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Navel Ring

One of the most popular piercings in today's youth and young adult population- is the navel piercing, also known as the belly button piercing.

The standard navel piercing is through the upper ridge of the navel. Sometimes the navel piercing is through the lower ridge or the left and right ridges of the navel.

Although, history portrays variously decorated belly buttons and stomachs, there is no direct history related to the navel piercing. Today, it is solely a decorative piercing, mostly in the female population.

The body is prone to reject a navel piercing, but with proper care and healing methods, one could successfully heal a belly button piercing.

Many people see the navel piercing as a type of surface piercing, but it is not. Navel piercings are pierced on a curve, versus a flat plane. They are much easier to heal than surface piercings, and they are less likely to reject. Now, that does not mean that your body will not reject a navel piercing, but they are less likely to in comparison to a surface piercing.

And, on that note, many people will get reverse navel piercings which is nothing more than a horizontal piercing, usually below the navel. This is a surface piercing, and will be much harder to heal than the average belly button piercing.

Healing Belly Button Piercings

The navel piercing is relatively simple to heal. In some cases, depending on how a person sleeps, it can be a harder case to deal with.

It is preferable that one sleeps on his/her back while healing a navel piercing.

You should clean it once or twice a day with saline, or a sea salt solution. Put enough saline in a small, disposable cup so that when you lay down, the piercing will be fully covered. Let the piercing soak for 10 to 15 minutes before removing the cup.

In the shower, you can clean the jewelry and the area around the piercing with a mild soap. Gently push the jewelry through the piercing, cleaning the piercing with the soap. Make sure to get all the soap from around the piercing. Leaving soap in a wound, as a piercing is essentially a wound, can cause more irritation.


Navel Piercing Placement

Upper: The upper navel piercing, is the standard piercing, in which the jewelry is placed through the upper ridge above the belly button.

Lower: The lower ridge, directly below the belly button is pierced. Sometimes piercers will choose not to pierce the upper ridge, for anatomical reasons.

Sides: For decorative purposes, people may choose to have the sides (left and/right) of their belly button pierced. This cannot be performed on all people.

Reverse: The reverse navel piercing is a surface piercing below the belly button. The surface bar is placed horizontal versus the standard vertical piercing.


Belly Button Jewelry

Banana Barbell: The most common jewelry used in a navel piercing. The barbell is a slightly curved barbell with a ball on either side. The banana barbell can come with UV balls, metal, acrylic, logo, and patterns balls, as well as dangly fixtures.

Twister Barbells: Essentially, a twister barbell is a barbell that is twisted. Decorative balls can be placed on this particular barbell as well.

Captive Bead Ring (CBR):Sometimes people will wear CBR's in their navel piercing. This can cause a little pressure on the piercing itself.

Today, there are various forms of the above mentioned jewelry pieces. There are banana barbels with dangly attachments for aesthetic appeal. Some banana barbells can be found with logo balls, as well as glow in the dark balls, and other brightly colored acrylic and metal balls.

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Maria 5 years ago

For all that have red, discharge etc. on their piercings...bathe with anitbiotic soap and spray Bactine Antisceptic or the Walgreen's Generic Bactine Antisceptic on it three times daily or as many times as you need it. It should be better in two days. It helps if you spray this on your piercing when you're changing jewelry as well because it eleminates resistance when you're sliding the post in. Do not use antibacterial ointment because it will help your body attempt to heal/close the piercing and hydrogen peroxide will dry the piercing out too much. The antisceptic will keep it clean, will kill potential infection and the piercing stays in tact and does not attempt to close.

Liss 5 years ago

Well, I'm thirteen. I had mine done since october and the piercing itself just felt like two bee stings. Afterwards felt like a really bad sunburn. But my ripped out! Any ideas for healing it so I can pierce it again?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 5 years ago from Georgia Author

You are too young. Your body is still growing and changing, which will increase the risks of migration.

