New! Gucci Boots 2013 - Collins, Sly Web, Juno, Tile, Trek, Rain...

From left to right - Collins, Sly Web, Juno, Tile, Trek, Rain
From left to right - Collins, Sly Web, Juno, Tile, Trek, Rain

Gucci have a wonderful collection of designer shoes and boots for women and for men. Whilst Gucci products could never really be described as cheap, they really are great value for money, and it cannot be argued that they are the best designer boots on the market. Gucci have a whole range of wonderful boots, including boots that are durable, waterproof wellington boots, comfortable, stylish, designer, vintage and available in a wide range of colors. Wholesale Gucci Boots are also a popular choice amongst buyers and sellers throughout the world. Lets take a look at the wonderful Gucci boots on display at the top of the page and see what they are all about!...

Collins and Juno
Collins and Juno

Gucci Collins Boot

The Gucci Collins boot is a stylish flat boot with a wrap around strap and the gucci logo. They are available in 2 types of brown; light tobacco color and dark brown leather. Each boot consists of light gold hardware, an adjustable strap and rubber sole.

Gucci Juno Boot

The Juno Flat Boot is the perfectly designed suede Gucci boot. Juno comes with complete nickel hardware and a rubber sole. It is available in a whole range of sizes, and comes in 2 colors, which are brown suede and camel brown suede.

Sly Web and Trek Boots
Sly Web and Trek Boots

Gucci Sly Web Boots

The Sly Web Boot is the ultimate cuffed flat slouch boot of the Gucci collection. It is a unique suede boot that is has quality detailed cuff work that you would only expect to find with Gucci. Sly Web comes in a chalk and a mauve color, it has a rubber sole and a small heel of 1/2cm.

Trek Boot

The Trek boot is ultimate cool trekking boot. Comes with a Gucci logo rubber sole that provides excellent traction and durability. The boot is complete with a fur lining and nickel hardwares. The Trek is only available in black and brown.

Rain Gucci Boots

Rain boots are given the unique name due to the fact that they are waterproof and perfect for wearing on a wet rainy day.They are made from black rubber and really are the perfect wet walking boot.

Tile Gucci Boots

Tile is the classic over the knee platform tall boot, made from black suede with a leather sole. It has a square toe and a 20m platform. The perfect evening boot for all occasions and great to wear in the summer and winter. Looks great all year around!

A Handbag to Match

Gucci don't stop at boots and shoes. They have a whole range of accessories to complement your fantastic footwear. The perfect handbags for the perfect shoes...

There are many more wonderful Gucci boots on the market. Gucci boots come in a whole range of colors, including brown, black, red, grey, sand, mauve, pink and blue.  Other popular boots include Audrey, Heritage, Karen, Gucci 1973, Heritage, GG running, Bamboo Classic, Devendra, Techno, Horsebit, Lola, Classic.

Before buying your Gucci boots online you should spend some time to browse the internet to see what discounts, promotion codes and Gucci sales are about right now. By doing so you could really save yourself a great deal of money and still get a pair of the best boots in the world today.

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heart4theword 6 years ago from hub

You must like a woman, with allot of class! Nice boots, bags:) Style is everything:)

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