New UGG Boots 2013 - Annabelle, Belcloud, Broome II, Kenly, Etta, Aldabella, Piera, Calvina...

From left to right. Classic Cardy Tall,  Belcloud, Annabelle, Broome II, Greenfield
From left to right. Classic Cardy Tall, Belcloud, Annabelle, Broome II, Greenfield

Walking in UGG boots is the most comfortable walking that you are ever likely to experience. The comfort is absolutely amazing and it is like walking on a fluffly rug! The inside is sheepskin fur which provides ultimate comfort. UGG boots are extremely popular in Winter time due to the warmth and comfort that they provide. They are worn throughout the world by millions of fashional women! The most common colours found are sand, chocolate, orange, baby blue, blueberry, pink, chestnut and burgundy, but there are other colours available to if you shop around.

This year, UGG have spoiled us bringing out 17 new designs of boot! All of which are very classy without compromising in comfort. UGG are successful based on these 2 points, and once you have experienced walking in UGG's you will never turn away from them. In fact there are lots of women who can't wait for winter because it means that they get to wear them again!

Each design has its own unique name. Lets take a look at the names of the 17 new designs that we have been blessed with for 2011. Classic Cardy Tall, Belcloud, Annabelle, Amberlee, Maxene, Broome 2, Jillian. Brooks Tall, Retro Cargo, Kenly, Greenfield, Kengsinton, Roslynn, Finnergan, Adirondack 2, Classic Mini, Classic Short Flora. You should look out for UGG Australia because they tend to have special offers that are on for a limited time, which allows you to pick up your UGG's at a reduced price. Some of the UGG's have buttons, whilst others have laces and zips, all tailored for you to find your perfect style. Whilst the newbies are great the classics will continue to be equally popular. We shouldn't forget the Bailey Button UGG's and the Cuddly Slippers which went bonkers last year!

So what about the pricing of UGG's. It could be argued that they are not the cheapest boot on the market, but when you compare the quality and comfort of an UGG with a replica type boot, you will probably change your mind and think that they are relatively cheap in comparison. Please share with us your rating of UGG boots if you have worn them before, uk ugg boots.

New ranges for 2013 include:

Womens: Deanna, Channing 2, Channing II, Classic Tall Dylyn, Selia, Shanleigh, Jillian 2, Jillian II, Broome 3, Gershwin, Estelle, Classic Tall Bomber, Etta, Hazelwood, Bailey Button Triplet Bomber, Maylin Leather, Brooks Tall, Gillespie Tall, Junipero, Baroness, Newberry, Decatur Nordic, Decatur Plaid, Adirondack, Adirondack boot 2, Lilyan 2, Wilshire 2, wilshire logo tall, I do capsule collection, Conor, Fabrizia, Gillespie, Calynda, Fabrice, Lynnea, Carnagie, Cosima, Ambrogia, Tatum, Carmine, Cyndee, Caspia, Georgette, Bianka, Foxley, Ramos, Tularosa, Heirloom, Tularosa route, Celestina, Illana, Madelynn, Baroness, Aldabella, Calvina, PIera, Rommy,

Mens: Sullivan, Branton, Montgomry, Hamric, Via Maggio, Corbitt, Cernero, Ultra Rivington, Orazio, Brockman, Via Lungarno, Nevio, Via Ponte, Bracken, Essex, Roxford, Vanowen, Ultra Mercer,

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From left to right. Classic Cardy Tall, Belcloud, Annabelle,  Broom II, Greenfield
From left to right. Classic Cardy Tall, Belcloud, Annabelle, Broom II, Greenfield

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  • Classic Cardy Tall
  • Belcloud
  • Annabelle
  • Broom II
  • Greenfield
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