Leanna 5 years ago

I am 11 I want my belly button piersed but my dad want let me some one give advice plz thank u

Ellie 5 years ago

The person who said that chlorine* helps heal it, that is SO WRONG. Your not supposed to swim for a few weeks after in swimming pools that have chlorine in them, HOWEVER, salt water is extrreeemmeellyyy good for the healing process, so feel free to swim in the ocean as much and as soon as you want :)

Abbe 5 years ago

Hey i recently just got my belly done like 5 or 4 days ago it will be a week on thursdayy :D but recently it has been becoming abit red around the top of the belly ring and it hurts whenever i touch it or try to clean it , no puss is coming out but im scared it will is it infected???, pleassseeee helpp! :s

stormy_kay 5 years ago

Which is less painful, the top or the bottom??

Hannah 5 years ago

Hi there I want my belly button done but I'm scared it will hurt and I sleep on my back so will it hurt even more and I do loads of sports so will I have to give up Help me lol

profile image

leighannmarie 5 years ago from charleston sc

i just got my belly button pierced like 4 days ago and it was red and it hurt a bit. i clean it bout 3 or 4 times a day with dial anti bacterial soap and it stings a bit when i clean it. there is like a little bit of yellowish white stuff coming out, and i don't know if it is normal. the piercing didn't hurt at all. but i normally sleep on my stomach, and some how i end up on my stomach any way. the top of it is red and sore when i move. is that normal?? i don't want it to be infected or anything, can some one help me?

Maddy 5 years ago

Hey guys, i got my belly button pierced about what. january ? and all those signs are NORMAL. the pus, the blood everything. completely normal. it is the process of healing, after a few days you can swim . and the cloreen will help it heal, INCLUDING if its infected ( that's what i did ) i also have a question for someone. i am getting my bottom belly button saturday. not worried about the pain but i ride horses often ,will it hurt the next time i go ? pleaseee reply.

allegra 5 years ago

i got my belly pierced maby 4 moths ago and all of a suddon it's swollen and red, but it hasn't healed yet what do i do??????

Cirque age 20 5 years ago

Hey ive had my double piercing for about 4 months. i was wondering if you could answer a few questions. ive read that some discharge is normal. im having redness still along with that. Ive worried that the inverse is rejecting because i can see the slight shape of the bar underneath my skin. more of the bar shows on the inverse than the top piercing, and it looks shallower. ive had the balls fall off by accident and i had to clean and put the piercing back in both top and bottom. the top one has bled putting it back in. im a firefighter so heavy exercise is often. advice? please Thanks

Bridget 5 years ago

I'm 16 almost 17 (i will be 17 in 8 days) and I'm supposed to be goin friday to get mine done. I'm so excited but I'm scared at the same time. I'm scared it's gonna hurt really bad. Is there anything I can do to keep it from hurtin so bad??

tashaaaaaaa101 5 years ago

Hi, I got my belly buttom pirced like 5 weeks or more ago, and it has yellow puss coming out, I was told its healing. I just wanted to know if I could change the bar?

Laura 5 years ago

ok. redness around the top and bottom is normal, like u shouldn't be able to see it if u look in the mirror but if u kinda lift up the barbell it'll be red u jjust peirced r bellybutton. and yellow, white, and clear pus is normal. if it turns green or grey its infected. just clean it and you'll be fine. and Lauren that happened to be the first time because it hurt really bad to clean it. just wash ur hands and move it around often WITH CLEAN HANDS.

Meegss 5 years ago

I reli want my belly bottom done but I'm reli scared of infection Etc... I'm 13 nearly 14 should I ?? And wat will I hav to do and wats it like to get donee xx

Emily 5 years ago

I just got mine pierced today. Im 17, and it didn't hurt at all. The guy i went to didn't use a clamp, and i didn't even feel the needle go through. Sore as hell though): Anyway.. I dont think you are too young, because when i was that age i wanted one too.

