Nightingale Feces Facial

Japanese Bush Warbler

Nightingale Feces as a Beauty Treatment

The use of Nightingale Feces as a facial treatment originated in old Japan. Here the preparation is known as 'Uguisu-no-Fun' and is today in popular use among Geisha and Kabuki and has been in common usage for at least five hundred years. The 'Nightingale' which produces the raw product is the Japanese Bush Warbler Cettia diphone and 'Uguisu' is the name given to this bird in Japanese. One does not have to be very clever to work out what 'no-Fun' means.

Today the product is gaining in popularity as the list of famous clients increases. Needless to say such a novel treatment does not come cheap with prices starting at around $180 for an hour.


The 'Uguisu-no-Fun' is not a wild product but is collected from Japanese Nightingale Farms. The wild birds are strictly protected in Japan. The raw ingredient is dried before being treated with ultra violet light to destroy any bacteria and then ground and mixed with white clay to produce an odor free beauty treatment.

Why not try it?

I have no idea if the product works but you might like to try it yourself.

Uguisu Poo Uguisu No Fun Illuminating Mask


The idea of Nightingale Farms may seem a bit odd but there must be dozens of these maintaining thousands of birds to support the industry. There must be Conservation Breeding knowledge there which could have practical applications to some endangered species.

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No fun indeed! This was news to me!

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