New UGG Slippers 2013, Lexi, Rylan, Dakota, Scuffette, Nightengale, Pearle

Cosy UGG Slippers

From left to right: Nightengale, Lexi, Rylan, Dakota, Scuffette, Pearle
From left to right: Nightengale, Lexi, Rylan, Dakota, Scuffette, Pearle

Real UGG Australia

UGG Australia are more commonly known for producing wonderfully comfortable boots, but they also have a superb slipper range available that is designed to fullfill all the comforts of being indoors. Home is the most important place in the world; a place where you should feel totally comfortable, relaxed and be able to forgot the worries and stresses of every day to day life. So why do we tend to go cheap and take an attitude of "that will do" with our footwear when we are indoors.

Everyone loves to slip into a pair of comfortable slippers, especially in the winter after a long day in the office. The mistake we tend to make is that we buy slippers that are "one size fits all" that tend to slip off of our feet easier than they slip on. If we are lucky enough to find a pair of slippers that are comfortable for us then they usually only last a couple of months before they look like the dog has been chewing on them as they wear too quickly.

UGG Australia take slippers to a whole new level. Each slipper is designed individually and has its own unique name. Lets take a look at whats on offer to buy online...

Lexi - The Lexi Slipper is similar to a trainer but everything that you love about a slipper too. 100% Gueniun sheepskin interior and cuff. Lexi can also be classed as a Sports slipper which is highly durable and ultra comfortable! A really stunning slipper that will last for years and provide you with the ultimate comfort you deserve in your home. You could even get away with wearing these out too if you felt brave enough! And most certainly wear them to hang the washing out! Available in a variety of popular colours, how could you say no to these adorable slippers?


Nightengale - Nightengale is the worlds most perfect travelling slipper, with its soft crochet knit upper and guenuine sheepskin inside this slipper really is super comfort. Nightengale really is great for all types of travelling. This slipper is also slightly lighter and can be worn during summer as well as winter.

Rylan - This is one completely adorable and ultra cosy slipper. It has everything that there is to love about a sneaker but also everything there is to love about a slipper. These cute slippers are available in a whole range of colours, including Chestnut, Pink, Blue, Rose, Chololate and Violet. If you like something that is a little bit different from normality then perhaps this could be the slipper for you. It has fantastic durability and at the same time shows off a wonderfully elegant design. These are available in a whole range of sizes starting from children to adults. All UGG's also come with a warranty for a year which shows the manufacturers confidence in the products that they produce. These slippers are really star quality and with a sheepskin fur inside they provide the most comfort you could ever think imaginable from a slipper. Between October and March are the best times to buy UGG's as they are normally reduced and in the sale!

Scuffette - The scuffette has the traditional design of a backless slipper that is today seen in homes throughout the world, but it has a little twist. Scuffette is made from magnificent suade and is designed to keep your feet warm with the fully lined sheepskin inside. The outsole is rubber, which means that you can wear them outside as well as inside, and not have to worry about them falling apart. Unlike other similar designs this one will provide you ultimate comfort, fashion, design, durability, warm and quality all in one. What more could you possibly ask for in a slipper?

Pearle - A slipper that cinderella herself would be proud to be seen wearing. This pretty sleek slipper comes in a chic metallic color. Pearle provides luxury, comfort, warmth, quality and finesse. This is one slipper that you definately wouldn't want to lose going to the ball.

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