Tiff 5 years ago

I don't think you should have it done until at least 16 or 17. I don't think it's slutty or anything. I just think that's too young for any child to get theirs done. Ears are the only thing I approve of that young. I've had mine for 6 weeks though and I LOVE IT!!! It's cute :) and it doesn't hurt. But there's some white pus stuff coming out of it. Is that normal? My sister said it might be infection and to just wash it, but it's always had that stuff come out of it? Should I just use the sea salt stuff? I've been using Dial Antibaterial soap like the dude told me...HELP!!!

Jackie 5 years ago


You're all like... 12-15 and can't spell to save your life.

Before you make an argument, try spell checking.


DON'T USE PEROXIDE. It's too abrasive and burns the newly pierced skin.

DO use antibacterial fragrance free soap.

DO use sea salt soaks.


DON'T touch it.

sissy 5 years ago

very true! nothing is slutty unless you make it that way!!! and as long as you conduct yourself with respect you shouldn't let it bother you what some goober says! be proud and respectful of yourself young ladies and you will be treated that way!

Lauren 5 years ago

I want a belly button peircing but some people say go for it but some people think it's scary and can get infected so can you help me?

Shannon 5 years ago

Hi, I had my belly Pierced 2 weeks ago . The piercing itself was completely pain free compared to my tragus piercing. But since 4 days after I got it pierced, it is very red around the top ball, although there is no pus , is this normal?

Anniel 5 years ago

I got mine done on 29 november, 2011 i was 12 now im gonna be 13 on the 19 may so don't worry about urs mine is fine so don't be scared if u want to pierce urs u can.

sofia 5 years ago

i don't think 114/15/16 is too young... i have mine done and im 13...its not slutty unless you make it slutty!

tattoots 5 years ago

I've found that aloe vera helps with the scarring, i recommend it to my clients and all have had a good out come with it. Now obviously it doesn't get ride of it completely. Not bottled aloe, from the plant. strip the green from the leaves and blitz the pulp. it can be kept in the fridge for two weeks, or if kept in the freezer can last a lifetime.

JannaMac 5 years ago

15 and 16 yearold are not too young &it is not sluty for their age.... almost every girl of that age has it done... THANKS. you might think they're too immature and everything to get them, that's not ture, there are a lot of mature 15and 26 yearolds out there...

Darla 5 years ago

stupid 14 and 15 are way to young...that's pretty slutty for that age

Chandler 6 years ago

Danyellee, I strongly suggest using a surgical steel barbel. I know because pretty much the same thing happened to me! And if you do this and keep it clean you'll be fine.

Hannah 6 years ago

I had my belly pierced 4days ago and i didn't feel anything didn't feel the clamp what is ment to hurt the worse and never felt the needle go threw either.. and im the worse one 4 pain!! it's a little tender bending but that's normal other than that its fine. Just you need to make sure you clean it well.. i use savlon spray what is quick and easy to use and so far its fine. so honestly don't be scared have it done its really cute :) x

Arianna 6 years ago

hii im arianna im 15 i pirced my belly button like when i was 12 then when i was 14 i pirced the bottem and side of my belly buttom. Wat i was wondering is if u have scar tishiu is there any way u can get ride of it so i can pirce it agin without all the pain?

profile image

Danyelleee 6 years ago

Hi, i had my belly button pierced about 5 months ago for the 2nd time. I don't think its healing too well again because bleeding sometimes on top of the bottom ball and sometimes goes gunky. I think im allergic to titanium bars as went bad with my first piercing and left me with a scar which u can still kinda see under my piercing again....But now i have a bodi flex bar in...Do u think this will help or is ir more hassle than its worth and should i just take it out as it might be rejecting? HELP MEEEEE!!!

Ambi 6 years ago

Hey im 12 and for my bday i want 2 get my navel done im not scared and i know all of the things i need 2 know about care and healing im just scared of rejection or mirgration plz help me_ambi

Kiki 6 years ago

Thank you, I guess I'll pospone it and wait till I'm older (:

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Not something I would recommend. First off, your body is still growing, and the piercing will migrate as you grow. Second off, the movement during healing can easily cause irritation.

