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Oakley Sunglasses
Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley Sunglasses .....

Oakley Sunglasses were established in 1975 by a man named Jim Jannard. It is since then that the entired market for sunglasses and eye protection has been completely revolutionized. Oakley are best known by many for their great design, comfort, high quality protection and durability. Oakley pride themselves on making machines to fit their ideas, and not ideas to fit their machines. They are all about providing the customer with their needs and ensuring that nothing suffers in the quality or eye protection department. Over the years Oakley have simply created solutions to the problems they have faced, and have grown as a company with each year that has past. They are the outright leaders in the market for eye protection and owning and wearing a pair of Oakley's will provide you with an absolutely amazing experience, which will leave you never wanting to take them off. The lenses are 100% UV proof and will stop any form of UV rays from entering your eye - they really are second to none. Oakleys offer sunglasses for a wide range of sports including golf, skiing, watersports, cycling and more.. and cater for men, women, children and small kids. If you don't already own a pair then why not treat yourself to a pair of high quality and highly satisfying Oakley sunglasses this summer.


  • Ultra Lightweight
  • 100% UV free
  • Peripheral Vision
  • 3 point fit Comfort
  • High impact resistance
  • Plutonite lens materials


  • High Comfort and Highly Durable
  • Three point fit
  • Peripheral View
  • 100% UV Free
  • Plutonite Lenses
  • High Impact Resistance

Oakley Eye Protection

Sunglasses should be worn with a number 1 priority in mind, which is eye protection. There are far too many of us that buy a pair of sunglasses simply because we like the way that they look and they way they look on us. Each Oakley Lens is designed to provide you with the ultimate eye proection. All lenses are made from materials that filter out 100% of UV, UVB and UVC rays, thus making you at far less risk of damaging your eyes in sunny weather conditions. Look after your eyes and look after your sunglasses by keeping them in an Oakley Custom Made Case.


  • Dual Polaric Ellipsoid Lenses
  • High Velocity Impact Resistance
  • Optical Precision
  • Complete Comfort
  • Metal icon accents
  • High Performance 100% UV free

More New Releases...

Not satisfied with the Oakley sunglasses shown on this site? Then do not fear!... There are hundreds of pairs of Oakley Sunglasses launched every year. The latest new releases include some of the following - Split Jacket, Jury, Livestrong Fuel Cell, Julian Wilson, Limited Edition STPL, OO Polarized Ten, OO Polarized Batwolf, Limited Edition Canvas, Sean White Signature, Jawbone, USC Trojans, Granade Frogskins, Gascan, Juliet, Don Pendleton, Tron Pit Boss and Troy Lee, Gas Can, Oil Rig, and the stunning new Plantiff.

Although the initial investment can be a little more than average, you will find that you will save money long term. This is because they are durable and will outlast your usual high street glasses, but also because you can buy replacement lenses, cases and microbags, and lens tearoffs.

Oakley sunglasses are extremely high in quality and therefore you tend to pay a little more than average for them. (Because they are worth it). However it should be noted that by investing a little time in your shopping you could find that by searching the internet you may come across some reduced, and cheap special offers - alternatively there are sometimes promotional promotion codes available that will give you a discount on the purchase price.

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prasetio30 5 years ago from malang-indonesia

Another great hub about Oakley sunglasses. Wow.. you make me want to buy this sungglasses. Keep hubbing. Take care!


Spekkiesnet 4 years ago

Oakley sun shade glasses are put together by infusing some outstanding elements like style, operation and security ultimately ensuring a neat pair of shades, Ordinarily, Oakley sunglasses are supplied throughout the world with an impression of ultimate protection to eyes and deliver you a dashing personality.

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