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Up Hair with Hair Cement

There are some wonderful new products on the market for wearing your hair just like you’ve got out of bed (a trend made popular by Russell Brand) or totally up.  The BeadHeadRange (manufactured by TIGI International) has all you need to look like you’ve just rolled out of bed.  This is the nature of new style for youngsters


If you’re looking to wear your hair totally up – as if you’re hanging up side down – you’ll want Hair Cement.  That’s right “Hair Cement”.  Fudge Hair Cement costs £9.95 from Boots.


Punks Could Have Used Bed Head!


What Punks could have done with Hair Cement.  This new generation don’t know they're born.  One of Wilma Proops’ old friends spent hours upside down while the sugar water dried on his pink or green Mohican.  Then, when it was finally dry as a bone he’d have to spray it with an entire can of hairspray.  Not only was it inconvenient, probably bad for his health, it was bad for the environment and expensive!  Don’t laugh you young punks!  It was the only way he could get his hair to stand with any certainty - he’d be hanging thus from 5pm if he wanted to make last orders at the pub!  (Earlier if it were a Sunday as pubs closed at 10pm on Sundays in them days – we didn’t have liberal opening times or effective hair products). Yep, kids today don’t know they are born, no such hassle for them, they just have to buy Hair Cement!

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