New UGG Boots 2013 - 2014, Dandylion, Amoret, Castille, Jena, Lou Croco & More!


Guenuine UGG Australia Boots are designed to create a sensational walking experience. This yeart UGG Australia celebrate their 35th birthday anniversary and they have treated us with a wonderful new range to admired and lusted over! UGG as a brand are best known and thought of for cushiony sheepskin interior that they endure, which provide the wearer with great comfort and warmth, which is ideal for the colder months of the year. The secret to UGG's success is the quality. Having looked extensively through the new range it's very clear that none of the new boots are lacking in quality and they also appear to be highly durable, which is one of the main focuses for the company this year. UGG's are commonly made from the finest quality suedes, leathers and rubbers and for this reason immitations (fakes) are easily noticed. The most common colors of UGG boots are sand, chocolate, expresso, chestnut brown, and light brown. UGG boots offer a range to cater for Men as well as women and in recent years have also extended their children's range to become much more attractive and affordable. The Kids UGGs tend to be a little more adventurous in color and the collection includes pinks, baby blues, and reds. For 2014 it is expected that the sand and chestnut colored UGG Boots will be in demand as they are the set to be the colors in fashion this winter. It should also be mentioned that black is back in fashion and more UGGs are available in black than ever before. Whilst there is so many new boots to look at, we will focus primarily on the new Dandylion, Amoret, Castille, Jena and Lou Croco in this article. We will look at these boots in some detail and see what they are all about!


Well, we have to ask ourselves the question whether you would wear this boot for work or for a date out on the town?! or maybe even both according to UGG!

The new dandylion-nubuck ugg boot has a blend class, style and comfort all in one ankle boot! It's very modern wiith it's sheek leather-wrapped heel and unique sheepskin upper shaft. The boot has a leather lined and foamed cushion footbed so it should be pretty comfortable to say the least!It's also available in a selection of colors. UGG Australia describe this boot as the one to take you from the desk to a date night. How could anyone argue with that? This boot is undeniably eye catching, fashionable and we expect it to be a total sell out for winter FY14! Let us know how you rate this one in our survery at the bottom of the page!


The Amoret boot is another stylish ankle/mid boot with a cuff upper. When asked for the perfect occasion to wear this boot we are not too sure?! It is clearly stylish and elegant, but also has a relaxed nature about it too, which makes it almost suitable for any occasion, even with it's two and half inch heel. It looks so comfortable that you could almost wear it as an indoor slipper, but also smart enough to wear to work, out shopping, or our for dinner with the girls! The Amoret boot is available in suede and leather; with both having the same stunning design. There are 2 colors of the suede version, firstly the ever so popular chestnut, and secondly the new and modern java color.

This studded mid boot is expected to become UGG Australia's most popular mid boot to date. What do you think? Be sure to let us know in our poll!


Lou Croco

If you like horse riding then the chances are that you will probably like the new Lou Croco boot! It is a croco-embossed iteration of the original UGG. With a hand painted finish and a unique two-tone look to the outsold of the boot it really is quite unique.

UGG Australia state that the outsole will naturally evolve over time making it an "essential choice for the modern equestrienne".

The Lou Croco boot is said to be a boot of statement-making for the sartorial chic. It has a sturdy stacked heel designed to enable a seamless transition from stable to street all in one boot. It's slightly cheaper in price than some of the other new boots, but the quality has not been compromised when looking at the materials used to produce this.

Is this one for the many or one for the few? Give us your ranking in our poll at the bottom of the page!


Castille is the new New Orleans inspired black leather tall upper boot for 2014. The upper boot is made mostly from suede, and then a buttery leather is introduced as you find your way down the boot to the ankle area. Inside the boot we are told that you will find a suede insert covering a sheepskin sockliner and leather lined heel, so it sounds all nice and comfortable!

The belt buckle design at the top of the boot adds elegance and a sophisticated look, but there is in fact a zip that runs along the back of the boot, to ensure it's nice and quick to get them on and off!

Castille is only available in black, but we think that if this sells well then we could see more colors released from UGG australia in the near future. So to sum it all up in just three words; comfortable, sophisticated and simple. Is this your favorite?

Which of the new boots featured do you like best?!

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