Kiki  6 years ago

Hey I'm 14 and getting my belly button done in a week, but have a dance perfomance in 2 weeks will I still be able to dance??

Lauren 6 years ago

Hi, i've had my belly done about 2-4 weeks, and im quite scared about mine, i keep getting this yellow puss coming from under the small ball at the top, is this normal?

Kandice 6 years ago

well i am gonna get me belly botton pierced on tha 3rd willit hurt????

Jessica- Elizabeth 6 years ago

Hey. i Got my belly button done about 2 days ago.. But i didn't get a normal belly ring. And i don't know how to take it out. Its called a revers one... and i called up the place i got it done and the gave me wrong information !


Becca 6 years ago

I am 14 and gonna be 15 in two weeks ; i asked my aunt if she would get it done for me as my bday gift . But my parents aren't gonna know just yet . I need to know how hard this will be to keep hidden while it heals . Is there anything that may require an adult or something i may need to buy to help it heal that i as a teen won't be able to ?

natalia 6 years ago

hi, im 15 and a half and im thinking about asking my parents about getting my belly button pierced for my 16th birthday, ive done research and found some places and asked my friends where they've got them done.i don't know how to ask and how to convince them to let me get it, any suggestions? please help me!!! thanks!

Lauren  6 years ago


i have had mine done for about month now it is a bit red and pussie but fine i play with myn and the lot and it is fine yes hahaha and if you arre thinking about getting it done go for it xxx

Brandy 6 years ago

I've been thinking about getting my bellybutton pierced, do they clean the surface of your bellybutton before piercing it?

Nanii  6 years ago

My belly piercing has a green ish thing coming out of it and it hurts a bit wa do I doo ??

Danielle 6 years ago

& just to add to that . I got mine done when I was 13, I just turned 14. & I own horses, so I ride everyday & move around a lot, I also play volleyball which consits of a lot of moving. So you can't really tell people when it will be healed, or when they can swim or whatever. It really consits of if you clean it right after & be careful, & what your body is like. My friend got hers done & an hour later went swimming. She also owns horses & does chearleading. It's been over a year now she had hers done & no problems at all, she changed it after 4 months, but changed the balls after 3. It really depends on the person. judge it yourself, if theres no reddness or soreness at all then it proBley is healed. & it's Ok to so swimming a little after you get it pierced, as long as the pool is clean & you clean your bellybotton pierced right away when u get out. Don't go in hottubs, because they have a lot of germs & will infect your bellybotton. Hopee i helped :)

Ambs 6 years ago

Heey i had my belly pierced say 4 months ago and its got some little red lump is that normall?X

Danielle 6 years ago

Hey , I just wanted to let you guys know that the swelling & redness around the pierceing just after getting it done is totally normal & I felt like i was going to faint right after getting it done too. What I did with mine was mixed sea salt & water in a squirt bottle to clean it & id squirt the water on it, it worked like a charm. I've had mine done for 2 & a half months. The day after I got it pierced I swent swimming in a public pool, I slept on my stomach & mines healed just fine. I had some yellow/white ish puss coming from it, & a little blood but that's just the inside healing. It totally normal, so don't worry about a thing, & don't play with it, it will get infected. You shouldn't change it till at least 4 months. But you could change the balls if your careful. Good luck :)

katie 6 years ago

i have just had my belly button dun for a 2nd time it does hurt when it is through skar tisue but it doesn't hurt the 1st tym i had it done

abs 6 years ago

I've had my belly pierced for 3 months in October but the thing is, I've started to get a red lump/ball at the top of my piercing, and I'm not very sure if it's normal, but my friend has hers done, and she said it was just scar tissue?

eboni 6 years ago

i had just gotten bellybutton pierced almost 3 weeks ago and to be honest with you it didn't really hurt it wasn't painful like i thought it would be. it's still a little tender and what i hate the most is the fact that i have to sleep on my back(which i hate doing)

KaylinSierra 6 years ago

I got my belly button pierced about 4 weeks ago. Its healing well. But I don't like ring that it was pierced with. Would it be okay to change it?

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