FreshMax Sweat Hiding Men's Shirts


It's unfortunate that men, who often wear crisp business shirts so often go through their days looking and feeling anything but crisp and fresh. All it can take is a brisk walk in the sun, a long meeting in a room with substandard air conditioning or simply being alive for eight hours for a man to end up with significant dark sweat marks under his arms and across his back.

This is generally considered unsightly in the modern business world, so the humble sweat stain has been looked upon with revulsion and horror. It is something to be feared, reviled and avoided at all costs.

Well men, worry about sweat stains no longer. Scientists have invented a shirt that won't stain when you sweat into it! Instead, it wicks away the moisture, spreading it over a wide surface area and encouraging quick, odorless and discrete evaporation. Hurray for science! Science saves the day once again.

FreshMax is the name of these miracle shirts, and according to a Guardian reviewer, they really do work. Even after a run wearing a heavy back pack, the good fellow declared that though he had undoubtedly sweated a great deal, there was no sweat or body odor to show for his exertions.

"I sweat-test the shirt by running as fast as possible with a rucksack strapped to my back.Sure enough, after half an hour, the back of my shirt is clammy. When I pull it off for a morning shower, the shirt has a patch that's wet to touch but, true to its word, does not show."

The FreshMax site is covered in handsome business men wearing business shirts and putting their hands behind their heads as if they didn't have a care in the world. Imagine that freedom. Imagine being able to raise your arms after 11.30 am without having to worry about possible snickers and at worst, a complaint being lodged with HR.

So what's the secret? How do these shirts work? Well as far as one can tell without breaking into the FreshMax laboratories (which are indubitably covered in entirely sweat free chisel jawed men who can chase you about the place all day long without so much as showing that they've broken a sweat) it would appear that although FreshMax shirts have the appearance of a traditional business shirt, they are in fact made from revolutionary sports shirt material, which when not cut into overly tight shorts or covered with corporate logos, looks quite respectable.

So, there we go. One more dragon of the modern world slain.

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