New Baby UGG Boots 2013, Erin Boots, Crochet Boots, Honey B, Boo Boots, Pink..

The Newest Baby UGG's

From left to right: Honey B red, Honey B pink, Erin sand, Boo Chocolate
From left to right: Honey B red, Honey B pink, Erin sand, Boo Chocolate

Erin Baby UGG Boot

The Erin baby bootie is an adorable addition to the UGG baby footwear range. It is similar to classic adult style of UGG boot, but much sweeter. This tiny little bootie is available in 6 colours including, Camo, Sand, Chestnut, Baby Pink, Baby Blue and Soft Gold.

These adorable little UGG's are made from a 100% guenuine twinface sheepskin providing your baby with all the comfort he/she needs. A velcro strap is used to open and close the boot, therefore making changing your babys shoes very simple indeed. There is nothing more we want for our children than for them to be safe, comfortable, warm, and happy and this what these little booties provide for your baby.

Boo Baby UGG Boot

The Boo Baby UGG boot is made from the highest quality plush twin-faced sheepskin and has reinforced areas of the boot in the toe and heel to keep your babys little feet well protected. There is elastic cording at the rear of the boot for easy on and off access. Great for active baby's, imagine seeing your baby ploughing through the snow in a pair of these! Also these would make a great baby showering gift.

Crochet Baby UGG

The Perfect little UGG for your newborn baby. This knitted little UGG offers ultimate comfort and warmth for your little baby. Perfect for babies aged between 0-6 months, this unique crochet makes for a great baby shower gift!

These wonderful little boots offer the best comfort, warmth, durability and design available to your little one. Therefore you should always make sure that you purchase an official UGG Australia care kit in order to ensure you get the maximum amount of use out of your UGG's. You will generally find that buying your UGG's online is a cheap in comparison with high street shops, and you can easily pick up reduced deals online, usually with promotion codes also.

When shopping for UGG boots you need to be extremely aware of Fake UGG Boot replica's that are on the market. Whilst they make look alike, they will suffer greatly, in comfort, durability, quality and design. Therefore make sure that you recognise the UGG logo, and only buy from companies that can be trusted, such as UGG Australia or Amazon.

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natasha 6 years ago

does any one know if ugg make a baby ugg boot with 2 velcro straps and the ugg badge on the back ? only i just purchased some off e-bay and i'm not sure they are real

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vicky 5 years ago

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