New! UGG Boots 2012 - Hartley, Broome 2, Jillian, Classic Tall Bomber, Tall Sheepskin Cuff...

from left to right - Hartley, Broome II, Jillian, Classic Tall Bomber, Tall Sheepskin Cuff
from left to right - Hartley, Broome II, Jillian, Classic Tall Bomber, Tall Sheepskin Cuff

New Arrival UGG Boots

Last year we were lucky enough to see 17 new arrivals in the womens boots category and this year we have been blessed once again with another 17 to enjoy and embrace for the winter. It's fair to say that last year there was an amazing choice that offered a range that was sure to satisfy everyones needs. So, now its time to see what we have in store for 2012 and here you will find reviews on a selection of some of our favourites this year.

It goes without mention that Real UGG Australia Boots offer the most wonderful walking experience. Best known for their real sheepskin interior providing excellent comfort and warmth. They are extremely durable and made from the finest quality suedes, leathers and rubbers. The most common colors of UGG boots are sand, chocolate, expresso, brown, light brown in adults sizes. Kids UGGs tend to be a little more adventurous and pinks, baby blues, and reds are also quite popular choices.These color themes have been kept in the 2012 range but there is also a few new funky colors that are well worth a look!

Broome II UGG Boot
Broome II UGG Boot

Broome II UGG Boot

The Broome UGG boot was revealed in 2010 and became a really popular choice amongst many UGG wearers. This is the new version that has some slight changes. It is still the familiar silhouette boot which is made from rich soft leather and suede uppers with its durable rubber outsole. The Broome 2 UGG boot is all about its comfort and is the perfect winter boot. Great for long walks and treking through the snow, as well as being used for general day to day use. This is the type of boot that you want to be wearing when you're doing your christmas shopping - no blisters, but instead just pure bliss. The slight changes to the Broome 1 boot has improved the boots appearance whilst maintaining its quality.

Hartley UGG Boot
Hartley UGG Boot

Hartley UGG Boot

The Hartley UGG Boot is available in 2 colors. The colors are the classic chestnut and the UGG black. It is made from a rich leather and protected suede that will its stunning appearance for a lengthy time and has a 2.5 inch rubber wedge heel that is very hardwearing. It has an embossed unique design along the shaft of the boot and an overall classy appearance.

Jillian UGG Boot

The Jillian UGG boot is a completely new arrival with a totally new design. Its appearance is made to look like a classic and typical riding boot with a twist. The twist in this case is the noticeable metal embellishments and the detailing that can be seen throughout the boot. The Jillian boot is made from high quality suede for the uppers and has a molded rubber outsole. It's another boot that is really made to provide the user with maximum durability and genuine comfort. This is perhaps a boot that is not for the many people, but it has qualities that cannot be ignored, especially if you are involved in riding or wear this style of boot as a preference.

Classic Tall Bomber

The Classic Tall Bomber UGG is one of a selection from the Bomber range. The tall boot is not completely new as it is already what UGG describe to be an "Iconic" boot within their range. However the new arrival brings a new appearance along with it; most noticeably along the top shaft of the boot cuff that can be rolled up or down depending on preference. The Classic Tall Bomber consists of twinface sheepskin and is one of the most famous silhouette boots you will see. Its success is due to its simple yet sassy design, its durability and also most importantly the amazing comfort that this boot has to offer. They are light weight and have a foam sole which makes them comparable to wearing a pair of slippers. They are available in three colors, the newest color being bomber jacket prune and the two more familiar colors of black and chestnut. They come in sizes available for all - Including new half sizes. There is also a classic short bomber UGG, which is equally likeable.

Tall Sheepskin Cuff UGG Boot
Tall Sheepskin Cuff UGG Boot

Tall Sheepskin Cuff UGG Boot

The Tall Sheepskin Cuff UGG Boot is a truly unique design and has a really unique identity within the new arrivals to the range. The boot has long haired curly Mongolian shearling that overhangs the shaft of the boot and really shouts a statement about daring to be different. The actual boot is similar to the classic tall, with all the usual features including the twinface shearing, sheepskin insole and the woven UGG logo. From the appearance the boot looks soft and comfortable, and on your feet it feels better than words can describe. If your looking to make a statement this winter and are happy to get your feet noticed, then this is probably the perfect set of UGG Boots for you. They are available in only sand and natural colors.

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There are 17 new arrivals in the women's selection for UGG Boots this year and all of them are worth exploring. They are called, Bailey Button Tripley Bomber, Tularosa, over the knee Twisted Cable, Elyse, Brienne, Sofia, Savanna, Josie, Aprelle and Ravenna. It's recommended that you buy your UGG boots online to find discount and cheap sale special offers. You can save money by using promotion codes and entering them when paying for your purchase.

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Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

A great hub for me because most of my winter months I'm in boots . Due to two back operations I cannot wear anything with a heel so boots such as these are great along with some very useful advice.

Thank you for sharing and I vote up.

Take care


incomeguru profile image

incomeguru 4 years ago from Lagos

I was told UGG Boots fall apart easily and the company producing the boot declined to comment. Although some of my friends prefer wearing them.

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