very beautiful but price was quite low in comparison to ruby.

Please guide me about the same.

Thanks for an informatic article.


JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

JYOTI KOTHARI 7 years ago from Jaipur Author

Hi Jasmine,

Thanks for comments and compliments. If you want to buy Navaratna buy from a trusted source that you may have because you buy Gems and Jewelry regularly.

Jyoti Kothari

Jasmine 7 years ago


You are writing extremely well articles. specially your Gemstones articles are very good. Ilove gemstones and buy regularly. I want to buy some Navaratna.


JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

JYOTI KOTHARI 7 years ago from Jaipur Author

Thanks Anjali for posting comment on Navaratna hub. I am glad to know that you have Navaratna ring, pendant and bracelet.

Jyoti Kothari

Anjali Kapadia 7 years ago

Hi Jyoti,

Nice post. Navaratna is now in fashion. I have some of them in ring, pendant and bracelet.

I have a beautiful ring with ruby in center.

Thanks for a good and informative article about Navaratna.


JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

JYOTI KOTHARI 7 years ago from Jaipur Author

Hi Anita,

If your Doctor prescribed you vitamin C you can not replace it by multy vitamin. Is not it? Similarly particular gemstone prescribed can not be replaced by Navaratna.

Navaratna is a generic remedy whereas particular stone is a special one as per prescription.

Jyoti Kothari

Anita Biz 7 years ago

What is difference between wearing a particular stone (Graharatna) and Navaratna. Is it not better to wear a Navaratna in place of single stone, as my astrologer suggested me a ruby?

can I weare Navaratna in place of ruby?


JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

JYOTI KOTHARI 7 years ago from Jaipur Author

Hi Sudhanshu,

Kolkata is place for Navaratna. Huge quantity of Navaratna are sold in Kolkata. Navaratna is a tantra of India. Ancient astrologers prescribed that.

I have got a request about writing a hub on Kolkata Gems and Jewelry trade. I am preparing for the same.

Jyoti kothari

Jyoti Kothari

Sudhanshu Dey 7 years ago

Hi jyoti,

Kolkata is place for navaratna. plenty of showrooms sale navaratna here. Your description is very good. Bengal is very known for tantrik. They do not say navaratna tantrik.

I know it from you that Navaratna is tantra India. Write something about kolkata and its Jewelry.



JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

JYOTI KOTHARI 7 years ago from Jaipur Author

Hi Indian lady,

Tantra is a combination and Navaratna is combination of nine gemstones. Hence, it is Tantra from India.

India was very much advanced in science and technology in ancient times. astronomy and astrology were no exceptions. We have to rediscover the glory of India.

Jyoti kothari

Indian lady 7 years ago from India


this is very good and informative hub about Navaratna. I can come to know that navaratna is Tantra of India from this hub only.

Description about ancient Indian astronomy is amazing.

Indian lady

Pradip Pugalia 7 years ago

dear Jyotiji,

Very good information about Navaratna. Is it a Tantra? We know these as gemstones.

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