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Silver Pandora Beads


Genuine Pandora Bracelet Charms

Pandora are one of the worlds biggest and most trusted luxurious jewellers. Most people will have already heard of Pandora or come across some of their jewelry, with them being a major market leader when providing us with fabulous charm and bead bracelets. Beads are a simple and effective way of personalizing the jewelry that one wished to wear. There are hundreds of different beads and charms made my Pandora to meet the needs and desires of millions of people throughout the world. Whilst Pandora can be found in high market stores; many people prefer to buy online. The reason for this is because shopping online for you beads gives you the opportunity to find any possible sales, discounts, cheap reduced prices and sometimes even promotional codes. A pandora bracelet is a special piece of Jewelry that can be personalized to look and feel however you want it to. They are trendy, unique and highly fashionable and you are able to make whatever statement you want to with these fabulous bracelets.


It is important to check when buying online that you are buying geniune real pandora charms. Unfortunately there are many immitations on the internet and sometimes it can be difficult to tell which is real and which is fake just by looking at a picture. One of the things to watch out for is the wording of the product. Many fake charms / beads will say something along the lines of " gold heart bead fits Pandora Bracelet". So therefore you need to check the wording very carefully. The safest way to buy online is to use trusted sellers such as Amazon and Pandora official websites - that way you won't be in for a big dissapointment when it arrives.

Gold Pandora Beads


Pandora Bead Styles

Pandora official and available beads include the following:

  • Hearts - Various Handbags - Leaf - Dice - Frog - Apple - Cross - Footprint - Star - Butterfly - Various Flowers - Pencil - Lady Birds, Beatles, Round Crystal - Elephant - Dolphins - Boots - Champagne Glass - Fish - Moon - Angel - Love - Frog - Cherry - Sea Shells - Pig - Feather - Four Leafed Clover - Shoes - and More.

Pandora Popular Colors and Materials

  • The 2 most popular colors of Pandora beads happen to be silver and gold (No surprise there), but there is so much more to choose from when buying Pandora. There is a colour for everyone! Lets take a look at whats available - Pink, Blue, Red, Gold, Silver, Green, Black, Purple, Lilac, Ivory, Orange.
  • The Most Common Materials: Gold, Silver, Crystal, Stone, Bead, CZ Stones.

Pandora makes for a really special gift : - Whether it's valentines day, an anniversay, birthday, thanks giving or christmas; a Pandora bracelet is the perfect gift for all occasions. You can start with just the bracelet and then gradually add new beads and charms to the bracelet as you like, whenever you like!

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