New Hairstyles | Introducing the Donut or Doughnut to Hair Styles

Put a Doughnut on Your Head! Cat Walk Style!

This is a fun yet sophisticated look for those with medium to long sleek, shiny hair.  If you have this hair and have been looking for a new way to wear it up this could be a perfect solution for you. 


The doughnut is like the modern French knot or natch and has appeared on many catwalks recently.  The doughnut is made in three steps:


Preparation:  Wash hair and use products which make your hair shine - deep conditioners and serums for example.  Your hair can be damp when you style this look.


The Second Step is to put your hair in one ponytail.


Step Three requires a large sponge curler.  These can be bought for around £5 from most good chemists.  Wrap your hair around the curler and pin it.  (Of course, your hair must obscure any trace of the curler.)


The “doughnut” needn’t be positioned at the back of you head in the style often sported by grandmothers.  It looks far more statement worn to the side.  Also, if you gave voluminous hair, you can have more than one doughnut and different sizes.  Very Space Age!

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latifah 4 years ago

now i know how to put my hair in a ball

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