New UGG Boots for Men 2013 Butte, Hilgard, Driskell, Kerrick, Fallbrook More...

Ugg's For Men

From left to right - Butte, Hilgard, Ultra Short, Driskell, Herrick, Fallbrook
From left to right - Butte, Hilgard, Ultra Short, Driskell, Herrick, Fallbrook

Many women have already discovered that walking in UGG boots is simply walking paradise, so it's about time that men cottoned onto the idea and starting looking after their feet too. UGG boots provide the ultimate comfort, with real sheepskin interiors that feels like you are walking on cotton wool. It goes without say that UGG boots are more popular in the winter time because they offer great warmth and eliminate cold geet altogether, whilst also increasing good blood flow to the feet. Each UGG boot is made to absolute perfection of the highest quality. Mens UGG boots are becoming more popular and the most common colours are slightly different from that of the feamles. The most popular choice of colour amongst men is sand, chocolate brown, chestnut and charcoal black, but there are other colours available to if you shop around. The most popular type of UGG for men was the classic short UGG.

Each UGG boot has its own unique name, style, design and color. Lets take a look at the different boots on offer now.

  • Butte - Is the ultimate cold weather boot, which will keep your feet cosy and warm whatever the weather! This comes available in black, brown and worchester and is available in a whole range of sizes.
  • Hilgard - This unique boot gives you the option to wear it cuffed up or down based on personal choice. Comes with a waterproof membrane and provides fantastic traction. Available in worchester colour only, and comes in a whole range of sizes.
  • Classic Short - This is the traditional style UGG boot with twin faced sheepskin, providing the ultimate comfort. The product can be cleaned and treated with the UGG Care Kit. Available in black and chocolate colours.
  • Ultra Short - Has a similar look to the classic boot and is designed for durability and comfort. You will get lots of wear from this boot without its appearance changing a great deal. Only available in chocolate and can also be treated with the UGG Care Kit.
  • Driskell - The ultra manly motorcycle style boot with brass details on the boot. Fantastic durability and quick to put on and take off. Available in 2 manly colours - Black and Brown.
  • Herrick - Lightweight with pebbled bomber uppers. Super comfort and perfect for the rugged man look. Even the toughest of guys would be happy with a pair of these!
  • Fallbrook - This is shaped slightly more like the ordinary work, socialising boot and is lightweigh and comfortable. Oiled leather and burnished, yet still durable and flexible. Available in Broth and Chestnut colours.

Ugg's are Cheap to Buy in America and Australia, and are usually more expensive in Europe! UGG Australia have lots of sales where they reduce their prices throughout the year.


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