New UGG Boots for Children 2012-2013, Plumdale, Retro Cargo, Aria, Pink Bailey Button, Junipero, Deanna & More

The Newest Kids UGG's Range

From left to right: Plumdale, Retro Cargo, Kensington, Pink Bailey Button, Retro Cargo Sand
From left to right: Plumdale, Retro Cargo, Kensington, Pink Bailey Button, Retro Cargo Sand

Walking in UGG's

Walking in UGG boots is a sensational experience for anyone who enjoy walking in comfort. Sure, Buying UGG boots can be a tricky business as you want to make sure that you get the right ones for you or your children, but in some cases its actually harder to find which ones are not right! There are so many different UGG boots that are made to specific needs of the individual and all have their own personal design, thats why it's best to shop around before buying a pair! UGG boots are commonly known to be for women, but there are also Mens UGG's available to buy. UGG's amongst kids / children have been increasing popular and they really are much cuter on the little ones! The newest Kids UGG's include:

  • Plumdale
  • Retro Cargo
  • Kensington
  • Pink Bailey Button

Although not a new range, the traditional Bailey Button Triplet UGG is a wonderful gift for any child. A recent introduction with the triplet button style, and the classic sheepskin interior and cuff. This is the most sought after kids ugg on the market. Available in a whole range of colours, and sizes.

The Rylan Raspberry Rose style UGG is everything that you love about a sneaker and a slipper rolled into one. These adorable little UGG's can be worn indoors and outdoors, and is highly durable, highly comfortable and provides excellent warmth. Sure to make your children very happy indeed.

UGG Australia provide a whole range of UGG Boots for Kids of all ages. Starting from babies and toddlers, working up to infants, little kids and then big kids. Some of the most adored UGG's amongst all of these are, Skylair, Bailey Button, Cardy II, Sunsparkle, Classic, Bailey Button Novelty, Erin, Boo and Honey Bee. The most popular colours amongst childrens UGG boots includes, Sand, Chestnut, Dusty Rose, Raspberry Pink, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Expresso and Toast.

UGG Boots need to be cared for, especially when being worn by children. Therefore it is within your best interest to invest in an official UGG boot Care Kit.

New ranges for 2013 include:

Womens: Deanna, Channing 2, Channing II, Classic Tall Dylyn, Selia, Shanleigh, Jillian 2, Jillian II, Broome 3, Gershwin, Estelle, Classic Tall Bomber, Etta, Hazelwood, Bailey Button Triplet Bomber, Maylin Leather, Brooks Tall, Gillespie Tall, Junipero, Baroness, Newberry, Decatur Nordic, Decatur Plaid, Adirondack, Adirondack boot 2, Lilyan 2, Wilshire 2, wilshire logo tall, I do capsule collection, Conor, Fabrizia, Gillespie, Calynda, Fabrice, Lynnea, Carnagie, Cosima, Ambrogia, Tatum, Carmine, Cyndee, Caspia, Georgette, Bianka, Foxley, Ramos, Tularosa, Heirloom, Tularosa route, Celestina, Illana, Madelynn, Baroness, Aldabella, Calvina, PIera, Rommy,

Mens: Sullivan, Branton, Montgomry, Hamric, Via Maggio, Corbitt, Cernero, Ultra Rivington, Orazio, Brockman, Via Lungarno, Nevio, Via Ponte, Bracken, Essex, Roxford, Vanowen, Ultra Mercer,

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